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  1. Yes, the Porsche is bigger in every way. And as a fan of studded sets in general and especially 8880 I hate to admit it but the Porsche looks way better. But €300,- (in the Netherlands to be €330,- thank you TLG NOT ) is a lot of money for a model that basically has no more functions than 8880. I'd be more impressed if they managed to make it work in the size of the previous supercars. The premium packaging loses it's value to me if they still use the same old parts, as AllanP pointed out, and use stickers with the same lack of quality TLG uses these days (correct me if I'm wrong, but that's one of the issues why I'm sceptic about buying this "premium" set). PPP may be actually good. But for me it's like a €30.000,- real Porsche: that may be very cheap for a Porsche, but it's a lot of money for a car that has the same functions as my Corolla.
  2. It might be relatively cheap, but €300,- is a lot of money (in the Netherlands maybe even more expensive) for a model which only complicated Technic function is the gearbox. This. This model is premium-marketed, considering the things you get beside the model itself. But I'd expect fewer stickers on a model with such a price tag. I'm not sure yet whether to skip this or not, but I really wouldn't like to pay a premium price for a model where the decorations come loose after some years, considering the quality of stickers.
  3. As for Technicopedia as a set resource this: I checked some of the newer studless models as well, but that's was just a quick look since I'm not interested in buying them anyway. His renders are always of high quality, and I've actually bought quite a number of instructions. So far, I've only built one creation with these: Jennifer Clark's excellent JCB excavator. Actually, I think if I built all of the models he made instructions for, I would've been bankrupt. As for Eric himself, I've never met him but mailed and PM'ed him and he was always nice and helpful.
  4. Rijkvv

    Boiler Designs?

    I started a (digital) design of the NBDS 118/119, later known as NS 4500. For this I needed a 4 stud wide boiler as well. I usedthis and this. In addition I used a few of these to connect a dome and pipes. Macaroni bricks can be used in place of the round brick without holes, but because the round plate doesn't exist in green I can't build a NS version yet.
  5. The TRML(-3D) is made in Germany by EADS while the TDAR (or WALS, same radar but only a different name) was made in Belgium by BATS.
  6. A Goalkeeper? Nice! Do you work with army systems as well? I'm an operator of the WALS/TDAR and TRML radars of the army.
  7. Very nice creation you built there! Aquazone was one of my favourite themes, and I remember the 6155 Deep Sea Predator appeared on the cover of the Intertoys catalog. I was a very happy kid when I got it from Sinterklaas. It's nice to see a tribute to one of the greatest and most underestimated themes, and I really like you made the design sharkish and modular. Maybe I should visit the Action forum more often...
  8. Rijkvv

    Unfinished projects?

    I have many unfinished projects. Here most can be seen, at least train related. Of these, the 1100 Class is the closest to finish: I have some doubts about the round windows sticking out too much, but I guess I'll just let it this way. The 1200 Class was even further, but when I tried in real life there was little space to secure the sloped vents, and the stiff Power Function cables pushed them out. The brown train, a mail train, was completely redesigned and that new design is almost finished, only the various accessories and fittings at the bottom and top need to be added.
  9. Welcome Bart! What kind of radar systems do you work on?
  10. @A Gallifreyan Cat: you pretty sum up how I think about purism. I couldn't agree more. I like to add I have no problem with non-Lego stickers. I'm not sure whether or not to use a Sbrick. It would be great in some ideas I have, in fact, I have a locomotive design I can only build with a Sbrick. But I don't like being dependent of software. I agree on this, however, I made an exception with pneumatic tube. For recreating Jennifer Clark's JCB excavator I needed very long pieces of pneumatic hose, and these are rare. It was easier to buy a very similar kind from a 3rd party.
  11. I don't judge people by the way they use or combine Lego with other stuff. However, for me personally I judge the MOCs, I have an opinion with whan I like and what I don't like. If there's lots of 3D printed parts or modified parts it's less likely I like the MOC. I don't think there's anything wrong with that, each has his/her personal taste. But I try not to comment on such things in a MOC topic.
  12. Some people decide to make custom parts and I see why they do it. For better functionality or better looks. But often the difference is not that big to me. Printing hubcaps for example: great designing skills no doubt, but is it really neccesary? Isn't anyone allowed to see the wheels are Lego wheels? Some people use lots of custom parts, up until the point I really think he/she lacks building skills. If the model consists of 50% custom parts, then why don't you customize the entire creation and go entirely to scale modeling?
  13. This has to be the best Lego telehandler I've seen. Great job!
  14. At Blokbricks they sell string per metre with a maximum of 500 metre. I don't know if it'll work though, I've bought some and it looks very similar to Lego medium string but the 8288 uses thin string according to Bricklink.
  15. Rijkvv

