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  1. [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    Maybe it's an idea to make instructions of the old version? I'd be interested at the very least. I can't wait for the second video. It looks very impressive so far.
  2. LEGO Train Bogie Problem

    GIRO_VAGONES by MTorralbo, on Flickr 10 detalle ejes by MTorralbo, on Flickr I don't know if this will work, but I found it an interesting solution. It might be worth a try.
  3. [WIP] 1:350 Scale Imperial Japanese Navy Kongo

    Hey @Commander Wolf. Kongõ is one of my favourite battleships, both in real life (the history, the looks) and in World of Warships (not sure if the best overall, but certainly the best midtier :P ). Your Kongõ is recognizable as such, and that's an impressive feat at this scale. Well done!
  4. I Hear the Train a Comin'

    Welcome back TheBrickster WesternOutlaw! I'm not that active on the forum anymore, occasionally visit it, but I liked reading your articles and I hope more will come. I was known as Richie back then, but changed my username as well (and thinking about changing it again).
  5. L-motor Frames

    This looks very useful! I'm working on a tank engine design now and then, this could help to get the neccesary PF equipment on board.
  6. Long time I haven't visited this forum, but what a pleasant surprise to see you built a DAF, and a very nice one! If you ever make instructions of this, I might give it a try to convert to the Super Space Cab, because that's what my uncle drives.
  7. New LEGO Train Book "LEGO Eisenbahn"

    I've bought the book as well. It's been more than 10 years since I last read reasonable amounts of text in German, so sometimes I am a bit struggling to exactly understand what is written. But in general I get it most of the times without having to rely on Google Translate or German-Dutch dictionaries. I don't read it constantly, so I'm not even close to finish it, but so far I'm very happy with the book. I didn't care about the explanation of standard pieces, but perhaps it can be of great use to people new to the LEGO hobby. Nice to read about the different train systems, pro's and con's of the different widths in wich you can build (I was surprised to read 7-wide is currently Holger's favourite width ), design process, detailing and last but not least building instructions to build an ICE (with three different nose ideas), an open wagon, a Swiss Crocodile electric locomotive and a passenger coach. Very generous to give us such an extended look in the kitchen. I recommend this book to everyone who is interested in LEGO trains, experienced or not. On a related note: this book inspired me to try to bring detailling on my own models to a higher level.
  8. 2016 Lego trains

    If this set turns to be unpopular, TLG might see trains not important enough to release new sets. Bricklink price tags after retirement won't change that, because TLG doesn't earn on those sets anymore (they were already sold, possibly at a discount). Time will tell, I hope I'm wrong. Yes, people wanted a new train. I just doubt it was a christmas train they wanted. Just my €0,02
  9. Ideas for New Train Sets

    Thanks! I'd prefer an ACTS version (container terminal with the container crane of Barman ), but the purple colours make it hard to be able to design something buildable with real bricks. Someone at Lowlug gave me the tip to make it in either this or the Shortlines colours, and of those two I think this is the most interesting. As for a petition: I could try it at LEGO Ideas, but few train-related ideas seem to make it to the deadline. Perhaps it makes more chance if I finish the Gottwald design as well. That's an even better solution. Nice work!
  10. Ideas for New Train Sets

    Well, the idea of a maintenance train appeals to me. I've already designed a V60 in the colours of Volkerrail, one of the three railroad contractors in the Netherlands, with the intention to add two Gottwald cranes, one or two flatcars and maybe some additional cars. A crane would be a nice addition to an official set as well. They already did that before, but I think it's possible to release a slightly larger one as well. And less cartoony, the last proper design was 4552 IMHO. It should fit right into the idea of a repair train and adds playability as well. I'd skip the blinking light idea. Unless LEGO releases a new part for it, there are IIRC two options: either the old 9V Light & Sound light (discontinued) or a complicated mechanical contraption (I doubt that'll fit in a shunter, and unlikely LEGO will do that in an official set). As for the Snow Service I actually see something like this an interesting possibility. This requires some mechanics as well, but it can be built very easy as LEGO already did with 4533.
  11. That's a very nice tractor, and perhaps I'd buy a set of it. But then you still don't have smaller tractor wheels. If it was up to me then I'd rather see that conventional Claas you mentioned. How about something like this? Because of the narrow gauge, I think a model around scale 1:20 should fit the standard LEGO track (although the standard curves get ridiculously tight) and the crane at the back adds functions.
  12. I have not much with the Claas brand for tractors. I think John Deere would be a good choise, if I'm correct John Deere has it's 180th anniversary next year. But any brand might be welcome. Smaller front wheels make almost any tractor possible to build (well, they already are, but the front tires look weird), but equipment like combines and forage harvesters as well.
  13. 2016 Lego trains

    I partly agree with you. In general I think the quality of the regular sets is lacking. But I think the last 7 years or so we also saw some highlights: the introduction of PF after the awful RC system, the introduction of official LEGO large train wheels and sets like the Maersk and the Horizon Express. What bothers me is that sometimes it seems to get better (or less worse) and then LEGO comes with a disappointment. We saw the end of 9V some years after the BNSF, the return of big single-piece noses after the brick-built noses of 7938 and said Horizon Express, and now we see a christmas train from which I don't see a large potential buying audience, not helped at all by the price tag, awful design or limited usability because of it's theme. Does anybody know if the Holiday Train sold well back in the day?
  14. [MOC] NS 1217

    Very recognizable as a 1200. Nice to see you achieved the sloped sides. Good work! You triggered me to restart my work on my own 1200. It's a matter of opinion of course, but I find the NS 1200 class one of the most beautiful engines that ever hit the Dutch tracks, and the single most beautiful electric engine for sure.
  15. Deutsche Bahn N-Wagen (Silberling) with BR111

    Nice coaches you've built Sebastian! Keep in mind though that they are pretty long. I don't think they'll manage to negotiate the standard LEGO curves well.