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    The Lunacy of Lego Investors

    I myself think that too, that these investors are obsessed, and for an ordinary Lego fan with a normal life it's very annoying that you can't buy for instance the new GB set becuase these investors already stacked them up to sell i for double price and left the stores dry. You can't go when you want to buy it because the stock is already gone the 1st day. They not just killing the fun for themselves but for some of us too. IMO it's not a problem if you have an older and popular set to sell it for a little higher, But to lve like this everyday, I couldn't do it, always checking auctions and the need on the market... however there will always be someone who has enough budget and dedication for a set to buy for 1000 $, and investors know this.
  2. Csacsa234

    Latest Chima Purchases ?

    i picked up Vardy's Ice Vulture Glider, I'm so excited about this set, despite being the smallest, from what I saw, since it's introduced, this is one of the best sets from the wave IMO. I will do a review about it (I love making reviews ) too. I'm also planning to buy Sir Fangar's Sabertooth Walker next week, but I'm a little bit unsure, because came to like Eris's Fire Eagle too, any advices which one is better?
  3. Csacsa234

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Oh sorry I misspelled it, wanted to say AT-TE, just mentioned some examples, it's quite annoying that the vehicles are getting smaller, there are lots of examples from last year's sumemr wave too, SW vehicles were always out of proportion compared to figs but it's getting worse. Although the design is much better, yet it doesn't a reason shrink the model and sadly the prices are wandering to the skies, 99 Euro for the MTT is truly outrageous. I'm curious about the piece count though.
  4. Csacsa234

    Legends of Chima 2014 Discussion

    Wow, usually the combo models are quite mashed up, but these look cohesive, and awesome, I don't plan getting the action figs, but the mroe I look at them I start to develop the desire to get all of them The first two combos are really epic!
  5. Csacsa234

    [WIP] Futuron SHIP: The Needle

    I cannot describe, how epic and beautiful this ship is. The design is so unusual, and it contains very complicated techniques and curves. My favorite part has to be the holographic map, that's a feature I've never seen on a Sci-fi MOC, you have my eternal gratitude, and the neighbour on the 1st floor has my jaw . Congratulations, it's really awesome
  6. Csacsa234

    Aliens: Let's Rock!

    I love your Aliens MOCs, the scene i very well captured with the lighting, I like how you made the hatched cocoons, maybe some Alien goo would make it perfect around the "zombies".
  7. Csacsa234

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    You are right Gremer, but still I don't understand why mark it as a different fig.
  8. Csacsa234

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    I was wondering about that, at first I thought that it's a commander droid, with the little yellow markings, that's why it would look like the simple battle droid, but the nameplate definetely says battle droid.
  9. Csacsa234

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    The funny is that we don't have the summer sets until august, but the MTT is available
  10. Csacsa234

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    No but the picture is taken at the Lego store in Budapest, and they posted it on Facebook, the original image shows the box on the shelves and it's available, but those are cut off. Some people were asking for the price in comments, but there is no information yet. Here is the pic https://fbcdn-sphoto...028018676_n.png
  11. Csacsa234

    [LDD/Render] Sledgeshot

    This looks really unusual ad unique, I like the shape and the idea. You've done a great job, congrats! Also I just noticed that the logo is made of bricks, I'd like to see space sets in the future like this.
  12. Csacsa234

    LEGO Star Wars 2014 Pictures and Rumors

    Omg, just saw the MTT, there wasn't any info and than bang, it's available here in Budapest, it's a shame that set is so dull the previous was way better, with way more figs. However the Naboo soldire looks great, but that white droid is just pointless, I don't recall seeing it anywhere in the movie at all... The MTT itself looks rather small, this year everything is smaller appearently, the ISD, the AT-AT and than this. (OFF: I don't know how this Lego Store does this, but they already had the 2 Chima summer exclusive sets in march )
  13. Csacsa234

    Legends of Chima 2014

    I don't thing the cave worth that money, it's not a big deal, only the saber toothed flyer looks good. I will certainly buy Fangar's walker, it's a much better way to get him IMO, Also I think this is the strongest wave for Chima yet. This Ice-Fire story with all these beautiful figs and transforming, splitting vehicles. I watched Brick Builder's other videos of the new summer line, and I didn't want to spoil the fun for myself, but just couldn't bear checking the vids, there are such clever and interesting building techniques that works the mechanism and functions. For example Eris's new Eagle Interceptor, it's a bit weird and has to many exposed technic pieces, but the idea how it works is amazing, I can't wait to get all sets, hopefully I can manage it in the summer. (except the Speedorz, man those are the ugliest thing TLG ever done)
  14. Csacsa234

    Legends of Chima TV Series

    Thanks for the link penkid, it's a shame I can't understand any of it, and I couldn't find the 27th episode, but the rest were good. I'm wondering if this Ice theme will end this summer, I think it's the best since Chima started, and hope that TLG continoues it at least for the next winter wave (it would fit the season ).
  15. Csacsa234

    How many AFOL's "Swoosh"?

