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  1. I'm not a big fan of LEGO-cutting. However, a really nice MOC! And I think it has the right dimensions. Great job!
  2. I've upload some extra pictures, mainly from the cockpit, so they can be seen at Flickr and Brickshelf (when moderated). For more pics: see my signature.
  3. Rijkvv

    Lego names

    Part Royal...
  4. Rijkvv

    Which is better: Castle or Pirates?

    Me too. About the sets: both Pirates and Castle had sets that were not as good as others. Both didn't include stickers (although I don't know how it is with the bigger castle sets today and the new pirates coming in 2009).
  5. The Sea Serpent, Fire Nation Ship and the U.S.S. Constellation are good in myopinion. The last one gets my vote.
  6. I ordered the sticker sheet in a local hobby model building shop (don't know the exact English word). I knew about the kit, so I asked if I could get a replacement sheet. After a few months waiting they arrived. They had to be shipped from Japan, that's why they were so expensive.
  7. Thanks for the kind compliments! The vehicle is 30,8 cm (38,5 stud) long. I used decals from a Tamiya 1:20 model kit. It was expensive for just a sticker sheet, and the decals don't hold well, so this is also the last time I use these. They are not exactly on scale with the vehicle. I don't know wich scale it is actually. I used some old building instructions from a model kit (also Tamiya, also 1:20, but much older (1976, used by my father)), some formula 1 magazines and pictures from project34.co.uk. I also used the one built by roscopc as a reference (thanks for that). Well, I think I went into my dark age around 2000. Because of the juniorization, and because of my age. I was twelve at the time, thinking of being too old for LEGO (now I know better ) In the summer of 2007, I bought a MISB 8880. That was the set that ended my dark age. Soon after that I discovered the AFOL community.
  8. Rijkvv

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I would like to see an UCS Slave I. And an AT-TE transporter, not sure about the original name. I mean the republic gunships in ep II, carrying the AT-TE's.
  9. Rijkvv

    Favorite pirate/nautical films

    I didn't see many movies, but from the ones I did see, I think Master and Commander is the best. The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy is nice, but not realistic.
  10. Rijkvv

    New Ideas for Pirate LEGO Sets

    Well, there are a lot of things I would like to see. A big armada/guards/soldiers ship (the pirates must have an enemy at sea), a guards battle pack. Maybe a coastal fortress. And a merchant ship. The re-releases: some of those sets are great. However, if you re-release a set, make it a good re-release. I own 10159, and I was very disappointed. New gray, red cone instead of striped one, parts with ugly stud notches... Of course, most of these things cannot be different. I bought that set, because I saw only 6597 with a different number. I prefer a sort of 6277-succeedor for example, designed in the style of today, above a re-release.
  11. Rijkvv

    We want the amazing 4999 Vestas Wind Power Plant!

    By the way, I've got building instructions of the set, so it can be build, without Vestas stickers (and the burps in grey, or are they included in other sets in green?)
  12. Rijkvv

    We want the amazing 4999 Vestas Wind Power Plant!

    I really want this set, but only for a normal price... I've heard Vestal has bought the rights, and LEGO is not allowed to release it for non-Vestas people (even without stickers) so the only way to get it is at sites like Evilbay etc.
  13. Rijkvv

    City '09?

    I really want that crane. The 2005 mobile crane was way too oversized. This one is nice.