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  1. Similar to Market Village or the modular buildings? And, no I don't count the Factory sets a few years ago as such. P.S. And I should probably also explain why I don't count the big SW sets - they are too limited in design, and that has a big impact on part variety.
  2. ~1 year. But most models go down in a matter of days ... :)
  3. Yloquen

    Photographing LEGO

    The image shown was composed out of 3 (or 5, I don't remember) input images taken at different exposure values. The fact that it's not smeared, as some people like to do with their HDR images, either because there are moving objects, or for artistic reasons, does not make it any less HDR than the examples you have given. Here are a few more HDR images, which use minimalistic approach to HDR (which I personally prefer): by Happy Weasel by IMAGES FROM MAN
  4. Yloquen

    Atlantis 2010

    Yeah, it's not like humans don't do that in real life ... :) And protesting when it's only fictional is a bit hypocritical I think ... :)
  5. I wonder why they publish this information, considering they are not traded on the stock market? Do they have to, according to some other regulations? Or maybe just trying to scare the competition ... :)
  6. Yloquen

    Atlantis 2010

    I think this theme receives significantly less flak than Power Miners in the same phase of its life. Though, admittedly PM had really crappy leaked photos. What I like in those recent themes is the multi level marketing and appeal - for example two small things were the factors that made me buy PM sets - the movies with the designers on their website which presented them in a fun and innovative way and the combo models. One such similar thing which seems to be an additional attraction for me in the Atlantis line are those 3D glasses which will be in some of the sets. I guess they will be of the red/blue glasses type (I believe the other technologies are much more expensive).
  7. Yloquen

    2010 themes and sets?

    There was a brick-built shark in the Aqua Raiders theme. It was nice, but I hope they don't do it again since I already have that set :D
  8. Yloquen

    Atlantis 2010

    Although the mer-creature is vaguely seen, the imagery is definitely inspired by the graphic interpretations of Cthulhu which are not by Lovecraft himself, but inspired partially by his writings. As for the story of Atlantis - as far as I know, before Lovecraft's work it was just about a highly civilized city, which sank to the bottom of the sea. Nothing ominous about it. Here's an example of a Cthulhu creature: This seems to resemble the creature in the picture. Of course LEGO would not do a full on Lovecraft theme, since it would be really inappropriate for kids. But as an inspiration, I think there definitely is a bit of Cthulhu in here: Granted , we have to wait for better pictures, I may be wrong making conclusions based on a blurry shot.
  9. Yloquen

    Atlantis 2010

    I don't think the Atlanteans are going to be the good guys. They seem strongly inspired by the Cthulhu mythos.
  10. Yloquen

    Atlantis 2010

    I don't think they "recycle" them. From things I have read, I know LEGO keeps quite a close eye on sales, so as not to overproduce sets and therefore parts (this was one of the factors of their 2003 crisis). So my guess is that those gigantic Power Miners wheels were produced in the desired quantity for the Power Miners with a small margin of error. However, they are also trying to keep the number of different parts in production at the same time, below a certain number - 6000-7000 and I think that includes color variations of the same parts. So their designers have to work with the current palette which happens to include the big wheels, the saw blade and others. That explains why we see them again. Unfortunately, they are good in small quantities, but become irritating in large. On the other side, kids seem to like them, judging from the popularity of the Power Miners sets, so we can't really blame LEGO for using them in a line targeted almost exclusively at kids. I hope the small sets are nice, bigger sets are usually harder to make appealing to both kids and adults.
  11. Yloquen

    2010 themes and sets?

    It seems like a theme replacing Power Miners (maybe their current wave of products is last). It has flashy and bright colors and a box that will probably be very appealing to kids - red, blue, neon green, gold/yellow. We should see all images of the sets before making any decisions. The only thing that I don't like so far are the big plastic wheels and saws from which I have enough ...
  12. Yloquen

    2010 themes and sets?

    I just found this: It seems authentic to me but interestingly it's from last month and I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere ... Link here
  13. I found this movie on YouTube:
  14. Yloquen

    Bishop Minifig - Medieval Life

    Fantastic. Just thinking how much work it must have taken ! ... :)
  15. Yloquen

    You know you are a fan of Lego when...

    Yeah, just the other day I had to purchase some more ... :)