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    Loose bricks on my last purchase

    I had similar issues with the older Hogwarts sets from a few years back ...not the new Hogwarts. They have almost 0 clutch power on some of the roof pieces. They just sit there very loose. I can only assume that the parts were exposed to extreme fluctuations in humidity that caused them to expand and shrink a tiny amount before I received them. Fluctuations in humidity tends to be the cause of many problems with abs plastic. Loss of clutch power being minor to brittle cracking and breaking being much more if an issue.
  2. Unless season 2 bombs or the razorcrest gets destroyed in the show I expect us to get season 3 and a remake of the Lego razorcrest. It's basically the new falcon. The protagonist ship from the most popular thing going in the star wars universe. TLG wont miss the opportunity to make more money off of it.
  3. You dont see the issue with your point? You werent collecting back were 9 in 2009 so you are still a kid now. You have no basis to have any kind of valid opinion but you still try to give one. This forum is ridiculous. Just dont respond to me...
  4. I question your involvement in the hobby 10 or 15 years ago if you think it's debatable. Clone wars sets were constant shelf warmers and would hit deep clearance and still not get purchased. There was a general consensus within the afol community of disliking the large, anime style eye printing that didnt match other type of figures. The point is, there seems to have been a shift lately. People seem to be clamouring for clone Wars and PT sets. We dont need to get to off topic and go into why that ^ is (we can have that conversation in pms if you want). I'm interested to see if waves that are a majority PT/CW continue to be produced in the future. There is definitely untapped potential there for sets.
  5. I hope you aren't in a vocal minority. For a long time many people have focused on the OT at the expense of the PT. TCW sets already failed once. PT sets have historically not sold as well as OT sets over the last couple decades but there seems to have been a shift lately. Hopefully, for Legos sake, there are a few hundred thousand of you who will put their money where their mouth is.
  6. The final duel is basically identical to the last one. Really a missed opportunity to get that instead of an exogal throne. This will be the first wave in awhile I'm not interested in a single set (except the advent). Maybe there will be an exclusive we havent seen yet?
  7. Not sure how many people follow other toy lines but at NYTF Diamond Select announced they are releasing a new LotR line. Just seeing it gives me hope for more Lego. The new live action LotR TV show is said to release in 2021. How do other people think the recent success of the Harry Potter theme will affect the possibility of another LotR line? I am torn. It seems like a positive that the Potter theme has sold so well after being re-released. That gives me hope that the same could happen for a LotR line...but then there is the other side. Has Harry Potter sold so well that it will fill the "castle" theme slot at the expense of the possibility of a re-released LotR theme? Does anyone think that having both Harry Potter sets and LotR sets on the shelf at the same time might be possible? That seems unlikely to me. Since the 3rd (and final?) Fantastic Beasts movie releases in 2021 I guess it could be possible that we get a last wave of Potter for the movie and *If* the LotR TV show ends up being popular the "castle" sets could transition from Potter to LotR at that time? I am hopeful no matter how unlikely it might be.
  8. I think you and others missed the point. You are using the word confirmed very loosely and inaccurately. You could at least say : confirmed by X (so people will understand it wasn't official.) Or word it so the statement is about the leak since nothing has actually been confirmed by anyone who works for TLG. I'm not some under 30 year old kid who is new to following Lego leaks (I've been following them long before there was an Instagram lol) Anyone who has been in the hobby for at least a decade or 2 has seen leaks of figures/sets that never come to fruition. It should be understood that projects have been scrapped just prior to production multiple times. Words matter. Calling something confirmed that isn't is foolish. I'm sure the ucs will most likely be an A wing...that has been talked about for at least 6 months. Calling it confirmed when it isn't is just spreading bad information from people who haven't been around long enough to know better.
  9. Apparently you weren't at celebration ;) "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means"
  10. Ok, so an educated guess. Not officially confirmed. Just checking.
  11. Who confirmed the ucs a wing? A lego rep? Are you using the word confirmed incorrectly or was it actually, officially confirmed?
  12. No. Lego listens more often than you realize.
  13. I'm concerned it was a very loud, vocal minority who wanted this set and it won't end up selling well in the eyes of TLG. I hope everyone on these forums who was vocal about wanting this buys 20 or 30 of these to army build. I don't see the appeal. I was an adult when the prequels came out so this isnt targeted at me. It's time for all the kids to put their money where their mouth is.
  14. Good I must have clicked the wrong page. I thought it was recent.
  15. The maul thing with him eating trash to survive after getting cut in half and falling down a shaft was horribly stupid, I agree. All I can say is "not my canon." That is a Dave storyline that he got George to approve, not the other way around.
  16. That date was because of celebration.
  17. lego the hutt

    LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

    It's a clear rip off of star wars galaxy of heroes but it's nice to be able to start from a place where there isn't a crazy amount of power creep. I have been enjoying it. It's a pay to win game though so I will never give it a dime. I can still compete with the top players on my server being free to play since its so new just by being efficient. That won't last forever. It's fun to kill some time but I don't see it lasting. The games forum is being discontinued and they are telling people to use social media instead. It's definitely not like your standard lego game that is targeted at kids. This is purely there to get some of that goh/msf money from afols.
  18. Agreed, sounds like wish listing to me. There was not even cryptic, unconfirmed confirmation. It was just click bait.
  19. I like the busts/helmets as exclusives (either con or shared con/store). They are neat builds with no exclusive parts/printed pieces so even if you can't get them because the number produced is limited you can brick link them later easily enough. The box being the only thing that is actually "exclusive". Similar to how they used to do the little diorama /micro build type of sets as con exclusives very frequently. Now they have transitioned those to being "free with purchase" sets like 40362, 40333 etc. It becomes a slippery slope. So now we are starting to see these type of sets in a normal wave. (No figs, 0 or very limited printed/exclusive parts, a lot of tiny pieces). They are cheap to make so it makes sense from TLGs point of view. Is that what the consumers want from a standard wave? Judging by the comments I'm unsure. We will see how they sell. For me these are something I will pick up if I find them at a deep discount but I could take them or leave them. I have picked up con exclusives in the past and even if they aren't large or detailed builds I still like them because they are a souvenir/memory from the con I attended. At least the helmets are slightly larger than the average con exclusive. They do seem to have a lot of tiny pieces that inflates the piece count a bit though. I like the theory of them. Like brickheads or Star Wars constraction figures they are a new, creative line of sets. New and unusual is good. I can't fault TLG for trying something new. Maybe these will be more popular than I think?
  20. I would definitely buy a ucs gonk droid that is in scale with ucs r2 hah. Awing not so much.
  21. We will probably see U wings in the Cassian TV show. That is the most likely time we will see another. It has a tentative release date in 2021.
  22. Why do you think I want to convince you? Again, I'm happy to have a conversation but that is off topic and shouldn't be had here. Feel free to PM me if you want .
  23. I think the D-O looks great. I still want to see it next to UCS R2/BB8. I saw it mentioned it was almost a foot tall. With stand, BB8 is around 10 inches and D-O should be shorter. I figure the "almost a foot tall" comment includes the dirt patch. Hopefully it is small enough to display well next to the other 2? Unsure. If D-O ends up larger than bb8 that is likely a deal breaker for me but as a stand alone set it looks wonderful.
  24. Lol dub. Comparing cartoons to the Mandalorian is a poor comparison. If you want to discuss comparing the razorcrest to something like the ghost we can...but it should be in PM.