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  1. Wear on the track, I haven't thought about that. I should take that into account as well. I'm kinda hesitant to use any non-Lego stuff. I'm quite a bit of a purist, I even consider building Masao's old curves as to not stress the elements. I think about remodel this into a three car train. That would give much more room to fit the equipment and to fit proper tyres, although one of the main issues is the height of the battery box. A more traditional "city" design could lead to more room in the height of the train, but I'm not confident in my designing abilities in those yet. I can use my fantasy more freely with a space design I think.
  2. Thanks guys! I hoped my pictures last week would give a bit of an insight, but here you go: The idea is that every car rests on one side on a wheel with tyre, and on the other side on a pin joiner (in pink here for clarity) that is attached with some frictionless pins. Looking at a view straight from the front or the side, those pin joiners and tyres are placed in such a way that the cars should be level. I had done this with a smooth ride through curves in mind. Because of available space and desired aesthetics I came up with this idea, otherwise I would've gone with one of the proven solutions shared here (which I already partially did with the drivetrain, Masao Hidaka came up with that idea). I have no intention to re-invent the wheel. Weight might become an issue. I tried to place bricks and plates as logical as possible, and I tried to avoid it becoming top-heavy. But I have to build the complete train in real life to test that. The technique and things like the long nose on inclines I could possibly test with a simple test vehicle. Time to order parts I guess.
  3. Finally I have designed something that looks like a monorail. Well, the train itself that is. For some reason LDD wouldn't let me place the seperate parts. Designing digital makes it unclear if my build is rigid (though I tend to over-engineer, even creating trouble with my assembling my signpost a while ago ). But this also has to run, and being able to take curves and preferably also inclines. Considering I don't have any experience whatsoever regarding building monorails, I hope I didn't put all that effort in a flawed concept. I'm curious what you guys think.
  4. Very nice creation. Clearly an upgrade of the '90s sets, while still being recognizable as M-Tron. I took my first steps in trying to create a monorail. I took the diagonal motor idea from Masao Hidaka, but altered the connection and used a Technic liftarm connection. TECHNIC pin joiners which should be able to roll. Since this gives less traction I hope it'll provide a smooth ride in corners. The diagonal motor should provide a low center of gravity. I do hope that I can put enough weight above the weel, so that it'll provide sufficient traction. I have no idea about the looks yet. I do like the retrolook of several monorails that I've seen already, but I'll try to not just copy-paste it. :D But first I better get this thing working.
  5. While I liked the colour scheme of your previous (Futuron) monorail, I think this looks much better. Less blocky. I like it.
  6. Rijkvv

    [MOC] Whitcomb CP1300 - Diesel

    Nice locomotive! Clearly recognizable as a Whitcomb (though this type was new to me). I'm not sure about those blades on the front though. I assume you used those to get the colours without relying on stickers? I think they disrupt the shape too much, and would use nothing at all or stickers myself (and I'm a sticker hater).
  7. Rijkvv

    Train doors.

    I liked it as a kid, got it for my birthday and it was my only train for a long time. Maybe because I do look to Lego stuff different now. I did sell my "Shuttle Express Trein" (how it appeared in the Dutch 1996 catalog) to a fellow trainhead and I believe a Eurobricks member as well, but so far I don't miss it. And yeah, I built that rail-layer plenty of times!
  8. Rijkvv

    Train doors.

    I don't see why they don't use doors. Maybe they're too stingy for official door pieces. Then still, I think the 7938 passenger train from 2010 would've been a great train set with a few alterations that I think wouldn't have driven up the price that much: -a decent platform, missing from train sets since the Metroliner in 1991; -windows (the train windows should've been available with the Emerald Night the year before. And add windows to the driver car, that would still look better than black panels) -either doors, or facade of doors. With the 7938 as an example it seems to me it looks a lot like a modern regional train. Those trains often have doors in different colours. So the designers don't even have to use some offset or weird Saturn V-like techniques, they only need to stack bricks in a different colour, say white for example. I'm sure there are plenty of ideas to implement doors that are still easymode to put them in official kits. Those were not trains, but pieces randomly stacked on top of a train motor.
  9. Rijkvv

    [MOC] The Texas Eagle

    A beautiful train you built there, nice to see a livery less common among MOC's. The cars seem to be at scale as well, or did you use selective compression?
  10. Rijkvv