    Looks like im in the same shoes as some others. It is part of the set building ceremony for me, after building a flying vehicle, you have to swoosh, pew-pew-pew, to make sure everything is in order usually after that it lands for displaying. I'd like to do Chewbacca roars as well, because I managed to mimic it quite well, but I need an MF for that, or a costume, meh life is hard.
  16. Csacsa234

    Review: 70212 CHI Sir Fangar

    Thanks for the review! After reading your review of Fluminox, ITt was a great delight seeing that Fangar is awesome!. No doubt He worth the money more. He is a great fig with nice build and look. The mechanism on the back is not so eye-catching because it blends in with the capes's color.and those spikes are really wicked! I have to say that this is one of the best Chima constraction sets. After all reviews, I think that the Ice figures are far more unique and interesting than the Fire figs.
  17. Csacsa234

    Review: 70211 CHI Fluminox

    Thanks for this review! I was really looking for this figure, than I saw it would be the higher price tag, and then that ugly wing mechanism came. Also there is the weapon it looks like it only uses that many pieces so TLG can pump up the price, it's very disappointing. The figure itself is very nice, but doesn't as great to be a higher price tagged one. The wing pieces are nice, but they are good for nothing in this quantity, the wing is awkward as Vardy's, and as you mentioned in the review VBBN, it looks awkward and takes away the place from covering the fig's back. This figure is disappoining, I was looking for it, I mean who wouldn't want a phoenix? And it turned out like this, overpriced without reason. Another thing I'm annoyed by, but that's not Fluminox's fault is those foot pieces. We used to have them in combined colors in different versions, and now they make new painted head molds, but using these simple black foot pieces, I don't get it.
  18. Csacsa234

    Review: 70209 CHI Mungus

    Thanks for the review! Mungus is surprising, as he looked a bit weird on the pictures, now I see his body is very well built, and I like how beefy he is. The boney ice limbs I think look great, somewhat terrifying and giving the unnatural, half undead beast look to it. However I think the head mold is great, the trunk is really strange, the build of it is not satisfying in both aesthetics and length, and I just don't get why the hammer is rotating, it's annoying. And the most big disappointment is that he should be the biggest, at least two times bigger than any Chima constraction set and yet he turned out to be the smallest.
  19. Csacsa234

    Review: 70210 CHI Vardy

    Thanks for the review. This set has great potential but somehow is not using it, there are a great combination of parts with some exciting recolors and new ones. My biggest problem is the shape of the wings, it's too weak and empty, no way he can fly with that, it looks like he got into a fight and someone ripped off his wings's half. My other issue is that Vardy's head should be purple, not tan, now he looks more like Voom Voom. Apart from this he is a decent constraction fig, and he is one of my favorite characters from the Ice tribes so far, so I like this figure a lot despite it's flaws.
  20. Csacsa234

    Review: 70206 CHI Laval

    Woah, that shield I was waiting for a good close up on it, I have to say this Laval is nothing special but I would buy him jsut for the shiield Great review, thanks! It surprised me as well, maybe they didn't sell in NA as well as TLG expected
  21. Csacsa234

    Review: 70207 CHI Cragger

    I'm a bit confused by this set, I like Cragger and his build is very neat, and has some great parts and I think the new weapons are awesome. On the other hand the dark red and orange doesn't fit him, at least he doesn't have olive green (which the minifig has and looks completely off with red). Anyway I like it, but the previous less armored version is a bit more appealing for me, but this one also has great features. Thanks for the review VBBN, can't wait to read the rest.
  22. Csacsa234

    Review: 70208 CHI Panthar

    When I first saw pics of this year constraction sets, I immediately fell in love with Panthar, and now I saw everything I wanted from him, On the next week I would pick him up, but now I can't wait for it Thanks for the review and the neat pictures, really shows everything that is interesting, I have to say those calws are really brutal, and maybe he is more interesting because we don't have him in minifig scale.
  23. Csacsa234

    [LDD/Render] Hard Truck Apocalypse

    I've never played the game but familiar with it, especially the second truck turned on my nostalgia button Really great MOCs, the trucks are detailed and instantly recogniseable.
  24. Csacsa234

    Avatar Aang

    Wow I really like how you've built the glider, it"s very accurate to the show, It's a shame TLG stopped producing Avatar sets, I don't think they will try this theme again (but as Legend of Korra still going on it will be the perfect time).
  25. Csacsa234

    Review: 76021 The Milano Spaceship Rescue

    Thanks for the review! I was already tempted to get this set but now I can't wait to get it, despite it doesn't fit in my Lego budget The Milano ship is so cool and the minfigures are amazing, I especially like the printing on Drax, that is one fine artwork. The new molds are useful as well, the guns can be used for any Sci-fi MOCs, I don't know how the figure costume accessories can be used elsewhere but they are awesome nevertheless. The only letdown in this set is the little ship, it looks weird and unfinished but the rest of the set is a real treat.