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  1. Claus von Nassau

    Help needed

    i'am just a bit rusty with my english that's all. A friend of mine is a member on lowlug and also on eurobricks that's a lot of options. This week a meet with a friend of mine who has 3 PF train's so i can check if it will fit properly and if it's playable Thank you all for your fast reply's and advice!! claus
  2. Claus von Nassau

    Help needed

    Thank You! Do you know if there is a connection point for the train headlights? Claus
  3. Claus von Nassau

    Help needed

    Thanks for the advice Luckely i am very familiar with bricklink and i am mostly active in the pirates and history sections of eurobricks. than the next issue my son is turing 5 years old when he gets the train, and i dont like the idea of him messing around with electrick, he really try's to find out how everyting works. ( if you could see what he does with my powertools) so i don't have to buy new tracks and the rc tracks will combine with the 9v tracks thank you Claus
  4. Claus von Nassau

    Help needed

    Hello All, My first time to post in the train forum. My son got the old train from his uncle's set number 4511. Yesterday i started building and soon discoverd that a few vital pieces are missing or broken. the 9v engine is broken and also the power converter is missing from the controlpad now i was thinking is it posible to convert this train to the new powerfunctions? and are the 9v tracks (with steel) compatible with the powerfunctions engine? Thanks for your time. Claus von Nassau Ps. forgive me my bad English it's been a wile to try to write in English
  5. Claus von Nassau

    Fantasy Funnies

    As always, brilliant!!
  6. Claus von Nassau

    Fantasy Funnies

    THANK YOU! as always great and so familiar when you play the games
  7. Claus von Nassau

    Fantasy Funnies

    No funny's this week
  8. Claus von Nassau

    The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

    Looks great in real life!!! To bad your guard's could not handle 1 mitgardian warrior Claus
  9. Claus von Nassau

    The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

    Looks very good can't wait to see it in RL. but no purple this time
  10. Claus von Nassau

    Fantasy Funnies

    and thumbs up again
  11. Claus von Nassau

    [MOC] Octagonal Winding Staircase

    wow, clever design
  12. Claus von Nassau

    Free Build: The Sapphire Inn (CCC entry)

    Nice, i' am still stunnend by your skills,
  13. Claus von Nassau

    Rohvor Stable

    good way to warm up. i very like the details
  14. Claus von Nassau

    Fantasy Funnies

    as always brilliant
  15. Claus von Nassau

    MOC: Thrór

    Perfect!! i am speechless