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    [Review] 75226 Inferno Squad Battle Pack

    Thanks for the review, I am looking forward to get this set. Finally not just angry clone faces hide under the helmets. One thing, that I find ott is, that Inferno squad was a one and only unit with 3 members, so this set steps on the pinky of SW lore by adding 4 commandos to it, but oh well. I won't have insomnia over one plus fig on my shelf :D
  2. Csacsa234

    [MOC] Imperial DS-1 Orbital Battle Station

    This is spectacular, I could look at these images all day long and always find some new little detail. Splendid job, the attention to detail is crazy.
  3. Csacsa234

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I got Vader's Castle yesterday, boy I haven't bought a set for a while, but when I saw it first, I knew I had to get it. I'm in love with it. Also bought an Imperial Patrol Battle Pack to boost the imperial presence at the castle and just because IMO the Patrol troopers look wicked sick.
  4. I saw pics of the Solo figures on youtube, I don't know if its still up, but 2 figures were shown. Han Solo, in a brown jacket, has new shoulder pad mould, which is a bit more angular. he also has a piece around his neck, which seems like sitting on the body armor, like a collar. Other than that, nothing special. His face resembles the actor quite good. The other fig is called Range Trooper. It's a new imperial unit, with a great looking helmet, also he has a few cloth pieces and has thick, heavy, white armor. I think this figure is great just like most of the troopers, that we've seen so far. Also the trooper's legs are using this piece as additional armor on the feet and the lower legs.
  5. Okay I didn't had much time to build, but I've put together something. With new star wars coming out before christmas, this seemed like the evident build.
  6. Csacsa234

    75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    Thanks for the review! I'm curious what this set is based on, but nevertheless I really like the new color scheme. Although it bugs me, that we had several snowspeeder designs over the years, but the cockpit is still built up, using the old x-wing window piece (while the x-wings have updated, more movie accurate ones). TLG it's time for an accurate snowspeeder cockpit section!
  7. Csacsa234

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I found the Bounty Hunter BP at my local Tesco with 20% discount. That's what I was waiting for, instant buy. I think its the best value set in the whole year, those figs are all kind characters to me and been waiting for a cheap set to get them. I hope we'll see more BP's like this, with actually named characters.
  8. I'm not impressed by the Stormie commander at all, very generic figure, although nevertheless it looks good. The Scout Trooper however is a treat. I love all the details on his armor, and the speeder bike itself is very well built. Does anyone know, if we get more figures (like the rumored boba fett, etc.) this year? Because if I recall correctly, we were expecting more CCBS figures, and these two just appeared out of nowhere.
  9. The new figs look good. The Scout speeder and trooper are already on the wishlist. Both the figure and the speeder looks superb. The stormtrooper however doesn't justify the aforementioned higher price point. It's build looks just like deathtrooepr with recolors, maybe it will come with a backpack to pump up the price ratio (and of course the price). I can't wait to get more cleaner images of them, but in time they'll come around.
  10. Csacsa234

    LL 928 M.C.V.P

    I'm in love. This just dropped the nostalgia bomb and the detonation was extreme. Superb job. Now, if you'll excuse me I build a time machine, make myself child again and play classic space sets all day.
  11. Guess I can dream on getting a CCBS Asajj Ventress, it doesn't seem like it going to happen. But the stormies really got me interested, Scout Trooper is a no brainer even if there are no pics of it yet, I quite like their design.
  12. Totally agree with you Aethersprite on the Shoretrooper. the armor design of him really appeals to me, since first images surfaced of this new trooper, and he rocks in Lego form too. Day one purchase for me. The other guys are better , than I expected, Chirrut's build is great and his face is almost resembles Donnie Yen, so IMO it's not that bad. On the other hand, Baze's head is really awful, looks like a 10 year old in a costume. A few wrinkles would made him more accurate and also better looking. Although I will buy all of them, as I collect each of these figs. Also I was on the same page with Jyn, I didn't like her at all, then eventually bought her and she is my favourite among the fleshhead builds. I don't really understand Lego's strategy on these human faces. For example, K2SO has a lot of tiny details and sculpting with subtle paint job, top quality. Then they make these simple, barely sculpted, barely painted human heads. I'm also curious, if they include a spear for Chirrut.
  13. Csacsa234

