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  1. I agree. I notice the "white" seemed a bit off and thought to myself it could be a crewman as well. Oh well. I guess when it comes to UCS figures are not that important
  2. The Star Destroyer just leaked. Amazing. Smooth surface it seems
  3. The Boost droid additions may make sense..
  4. Well, keep in mind that the theme seems to be catering that age group and the adults are the minority :( Since Star Wars is part of the brand longer, they know their target audience is both children and adults (if they been collecting since 1999) vs the Super Heroes line in 2012.
  5. Internet fame can be a big deal for people. In regards to the brickheadz, a nice addition to the collection but I am indifferent. Glad to know they're going beyond the normal body styles and doing other things with the theme though!
  6. namioik

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    Price dips after hype. depending on the demand of the figure, it could wind up around $400 years from now. Pick it up on eBay for $160-200 in a months time
  7. Man, if it turns out to be the TFA Kylo shuttle, I’m excited
  8. namioik

    UCS TIE Silencer

  10. Anyone notice how slightly different Kylo Ren's shuttle looks? Kinda cool and I reckon that may be the one being released this October
  11. namioik

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Preach, brother. Replacing expectation with appreciation is my motto :)
  12. Did anyone get the DCPI codes for Target? I am hearing the avengers set has been spotted across the US
  13. Quinjet is best set in wave, hands down.