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  1. Hello, Many things will come these weeks , let's start with one of my last creation , a cyberpunk concept car Citroen Ellipse 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  2. Hello, My second entry for 2014 , an other starfighter...surprised?! LHIRIS 1 2 3 4 5 6
  3. Fabz

    [MoC] Naul-77 (starfighter 22/01/2014)

    Thank you very much everyone. Glad to see you like this special starfighter
  4. Fabz

    [MoC] Naul-77 (starfighter 22/01/2014)

    Thanks. I really wanted to use this old cockpit to have a "flat front part " for this starfighter The fig accesory for the head come from a pharaoh's quest mummy (reversed) Thank you ;-) *The greebs inside the wedges that make the tail is a technic I've already use for my R-type starfighter close to one year ago (with different parts of course , no difficulties to mention) *Yep for the cockpit I really prefer this one for this particular starfighter , beacause of those blocky features. I thought of the new version of this bubble windscreen and I really love them, but the dual 2 fingers to fix it was a problem. If I had used this one , the cockpit would have lose its compacted form and did not fit with the size of the body of the ship *Well I have only 2 triceratops , I don't plan on making a second ship with these (even if I have other ideas ) , maybe if I find some others dino......
  5. Hello, so here's a presentation of my very first moc for 2014 I bought 2 dino set during sales period . The triceratops parts were so cooll (great colors + rounded shapes) that I 've decided to try something NAUL-77 2 3 4 5 6 7 Luba-P
  6. Hello, here's my last moc, a cyberpunk bike a little more futuristic than the others I've already built. YAMAHA Killa-B 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  7. Thanks guys To cut a long story short : Well I grew up with star wars as many kids in the 80's. But the things that really marked me was the book " great space battles" This was my brother's book and I always looked at the artworks for hours , and I remember I even tried many times to build spaceship and starfighter from this book. I was 7 years old Other influences , even if it's simplistic , what we call japanese culture : video games , and of course especially shoot em up , mangas and animes (cyberpunk)
  8. Thanks everyone for your kind words. I'm building a new bike , still the same concept , inspired by Tetsuo's bike in Akira ( a big bike you ride in a seat ). It 's still a big wip , hard to describe but the design will look more "futuristic" and rad. (and some original piece used) I will take my time for this one, some parts of this bike are real headaches to assemble and also to fit in the body
  9. Hello , back to cyberpunk universe after a long period building starfighter So here's my last bike Mitsubishi Rhythm electric bike max speed 437km/h Hydraulics suspension camera as rear view mirror (with diferents fonctions ) 1 2 3 4 5 6
  10. Fabz

    MOC: Harkel-Walker

    Very clean and very detailed creation (legs and feet are nicely done)
  11. Fabz

    [MoC] JIMINY VV (256/11/2013 vicviper)

    Thank you Vynsane , this was the first time I used dark green as the main color , it works nicely withe the trans orange (according to me). I think the long prongs works here because they re really thin Thanks bob, yes the design on this one is maybe less wacky than some of my mocs Thank you dude! Many people seem to love that color scheme. (dark green + bright light orange + white + trans orange windscreen)
  12. Hello, here's my lthird and last vic viper for novvember 2013. This was the first time I participated to this event on flickR; That was cool , many style different and crazy starfighters JIMINY VV Longueur = 37cm Largeur = 17cm 1 2 3 4 5 6
  13. Fabz

    [LDD MOC] Space ninjas - Dragon Rider

    really cool , you must build this one!
  14. Fabz

    X/T-501 "Sand Viper"

    Dude ! the colors are perfect !!!Sleek build .....but a you were laizy for the engine (but of course nothing bad )
  15. Fabz

    [LDD MOC] LJ-937 "Wormhole explorer"

    Excellent , really original and nice design!!