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  1. Interestingly (somewhat) Argos has listed the Lego Movie minifigures with it new catalog update and they are listed as £2.29, 20p cheaper than from the Lego stores. Simpsons figures listed as being £2.29 too.
  2. I agree - Tesco, Asda and WHSmith all checked today with no luck. Only place not checked so far is TRU but might have to make a detour on the way home one evening. Hoping to find some soon as nearest Lego store is 60 miles from me.
  3. I normally get all mine from Tesco but they've not appeared in the stores near me on the south coast yet.
  4. Living on the south coast of the UK, I managed to grab my first 7 from ASDA but since then neither of the nearest ASDA's have any on he shelves, just a space where the box was and not found any in any Tesco's yet. Long shot - anyone got an idea if/when Tesco will get some or recommend somewhere well stocked where I can feel a few bags up? Thanks!
  5. Grabbed my first few from ASDA today. On the shelves in a couple of stores on the south coast.
  6. imhotep85

    LEGO Minecraft Rumours & Discussion

    Excited they are doing some more Minecraft sets, I've been trying really hard not to buy some extras of the original set to expand my lego Minecraft world with some more sections of my own design.
  7. imhotep85

    LEGO Star Wars 10236 Ewok Village

    Absolutely love it! Had the potential to be either awesome or awful and it's definitely the former, love some of the little details like the drumming on the storm trooper helmets. Must get saving money!
  8. It made 10,000, is sat in the review stage at the moment. It would be awesome but I suspect it won't make it to production.
  9. imhotep85

    MOC: LEGO Ghostbusters

    Saw this on Cussoo yesterday and supported straight away, good luck. So hope this gets made.
  10. imhotep85

    MOSAIC: David Bowie as the Thin White Duke

    Wow this is amazing, I'm not sat here thinking do I do a Who one. Absolutely awesome.
  11. imhotep85

    [MOC] RZ-1 A-wing interceptor

    Love the Y-Wing the detail is great.
  12. imhotep85

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I just picked up an X-Wing 9493. I'm giggling as the fact the moment I opened the box, made a cup of tea and signed in to the laptop I see the UCS X-Wing :) I'll be getting two X-Wing models this year then.
  13. imhotep85

    Cuusoo Lego Star Wars TIE variants

    Love them - especially the bomber, supported them all and wish you the best of luck! Suspect if they reach 10k though they would be rejected as they clash with an ongoing theme. Hope not though, or hope at least it gets TLG thinking they should make them :).
  14. Thanks for the heads up! Picked up a few more from Argos yesterday.
  15. Saw and picked up my first s9 minifigs at Tesco in Fareham. They only had 3 left so grabbed them all, only one I've seen them in though I've been checking the one near my office further along the coast everyday and they've not had any.