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    Would this work?

    Welcome Joel! Nice to have another train fan amongst us. I don't think there's any problem with a box car permanently behind a shunter. Me personally, I like my locomotives to be able to drive on their own, but the PF equipment takes a lot of space and you won't be the first (or the last) to do this. A cousin of my father has a huge H0 lay-out, and he uses permanently attached box cars as well, to improve current collection. Do you have some Work-in-Progress pictures?
  2. I mean the hoses at the boiler, but also all handrails, bars et cetera. Perhaps I could do them in black as well, but I want my model as close to the original as possible. I rather skip a model than substutute colours. How long does it take for you to design and build a model like this?
  3. Especially for axles I don't see the need for colour coding. Just put in every step how long the axle has to be, then the builder can count if he/she has picked up the right one (if not recognized immediately). That's how it used to be, and I don't see a reason to change that.
  4. (drools over keyboard) This is awesome! Not only outstanding looks (and I love those colours), but a third cylinder as well. I immediately recognized this as something Swedish, although I'm not too familiar with those locomotives. I want to build a Dutch steam engine some day. One of the prototypes that came to mind is the NS 4700 class, which was bought directly from Nohab during WW2. Problem so far is the colour scheme since there are not many parts available in Dark Green. The ducts for example were dark green, but those aren't available (yet).
  5. Rijkvv

    German Baureihe 41-241 Polarstern in 1:38

    I was just going to ask you when we could expect the NS 6317 from you... Very impressive locomotive! Are those large wheels BBB XL wheels? How did you attach the rubber band?
  6. Rijkvv

    need custom instructions to the following Trains

    I just looked at the instructions of the tender and there seems to be plenty room for a battery box and a receiver, so I think it should be really easy to convert this to Power Functions.
  7. Rijkvv

    Race Car - 1970's Can-Am

    Vehicles are built in all different sizes. :) Yours for example would fit in the Creator theme I think, and then this is the right subforum. It would fit in Model Team as well, and I think many visitors of the Technic, Mindstorms & Model Team subforum are true petrolheads. That being said: I know at least one Model Team MOC got moved to the Special Themes section, I guess that moderator forgot the "Model Team" part of the Technic, Mindstorms & Model Team forum. Did you pose the wheels like that for the picture or is your car actually able to steer? If the latter, I'm curious how you did it since I can't get to achieve working steering with wheels that fit race cars.
  8. Rijkvv

    Race Car - 1970's Can-Am

    That's a Porsche 917/30 you posted there. ;) Very nice car! I'm not a regular visitor of the Special Themes subforum but I'm happy I did it at the right moment to see your creation.
  9. Rijkvv

    need custom instructions to the following Trains

    I've bought multiple instructions from Tony. I can confirm the high quality of his instructions. While I still haven't built any of them, I'm confident they're great runners too, considering the experience Tony got with building steam during the years. And they surely look great. The instructions Tony offers include the Polar Express, either the locomotive and/or the coaches seperately, or as a set with a discount. Just look at his shop at "North Pole Limited".
  10. Rijkvv

    PennTex layout at Brickworld Chicago 2016

    Very nice! I think it's a great achievement to have a lay-out this huge with a very high level of detail as well.
  11. You're welcome! And thanks, I always wanted to become an actor. Instead, I ended up in the army. I'm not a certified WLS driver, but have worked with them quite a bit when I was in Turkey so that's where I got the knowledge from. Looking forward to your progress.
  12. Yup, those twist locks are used to secure the container onto the truck after it is pulled on. But you don't use them to attach the container to that X-shaped frame. On top there are some pins comparable in shape with twist locks. When the driver lowers the frame, these pins fall into the holes used for twist locks.But then the container isn't attached to the X-frame yet. To be able to pull the container onto the truck, there are some bars that have to be attached manually at the lower part of the container Not the Netherlands Army WLS, but it works the same. What I mean is the right bottom corner. You see a Technic Beam/Liftarm shaped thingy. That is attached from the side. This, in combination with the pins on top, makes sure the container can be pulled onto the truck. After that, the twist locks can be tightened, the rollerbeds can be fold and you're good to go. Maybe I'm not very good in explaining, so perhaps a video is more useful:
  13. This Porsche looks very beautiful. Nice to see the list of functions as well. I have to show it to my dad, he loves classic tractors!
  14. Rijkvv