    MOC Pioneer Zephyr

    So you finally built the train of your nickname? I only got to know the real train some years ago but I began to like it and I'd say your recreation is outstanding!
  16. I doubt a gearbox would be realistic in a locomotive. Mainline diesel locomotives almost always either drive a hydraulic pump (diesel-hydraulic) or a dynamo (diesel-electric) and rarely use a gearbox. It would be nice to see some sort of crop-spraying machine. I would like to see (or build) a self-propelled one, but a towed one could be interesting as well. A sort of successor of 8849.
  17. Whoops, that's bad news. I need even more for my own project, I might cancel that for now.
  18. I don't see many possible technical features with a van. Not anything that can't be built in a more appealing vehicle, for kids that is, or combined with more interesting features in a truck for example. Designer Han has created a dump truck (not a 10x10 but a 10x4) that looks to me as a plausible Lego product. Complicated, yes, but not extreme like in some other MOCs. Besides, with just short of 2500 parts it uses less parts than the Arocs. I see a possibility to shorten it and remove one steered axle to further decrease parts count.
  19. In the pictures the Volvo uses the yellow 62.4x20 wheel rims, while in the renders and instruction it doesn't. Any reason for this? Thanks anyway, yet again high quality instructions of a high quality creation.
  20. Thanks in advance M_longer! I'm looking forward to purchase these instructions but somehow I can't login at Mocplans at the moment.
  21. Why is it not up to Technic standards? I think it has everything you can expect from a Technic race car of this size: steering, working differential and working engine. On top of that nice looks (although I wouldn't call it Model Team). Or do you mean because of the toe?
  22. 6530-1 Sport Coupe [Town, 1990] 6530.mpd Errors: -None. 6661-1 Mobile TV Studio [Town, 1989] 6661.mpd Errors: -None. 6669-1 Diesel Daredevil [Town, 1991] 6669.mpd Errors: -None.
  23. What do you mean with lego soup? I get the feeling a set without stickers is rare in general nowadays, except for a theme like Creator. In my favourite era of sets, the '90s, Technic sets often used stickers for headlights etc but still I think they weren't used as often as today. I mean, the Unimog has a sticker on the underside of the frame, what's the purpose of that? I prefer printed bricks over stickers. A print is more durable, especially since the sticker quality isn't great.
  24. 6388-1: Holiday Home with Campervan [Town, 1989] 6388.mpd Errors: -None. 6521-1 Emergency Repair Truck [Town, 1987] 6521.mpd Errors: -None. 7815-1 Passenger Carriage / Sleeper [12V Trains, 1983] 7815.mpd Errors: -None. 7834-1 Level Crossing [12V Trains, 1980] 7834.mpd Errors: -None.
  25. Rijkvv

    MOC Widths

    There is a reason if you intend to use minifigs. Sure, they are terribly proportioned, but imagine a 10-wide train with the correct height. Place a minifig next to it and I think it's plausible (I haven't built that large) the minifig is dwarfed by it. I'm curious how that will look. Longer cars often look terrible in corners already sharp for the standard 28 stud long cars. I agree with you on this one. As for me, I'm not sure yet what size to build, but it will be either 6 or 7 studs wide. A compromise, sure. But I want to use minifigs, and coaches who look reasonable in standard curves (I don't have the room to use the wide ME curves). That last point limits the length of a coach for me to around 46 studs. For the least worst dimensions with that length best would be to build in 6w. And even then I might not have the space to add a straight track long enough to park a three-car EMU or DMU at a station.