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  1. ronenson

    What are the characteristics of a Modular Building?

    The middle floor of all modulars can typically be doubled and stacked in between without any modification (to offer an excuse for those who want to buy multiple sets)
  2. ronenson

    Control board for block signals

    I did something similar recently using an Arduino Nano: Lego Train Lights
  3. Great to see something I posted several years ago is still interesting. I corrected the original post and uploaded the images there.
  4. ronenson

    [WIP] Light up all Modulars with LEDs

    Wow, that's a pretty cool solution. I'm gonna give that a try as well
  5. ronenson

    [WIP] Light up all Modulars with LEDs

    That's really nice. I'm actually in the process of lighting up my Lego city with modulars and trains as well. I'm however starting with automating a level crossing using an Arduino, and take it from there. I have also been thinking about the connection between floors of modulars, and I was thinking about using a magnetic connector between the floors. I haven't found a suitable connector for that yet that's still affordable enough in quantities. Good luck, I will closely follow this thread!
  6. ronenson

    MOC, Modular Building: Cozy Pub

    Amazing detail! I love it. Especially the "Delfts blauwe tegeltjes" give a level of detail I had not seen before.
  7. ronenson

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think it's briliant from marketing point-of-view. What would those people who want a full block think after it has finished? They would have an excuse to stop collecting modulars. At least now with a 48-wide modular in between, you would leave out one half of the pet-shop, and you automatically start with an unfinished new block, so you'll have to continue collecting. Well thought out Lego!
  8. ronenson

    Bricklinking Modular Buildings

    Stil waiting for the 1x2 bricks with groove to reappear in sand green. If not, I won't order the rest of the parts.
  9. ronenson

    3mm hoses/bars

    If you need blue or brown, you can use the copper wire used for electric installation in Europe, it's 3mm in diameter and extremely cheap
  10. ronenson

    [MOC] Club-Car for 60051

    Thanks, cool solution!
  11. ronenson

    [MOC] Club-Car for 60051

    Nice club car, I really like how the roof is done. What's up with the electric wiring through it?
  12. ronenson

    [LDD MOC] 8x32 Modular (Work in Progress)

    Looks pretty good. I would make the walls on ground and first floor slightly higher though
  13. ronenson

    [MOD] Silvermine as trackside structure

    Thanks. I don't have the constitution train. At one moment, I had the opportunity to buy it for only 70 euros in discount, but I didn't like it enough. I should've bought it then.
  14. ronenson

    Modulars - how many of each do you have?

    I got into modulars a little less than 2 years ago. Now I own almost all of them, except the green grocer and the market street. I bricklinked the cafe corner, and I hope to do the same with green grocer if the sand green 1x2 brick with groove ever becomes available in a new set. If not, touch luck. I don't intent to get the market street at all. One of each modular is enough for me, I'd like to leave some space for the train track as well.
  15. I bought the Silvermine from Lone Ranger almost two years ago. It appealed to me, and I wanted to use it as a trackside structure. I only recently got around to modding it into my layout. I tried to keep as much as possible of the original structure and bricks, but also wanted to fit it in between two tracks spaced 8 studs apart. It was quite a challenge, but I'm quite happy with the results: Regular 6 wide trains (plus a bit sticking out) can easily pass it on both sides