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  1. I got ideas flowing through my mind for this get ready world!
  2. Debricker

    Alternate Models Challenge - 60061 Airport Fire Truck

    First thing that popped in my head, Optimus Prime!
  3. I would love to go to NY for comic con. I think i should win because I have never been to any comic con at all as well as any comic convention. I enjoy conventions, but never get to go to any often, so this would be a great trip for me. plus its right after my birthday Great I'm late :(
  4. omygoshomygoshomygosh /)^3^(\ now If only I knew how to make good customs like these, I would make then immediately. as usual, keep up the good work
  5. Debricker

    Bootleg Super Heroes minifigs - worth it or not?

    They look nice, but I would just have them for looks while yelling at lego in my head to release these figures
  6. Debricker

    Duplo Donnie Darko & Frank

    good job on sculpting and painting these, I haven't seen the movie, but the rabbit's head may scare children, so this may not become an actual set, but good job
  7. Edit: In the past, we've had discussion topics for the May 4th promotions separate from the rumors topic and availability topic, simply because it's such a big event. I've edited the title so that this topic is more of an overall discussion of all the promotions, not just the exclusive minifig. -Brickdoctor i was reading up on the may the 4th promotions and I found out that Darth Revan is the Promo fig If you don't know about Darth Revan here is a short bio from wookiepedia: "was a Human male who played pivotal roles as both Jedi and Sith in the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War." So what do you think is it one of the best exclusives fig so far, could there have been a better choice?
  8. Debricker

    Review - 4000010 LEGO House

    very intriguing set, most likely going to see it when its finished. great set and great review
  9. I have an update for how much you need to spend for Darth Revan and a better picture. Also I believe that Darth Revan's face looks a little pink because of the glow of the lightsaber. Also news about the Star wars day minifig. The minifig may be the TC-4 minifig that was said to be given in Hong Kong.
  10. man I want him, but I just can't scrape up the money to buy it!!! >.< Great fig though
  11. Debricker

    BrickShow video reviews

    I can live with the brick show, I just wish that they go deeper into their reviews, all they talk about is the figs and some of the playability, I want to know special parts that come in the set and if the pieces are good for mocs, NOT ONLY WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!!!!!!
  12. wow that really impresses me. being Chinese and a Lego fan makes me want something like that even more!
  13. Debricker

    LEGO Collectable Minifigure Accessories Wishlist

    I really wish they would have stuff in the school supply section like pens, pencils, chalk, binder paper, etc. Maybe more sci fi figs (I'm a big fan of those) and maybe a fountain pen with a thing of ink
  14. I got it too today, waited 2 hours for it and was late for a class that I had. Totally worth the wait and great review
  15. Debricker

    MOC: Angry Uni-kitty.

    That is totally awesome!!!!! 20% cooler that others that i have seen.
  16. Debricker


    awesome job! great job portraying the story in only one model. Now only if I had such skill as that
  17. Debricker

    Tutorial How to: DIY decals

    wow I never knew how to make my own decals, but now I do. Thanks for sharing this.
  18. Man, Crayon, you surprise me every time. Some of the armors I've never heard of. Great job.
  19. Wow that is a giant collection of customs. Keep up the good work.
  20. Debricker

    The LEGO Movie Sets News and Discussion

    That would be a great way to make Benny in a more retro style. If that is how Benny will actually be designed, I would want to get a few of the helmets.
  21. Man, If i only had the money for these, have been trying to scrape up some money for the packs, but with all these new video games released, I'm going to have to wait until later. On the other hand I love your work. Keep on making great customs!
  22. Man, i looked online for a five below in California with no luck. Thrash it would be cool if you could try to see if any stores would carry them in the CA Bay area.
  23. Hi I'm trying to do custom minifigures, but I need to know what type of paint I should use. I origionally used acrylic paint but it scrarched off. Im planning to make The Thing using the hulk but just need to know the proper paint to use and the price range for that type. Thanks -Debricker
  24. Temple of Ennoc by Fianat The Stone Hammer, Strivvian Blacksmith. by Scubacarrot