    FS Wagons

    Nice coaches you've build there. Do they have an interior?
  11. Rijkvv

    Kls flat car

    After years of half finished LDD/MLCad designs, I finally managed to finish a MOC in ABS, my first one since my Tyrrell P34 a decade ago. And it's blue again! The Kls is a type of flat car used by different railroad companies in different liveries. I based mine on those in use by Railpro. They are often used to transport stuff like sleepers and rail segments. I used a drawing found at the site of Railpro to design and build this in scale 1:45. Fun fact is that it's built upside-down entirely, except for the wheel sets. Kls flat car by Rijk van Voorst, on Flickr
  12. Rijkvv

    Kls flat car

    Thank you. Here is a picture of the real thing. If the wheels didn't have to pivot, I would've taken that challenge.
  13. Rijkvv

    Kls flat car

    The axles can pivot a bit, they use turntables and are connected with rubber bands to the frame. Well, the car itself at least, there is not really any frame. Do you use 9V track? I do, and there's a notch at the connection points between track segments that might cause issues. Remembering an article in Railbricks the RC track shouldn't have this notch, and thus less issues. For LW we're going to use wider curves anyway, fortunately. And thank you. Next up will be a locomotive, that is, after I'm sure this thing runs reliable. I have one of the Deutz used by Strukton in mind. I want to build a Fccpps at some point, and I just got the idea to remake the picture of your Fccpps, your gondola and your Railion 6400 with help of Raised and his 6400 haha.
  14. Rijkvv

    Kls flat car

    I've made a small test track, and tried it behind my BNSF loc. When pulled, it did reasonably well. The only point where it derailed was at a switch placed directly after a corner. It didn't like to be pushed though. Also the buffers might cause issues, so they might need to be shortened. Next month I hope to give it the first proper test during an event. There are 19 studs inbetween the axle holders. Thank you. In general it's quite sturdy. I placed two 15L Technic beams under the car to reinforce it. The main issue are the tiles 1x3 on the sides, they tend to fall off. Maybe it's just something to keep in mind when picking it up. If they stay in place during that test next month then I'm fine with it.
  15. Rijkvv

    Kls flat car

    Thanks guys. The texture was the main reason for me to use those brackets. It's the closest I could come up with to the original within this scale. Ideally I would use 1x1 brackets, but they are not (yet) available in blue.
  16. Rijkvv

    Custom Train Wheels Combined Topic

    @benfleskes any chance (if not for this year, maybe further into the future) of more "inbetween" wheel sizes? Like Shupp's medium-large?
  17. Rijkvv

    DB 203-112-8

    I'd say a baureihe 203 (which is a variant of the East German V100) has its cab very close to the middle. Just looking at the pics and without measuring I'd say it's one stud offset from the middle.
  18. Rijkvv

    [MOC]: The Moon Rocket - from Tintin

    Yes, that's instantly recognizable. Great job in getting the shape that well on this scale. Time to read the moon albums of Tintin again.
  19. Rijkvv

    Motorized 5L bogie

    I do wonder how powered short bogies will behave on tracks. Due to the torque they tend to turn, and in combination with aftermarket o-rings it was enough to derail my test vehicle.
  20. Rijkvv


    Maybe this is what you're looking for? Whoops, Toastie beat me to it.
  21. Rijkvv

    2018 Lego Trains

    The new power system was the one thing I was most curious about, but so far it seems to be a disappointment. No flexibility whatsoever. If you want to run a train, you have to do it with one train motor. I don't know what else will be released, but I'm not impressed yet.
  22. Rijkvv

    German BR 03

    Very nice locomotive you've built there. Welcome to EB!
  23. Rijkvv

    2018 Lego Trains

    I got the impression that my GP rechargeable AA batteries were a tighter fit in my PF TECHNIC AA battery box, compared to alkaline AA batteries (probably Duracell). They were harder to remove. But I don't think there are differences that large that it will become borderline impossible to use AAA batteries of any given brand,if the TECHNIC box is of any indication (I haven't used my AAA box yet).
  24. Rijkvv

    Lego trains lenght

    The only reason for them to use the 24 stud plates is costs I think. 28 is slightly longer what looks better, while still short enough for a playset. I think I'll go with 46 studs max for six-wide carriages in MOCs.