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  1. megabot22

    Super Heroes 2014 Rumors & Discussion

    how much is 30 dollars in british pounds is it like 25 pound or still 30
  2. megabot22

    Batman: The Survival Game

    i love the idea of the island being a desert and i love the way you portayed the island with abounded plants and the way joker is wanting to sort it out when are you posting more photos and the story?
  3. megabot22

    Batman: The Survival Game

    the story is good and i like the way you changed joker
  4. megabot22

    How did you find Eurobricks?

    brickset methonied something and i decided to look and found rhis website and joined it
  5. megabot22

    LEGO Apps

    hi i was wondering if there more lego apps like lego speedorz out there as i was playing leog speedorz and i rnjoyed the gameplay and i also enjoy the games like lego tar wars on the xbox too. so i was wondering if you know so i could play on my archos
  6. megabot22

    Single Pane LEGO Licensed Theme Funnies

    the zod one is not true. what about bruce wayne he had the hairpieve did he
  7. i like the joker minifigure which i forget, the mark 42 armour which i forget to say what iron man armour i liked and the avengers aliens as well as magneto,wolverine and finally general zod from man of steel with powet armour lex and two face
  8. my would be indiana jones man of steel superman ironman Deadpool captain jack andthe tutles from TMNT what are yours no need for oinions just wtite them down
  9. as i said can be any set as long as lego have the lixense for them like TMNT or the superheroes range my ones are superheroes-battle of metropolis 2013 cheapest way to get superman TMNT-kangs lab espace cheapest way to get a turtle. Indiana jones- motorbike escape cool set with 2 motorbikes included and finally spongebob-krusty krab as a good way to get a car made out of a krusty krab burger and oh yes piratesof he carribean almost forget that one- captains cabin cheapest way to get captain jack. please give your opinionsas wellas set i you want to ut quality ofthe figures inckded do so and yes t can be any even if you don'thave them like a few of my
  10. my ones are harley quinns car pengins submarnie killer crocs set which i forget the name of Mr freezes ice kart? and scarecrows biplane. please if you want a relaunch like the ones above list them like me and include figures you want with them. my changed ones are two faces which i think has been done and riddlers and banes hideout with a added poison ivy and carwoman
  11. megabot22

    Future Star Wars Sets

    is it just star wars or can it be superheroes too?
  12. megabot22

    Happy Birthday

    happy biryhday then. hope yiu get all the lego you want
  13. i found both your the mocs about depression very entertaining indeed. the style you did it, the chactersyou gave them and the jobs too. well done with both
  14. megabot22

    Future Superhero Set Ideas

    how about flash and green lantern in one with sinestro, maybe kilwog; It could make price too high. black canary with green arrow and one of their enemy's. A justice league one with zatanna, martian manhunter and cyborg and a army of manhunters or darkseid and his minions with a set the size of mabula mansion. Marvel A £12 spider-man set with green goblin. A shield set with agent coulson, maria hill and nick fury. A another chance to get hulk with sandman or a another foe. fantastic four set with doctor doom with doom bots. Another x men set and finally a nice head quarters with the hulk buster armour, thanos or galutisc, captain marvel 2013, iron spider and spider woman and other heroes. also a set with thor and black widow set maybe £20 with a enemy like the skulls. A punisher set with the weapons like in the star wars set. can be not violent just as long as we get him with a few guns. maybe with dead-pool.