    [WIP] [MOC] Harrower-class Dreadnought

    Oh my god, I just checked here, how is it going and it's finished! What a superb MOC, the SNOT technic is beautiful as well as the inner structure. Congratulations on this, thank you for showing it to us!
  14. Csacsa234

    [WIP] [MOC] Harrower-class Dreadnought

    Looking forward to it, this is a magnificent ship, glad you show us the steps of the building!
  15. Csacsa234

    Star Wars Constraction 2016 Discussion

    I hope they make one of the figs a Shoretroper, they are so gorgeous!
  16. Csacsa234

    Star Wars Constraction 2016 Discussion

    I got all of them today and I have to agree with the rest about K2-s function, but it's not that disturbing. Other than that he is fantastic, I think he even looks taller than Grievous and paired up with Jyn Erso they both looks great. Jyn turned out to be surprisingly good IMO, the new torso piece is a useful addition and it does it's job, making the figure more feminine. Also she is a wonderful parts pack and I like how she can store the batons on the back, I was missing that kind of function for Rey. The death trooper is almost flawless in my eyes, but the only thing that's bothering me is easily noticeable, the oversized legs. Compared to the body his legs are way too long, I left out the reinforced joint on the ankle and it somewhat solved it, Also all 3 figures use the B Ball/cup beam for the upper arms, while almost all of the previous ones (except Phasma) used the A ball/cup beam, and I don't understand why they changed this, because the A beam gives more space for articulating the arm. I replaced it for Jyn (for the rest, they are not too limiting) and it's much better now. So summarising, none of them are perfect but IMO they are all good, especially K2SO. He is my favourite since I first saw the blurry images and he doesn't disappoint, for me he is really close to the Grievous/Vader quality level despite the lousy play-feature. Oh and the outstanding job they did bysculpting ang painting of the headpiece makes you wonder, why they cannot make decent human faces. :D One more thing, I don't know what those who got the sets think about the new thigh armour, but for me, it is too chubby and for a shorter figure, like Jyn it restricts the posability, because of it's size.
  17. Csacsa234

    Voltrahk; Rahkshi of lightning

    Oh gawd, I like this very much!!! Rahkshi was my favourite line of figures and seeing one built using CCBS brings back some good old memories. I really like the body and how you made the legs. Great job, thank you for sharing!!!
  18. Csacsa234

    Sith Fury Class Interceptor (TOR) (IDSMO-R4 final)

    This is massive, fantastic job! Some nitpicking though, It can't be 33 m tall if it's 88 m wide, it's just doesn't match the proportions on the ship, but I guess these numbers haven't just popped right out of your head. Nevermind :D And good luck on the contest!
  19. Csacsa234

    [O - F03] Well Built

    I've been lurking around your stories Pombe, but now I have to say it, that you are not just giving us top notch photographies of top notch builds, but your stories are hilarious. Keep up the great work!!!
  20. Csacsa234

    [MOC] Iolana - Champion of Sky

    Nice MOC! I was also thinking that using those pieces would make a female MOC even more feminine, but i never tried it. I also like how you played with the silver-white assymetry.
  21. Csacsa234

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Got Kylo Ren and Phasma (constraction figures), they are both excellent.
  22. Csacsa234

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I finally got the construction kit General Grievous and the Firs Order Stormtrooper, both excellent
  23. Csacsa234

    Half Life 1 Lego Moc

    Superb MOC! Palpatine's old face is perfect for Gman.
  24. Csacsa234

    [MOC] Lemmy Kilmister 1945-2015

    It's a really nice Lego tribute, Rest in pieces Lemmy.
  25. Csacsa234

    Video: Resistance Troop Transporter Reivew (Princess Leia)

    Thank you for this review, I think it is the most interesting set of the wave as said above. Te ship is a real beauty and seeing howm uch storage space it has and the fully detailed back side, I just like it more. That little cockpit opening help function looks a bit strange. Only opens up so much that you can put your fingers around it to open manually? *insert genius meme here :D Other than that I like this, I'm curious how the price tag will turn out in Hungary