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  1. Tenorikuma

    Review: 41062 Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle

    I'm pretty sure I've gotten other sets recently with three pieces of tape on them.
  2. Tenorikuma

    Middle Earth Contest Voting Topic

    Category A: #5 Category B: #4 #5 Category C: #3 #6
  3. Tenorikuma

    The Big Bang Theory Discussion

    So here's a philosophical question. Once they're out, will the Big Bang Theory sets exist in the Big Bang universe? Or will it be like how on Star Trek, no one in the future has ever heard of Star Trek?
  4. Tenorikuma

    Why no colored canopies in new sets?

    70006 (Cragger's Command Ship) has two interesting trans-red canopies, though I guess that's part of the 2013 Chima lineup. (I only mention it because I saw it at the store today.)
  5. I have to ask, why do you keep your money in a bank that's bankrupt? Surely there are other banks around.
  6. Tenorikuma


    I love everything about this model! It's even got an armillary!
  7. The current "crisis" is a correction. Hundreds of billions of dollars of bad investments have been destroying wealth, dragging the economy down, and generally preventing people from being able to buy enough Lego. With the correction, the banks responsible for the bad investments (mostly located in countries with poor monetary policy, like the US) will go bankrupt, and their assets will be transferred to other banks and companies that can use them in a profitable manner. In the meantime, the exhaustion of lendable resources will force people and companies to increase their savings rate for a while, but ultimately we'll be better off than before, and be able to buy more Lego than before, so long as governments don't screw things up more through inflation or something. In the meantime, Lego is getting an increasing share of business from growing markets in Eastern Europe and Asia. Hopefully that will help to offset any problems elsewhere.
  8. I second Neuschwanstein Castle! What a terrific set that would be. Minifig scale, bitte. I think a classic architectural wonder set needs to be both interesting to build and display, and well-known around the world. I'd suggest: • Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria (thanks, Fluyt) • The Golden Pavilion, Kyoto • The Forbidden City, Beijing • St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow • The Acropolis, Athens
  9. Tenorikuma

    I'm having an emergency. Please help.

    I would try inserting the barrel part into boiling water for a few seconds. The heat should cause it to expand slightly, during which time you might be able to push the hat out with an axle.
  10. Tenorikuma

    Review: 8777 Vladek's encounter

    • I like the figures and the barding, but I dislike how KK2 has no or nearly no torso printing. • Mini-catapults are lame, but at least this one has better pieces than the catapults in Fantasy Era castle. • I don't like the octagonal shields with the symmetrically rotated emblems. Completely inauthentic-looking. If it weren't for some of these complaints, I'd probably be snapping up all the KK2 sets I could find
  11. Tenorikuma

    Set 7979 - Errors in the packaging.

    I always contact Lego if even a single piece is missing. Not just because I want what I paid for, but also because they'll realize there's a problem and fix it more quickly.
  12. Tenorikuma

    Does the LEGO Pirate Forum take too long to load?

    Yeah, I'm in Japan. Eurobricks is by far the slowest website I visit regularly (and most of my regular sites are overseas in N. America or Europe) and frequently (2-3 times per week) it doesn't load at all and I just have to try again later.
  13. Tenorikuma

    Does the LEGO Pirate Forum take too long to load?

    It's not just the Pirates forum; all the Eurobricks forums are slow. Let's face it; Eurobricks's server or ISP sucks. Just loading this page took several minutes, and the site fails to load at all about 50% of the time. I'm on a fast fibre connection and can download torrents at over a megabyte per second, so the problem's not on my end. My daily browsing habit is: 1. Try refreshing the Eurobricks main page. 2. Go have coffee. 3. Open interesting Eurobricks forum threads in tabs. 4. Read all my other websites. 5. Go back to see if the Eurobricks forum pages have finally finished loading.
  14. Tenorikuma

    Castaway Treehouse

    Sorry, I got your quotes mixed up. So he made that cool formation without even being a geologist then!
  15. Tenorikuma

    Castaway Treehouse

    That is a brilliant model. Nicely done! Leave it to a geologist to make the nicest Lego rock outcropping I've ever seen!