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  1. I love the construction equipment, I've not been in the game long so I never had a chance to buy many of the construction sets you guys seem to loathe seeing repeated... I'm not going to blow 270 bucks on a loader that sold for 90 originally, or 500+ for a bulldozer... which is why we will see the same thing rehashed, so the next generation has a chance at getting one. My son only plays with construction themed legos, i'm sure there are many just like him! hopefully they don't have pnuematics, boy those are a disappointment on the unimog. A nice loader will certainly be found under my tree if it exists, RC preferably!
  2. Tkavan01

    Sell 8043 for 42009?

    I enjoyed the 8043 significantly more then the 42009, I was literally numb toward the end of building the 42009 and its not nearly as playable
  3. I bought a 42009 off craigslist misb for 100 bucks, have another deal for nearly 25 pounds of technic pieces, will have to see if that happens... I've told the wife she has to buy me the unimog bc i'm thinking it will be discontinued soon.
  4. Tkavan01

    Land-Rover Defender 110

    I would guess they aren't sweating it at all, they will just reject it like many of the others with little explanation, but really they are too lazy to do the work.
  5. Toys r us can charge what they want bc in America it's the only place most people ever buy the neat lego sets for their grand kids or nieces and nephews, target and Walmart refuse to carry technic, and I've never seen a Lego store in person... So there you go, to achieve instant gratification and not order online you pay a premium.
  6. Is it possible to do one in white? I have a white defender 90 with a black top, a Lego model would be awesome in my cubicle, to prevent anyone from getting the idea of promoting me anytime soon :) Is there anyway to lower the body a few studs?
  7. Quarry dump truck please, no pneumatics, no more cranes!
  8. the boss makes no sense as a crawler, I've seen all kinds of cars converted into 4 wheelers with monster tires(I have a landcruiser on 40 inch super swampers for mudding) they never look right and never perform...
  9. I really hope this wins, It was my second choice to the defender 90 the other ones just don't do anything for me!
  10. Tkavan01

    Land-Rover Defender 110

    I'm going to have to collect a ton of Lego for this
  11. a lot of work went into creating these, saddly none of the ones i liked made it into the finals, they all seem too tall, the bodies being built above the drive train rather then integrating with it, wheels should be in wheel wells not 20mm below it!
  12. Tkavan01

    Mindstorms General Discussion

    I'm kinda bummed about the sample rate for the data logger, 200ms sample rate isn't that great, I want to take it apart now and se what they built it with. I build embedded low power wireless sensor networks for a living so to me at that price you can do a lot of things... Can't wait to see it!
  13. Very Excited about getting one of these, have been holding off for about 6 months to see when the next generation might come out. Snake robot sounds cool, depth perception will make for some interesting robots. EV3 Retail version EV3 Educational version Check out the Mindstorms Index here on Eurobricks for useful information: Eurobricks Mindstorms Index
  14. Why not make them controlled by nxt bricks with some kind of ai?
  15. Tkavan01

    Lego Technic 2013 sets & info

    Awesome, just got my 8043 today, the 42006 will be next