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  1. Today I am showing off my remake of 4711, Flying Lesson. It's a pretty small scene in the film so the set itself was understandably very small. What I've done is scale it up quite a bit in terms of pieces. I figured the best addition would be another fig along with some exterior of sorts. So the highlight of the remake will obviously be the wall I've made. The color scheme is on par with the Harry Potter revamp using dark bluish grey rather than sand green for the tops of Hogwarts. While it is a bit bland in comparison to sand green, I think the additional colors of nougat and reddish brown benefit much more from it. If you read my writeup for 4751, you'll also note that I tend to offset parts of the build, in this case, it's the spires up on the top. I turned the cone to not line up with the 2x2 dish for a reason, I see it's a technique used in the microscale Hogwarts to portray windows so I figured it would be fitting to offset those. The play feature is a fairly simple button that in turn launches Neville off of the statue (or wall, where there are two connection points with the 1x1 tiles). This is a very accurate play feature to the film in which his cape tears and he breaks his arm as a result of hitting the ground. Nothing too complicated I hope. The remake compared to the original set in terms of what the original looked like. Now that it's done, tell me what you think! I'd love to hear anything in relation to this. Next up might be Slytherin Common Room or the Final Confrontation
  2. (Nexus)

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4751 Remake

    Thanks so much! Hopefully, I stay on a hot streak! Absolutely would! I love these 8x8's!
  3. (Nexus)

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4701 Remake

    Thank you!
  4. (Nexus)

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4751 Remake

    Thank you so much! I was nervous about the height, so was my light box and lighting. It all found a way though. I think photography is the thing I talk about the least but it takes a lot to get a photo like that just right. Thanks again! I’m working on getting the Duelling Club as well, I’m really excited to show off some ideas!
  5. (Nexus)

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4751 Remake

    Thanks! I have a few up my sleeves ;) Update of sorts: I purchased 4702, 4726, and 4735. So take that as you will!
  6. (Nexus)

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4751 Remake

    Thank you! I didn’t like the original set kinda just hiding the slopes, this build in my opinion looks like a slice out of something bigger. The lower level is probably my favorite part as well. Not much made me happier than shaping and designing the lower half. The top was too frustrating for me. Now let’s see if I can do it without a vignette base.
  7. (Nexus)

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4751 Remake

    We probably won't, but hey, we can wish! Thanks as well!
  8. (Nexus)

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4751 Remake

    Thank you! I love the aesthetic of it and what a unique color to use. I’m glad this brings back the good memories!
  9. (Nexus)

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4751 Remake

    I made an imgur album full of WIP shots of this build so you can see what it looked like before a lot of changes. You may be as frustrated as I was making this! https://m.imgur.com/a/SaUv5qL
  10. Here is the newest entry of my little project, this one was a pain. I think I was sold on one color scheme throughout the concept stage, which evolved into a top wall, which led to much frustration to the point where I redid the whole top half about three hours ago. Three photography sessions later, I would love to present this. The original set was fairly cut and dry, featuring a lot of flames and a glowing Snape. Was I jealous? Absolutely but I love the 2018 Snape. I added one brick to the height of the original so I could focus on detail. I wanted to keep the earthy feel but also wanted to show that this was something built. The roots and the leaves are an extension of the leaves part included in the original, I wanted these things to wrap around and seem to actually have a purpose. The middle is probably one of the nicer changes. The light bluish grey tiled ground has a Hogwarts crest in the middle and a medium lavender(?) chest in the back to add a sort of reference to Hogsmeade/Honeydukes. The set in itself is an amalgamation of the Honeydukes tunnel and a fairly tense scene in which Harry pursues Peter Pettigrew. The top of the build didn't really need additional pictures as it wasn't too obscured. The statue had to flow seamlessly for me, thankfully there was a VERY easy solution which helps de-clutter the original set and allows for a focus on the architecture. I chose such a tall build because Hogwarts is a massive building, it really swallows someone up, that scale was missing from the first remake in the name of adding character. The mainstay for me and my LEGO Hogwarts is that there will be offsets by small details. I love the drawings and adaptations of these sloped and curved buildings. It's fantastical and very aesthetically appealing to me. That imbalance was shown by the candles and the brown foundations on the bottom. Fairly subtle but I felt pure mirroring would make for a boring build. LEGO Harry Potter 4711 is next, with an addition of a character and a building. I won't be using the vignette base so I'm hoping the open space isn't too distracting! Thanks for reading! Tell me what you think!
  11. (Nexus)

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4701 Remake

    There's not much filler as the actual build as I just wanted to get it finished. Spinning from the bottom is fairly easy as the back is that open just with tan tiles to smoothen it out. As you can see too, the 9x9 base is completely removable if need be.
  12. (Nexus)

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4701 Remake

    Thanks a ton! I had a version with an owl stand made from a life preserver piece and a spire. It was neat but I felt like it stuck out too much so it didn't make the cut.
  13. (Nexus)

    [MOC] Harry Potter 4701 Remake

    Unfortunately I took it apart to work on my next set, but I can do a mockup on LDD later tonight.
  14. (Nexus)

    [MOC] Green Arrow Dock Heist

    I don’t think I spend more than 2 days of 5/6 hours of building each session. I use a Discord with some friends that grew out of LEGO for some basic questions and a LEGO Discord channel for the whole process. It’s fun to post what I have made, good or not then see how feedback and ideas shape each build. I have another set remake that I started working on about 5 hours ago that’s near completion, from that completion I get feedback and ideas on how to make it better. For this Green Arrow MOC in particular I had struggles with the dock’s borders along with the back corner looking plain. The little gate/door was a last minute decision but as you may see it pays off not only for spacial reasons but for characteristics themselves. Everything in every build has a purpose, my work may not be perfection to me yet but everything is there for some reason. I think finally getting to that point as a builder where I can distinguish between filler and something with purpose is when I start taking a build up a few notches. Thanks for the follow as well, hopefully I don’t have another lengthy hiatus!