    Reclaimed Union Pacific coach WIP

    I prefer my trains running, but it's a nice bit of scenery. I love the kitchen.
  15. That's no problem I think. I've read two plates per track segment is maximum for most trains to be able to get uphill decently. So one brick and a plate for two track segments. Make sure to get a smooth transition between flat track and incline, so only one plate after the first track, then a brick, then a brick with two plates et cetera. I have to admit I didn't test any of this, I simply haven't build a layout yet (and don't have the space for such inclines) so a steeper angle might work for your trains.
  16. Nice bridge you designed there. While I think the bridge could work, I think an incline of one brick per track segment (if I see it correctly) seems a little too steep for most trains to me.
  17. Rijkvv

    Oriental express coaches

    Freight locomotives had to be able to pull heavy trains, while passenger locomotives needed to be fast. That's why freight locomotives were often equipped with smaller drive wheels but more axles, while passenger locomotives often had very large drive wheels but usually no more than 3 or 4 driven axles. As for the buffers: this is what I mean. You can use the standard buffer beam for this (like you did with the coaches) but there are many brick-built examples as well, including those where the coupling/magnet turns with the trucks while the buffers stay in place with the structure, just like in H0 models.
  18. Rijkvv

    Oriental express coaches

    Nice coaches you've got there Marbleman! Kudos for putting in a detailed interior. Nice bookshelves. Your engine lacks the traditional buffers usually found at European equipment. Besides, with the many axles with smaller wheels this type of engine was more commonly found on heavy freight trains rather than express trains like the Orient Express, a locomotive with large-diameter drive wheels would be better suited. That being said: one locomotive type used was the CSD 555.0, former German Baureihe 52. These locomotives were designed as freight locomotives with an axle arrangement 1'E (or 2-10-0 for you yanks :) ), in fact, they were built as Kriegslokomotiven (war locomotives), with simplicity in mind. The Orient Express often switched engines at every border, so there was no standard type used. But some locomotive classes were known for pulling the Orient Express. In the German-spoken Wikipedia article there's some information about which locomotives were often used. Beautiful QJ you built there!
  19. In that case: I've driven go-carts a few times (always with terrible results), and a supercar once (Ferrari 348 TS). In both cases I had LEGO sets long before I drove the real deal.
  20. Since I work in the army it's unlikely LEGO will ever release equipment I work with. That being said, I occasionally operated a wheel loader, what a fun to drive it was. My father already bought set 8853 sometime around my birth, but I really wanted 8459 when it was released, I actually still do. The loaders after that were all disappointments according to reviews, at least they didn't convince me to buy them. I bought the instructions of MLonger's excellent Volvo loader and I might build it some day.
  21. Rijkvv

    [MOC] NYC J3A Dreyfuss Hudson

    Somehow I overlooked the WiP pictures when you posted them, but the more of a pleasant surprise it is! Beautiful machine, both the real one and your rendition of it. Minor point are the wheel covers, they look a little low compared to pictures of the real one to me.
  22. Rijkvv

    New LEGO Train Book "LEGO Eisenbahn"

    The first news about this sounded already promising, but reading the table of contents I know this is a must-buy. I would like to see it in English, but this might be a great tool to work on my German again.
  23. Rijkvv

    Track end buffer.

    Two sites (both in Dutch) with plenty of examples, both in stopping a train and only to mark the end of a track.
  24. That's not nice. Many different themes, many different fans. The fact someone doesn't like Technic doesn't mean he/she has a narrow minded mentality.
  25. Rijkvv

    Train Layout Question

    This topic might be useful as well.