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  1. Making Eurobricks More Active

    I love reviews and MOC indices; they're such a helpful place to find things out and to browse for MOCs; maybe I'm lazy (OK I'm totally lazy) but it gets a bit tedious to click on very thread in the Town forum to see if a MOC is worth my interest; my days of browsing EB for hours on end are long gone. Whatever happened to @alex54? Yeah I've played a few games and you were in my first one, though my inclination to participate in games has gone down along with my general inclination to come to EB. I believe I am part of the EB group on Flickr? I don't really pay attention to it though, since I keep my interests in more specialized groups. I post on Flickr and then post a subset of images on here, usually with a narrative or explanation of the topic of my MOC. But I haven't done that for a long time (sorry, school and life got in the way). No comment on the structure of threads, though as others have mentioned having several speculative threads is a little tedious. I always open to the Portal because I like being able to see announcements about MOCs that I'd miss if I siloed myself into the Town, License and RPG subforums. Gosh, I had a blast participating in the Western community build, especially since I was at uni at the time and away from the bulk of my bricks.... I've only participated in one contest here because sometimes it gets hard to feel inspired, but I'd totally buy into another community build if I'm around at the right time to join in. This made me chuckle; I started back in the day browsing FBTB in around 2005 and then moved partly over to classic-castle.com (which seems to have properly died by now) and occasionally I'd follow links over here, and it looked intimidating and Very Serious. Not to mention, as someone else said here, that admitting you're underaged used to end in instant bans, even with otherwise respectable, active members. If we didn't have hundred-page threads in the Star Wars forum, people would still find a way to post the same amount of (non)content, I feel. Ah yes, @WesternOutlaw was one of the great reasons to follow the Town forum, though some of his image links have died. Didn't he previously have a different name?
  2. What did you buy today?

    I picked up the 75182 Hovertank today; must say I'm pretty pleased with how sturdy it turns out. Could be better but it's a solid set for just $20 (thanks, Target). Plus Aayla Secura is a boss!
  3. Architecture 2018

    No, it's way too large to be 2x2 jumpers. I agree with higgins91 - it's got to be that or some other technic piece. Got to say - Shanghai is the first skyline set that made me say "wow!" I doubt I'll get the set for myself, but I have a friend in mind whom I think would love to have it.
  4. Wow! Beautiful in proportion, texture, etc. I love the moon gates, despite how simple they of course are. The contrast of studs and the 1x1 round tiles on edge in the roof is clever yet pleasing, and al blends into one and deceives the eye about the enormous scale of your MOC. How did you construct the screen doors? And forgive my ignorance - but where do those decorative bricks in the stripe around the outside of the house come from? Great job, Vincent Q!
  5. Dorm Life

    I only had a little bit of LEGO with me in my dorm (mostly messed about with LDD) but when I moved to an apartment I took a bit more with me.
  6. TLG to Axe 1400 Jobs

    Maybe I'm cynical but a small decline in revenue & profit isn't really all that much and they would have laid off these 1400 people regardless; nothing less than ridiculous growth can satisfy the bean counters.
  7. MOC: And Then There Were None

    Very nice and slightly art deco! It reminds me of the BBC adaptation starring Charles Dance.
  8. Since this thread is relatively fresh, I thought I'd chime in. I usually work from real-life buildings (see the architecture models in my signature!) and at the moment I'm working on something more to the City / minifigure scale. What I find tremendously helpful is getting out a paper and pen and sketching the building, getting a feel for the ratios of the volumes of the building, etc. What is the usual "floor plan" size for a City building of this kind? What does the floor plan of my model demand? Then work out how everything fits into that scheme. My current project (should it ever be built) started as a 40-studs principal volume with an overlapping 26-stud annex, but I discovered that my doors would have to be 5 bricks high, which is fairly small! So although I do like intimate scales, I have felt forced to expand a little bit. We'll see how it goes, but the key is, as Henmen4Hire said, to work out a length scale for the fa├žade and how the real-life (or imaginary) building goes according to that.
  9. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I know I'm late to the party, but this was the first thought I had upon seeing the photos of the new sets! At least it's an original (for SW) design, right? That and the Resistance Bomber. As much as it's "realistic" as it were to have industrial designs that are updated over decades with not much that is revolutionary in the mix, it can be a bit tedious to see the latest version of a star destroyer or TIE fighter. At least nobody is forcing me to buy the sets
  10. A Weathered Lodging

    That's a lot of textures and shapes you were able to achieve by using so many of those rods, lightsabers, hands, etc. Like peedeejay, I also wonder how the roof is built?
  11. Sir Spoopy

    doot doot Nice little build; it captures the memetic skeleton perfectly.
  12. I ordered a Droid Escape from S@H and hopefully (fingers crossed!) it actually comes with Revan.
  13. Force Friday (30th September) promotions

    Do we have any idea when exactly they ran out of Revan? I was pleasantly surprised to be able to get one at ~5am EST today.
  14. Force Friday (30th September) promotions

    Weird. Glad you get Revan out of it anyway though.
  15. Force Friday (30th September) promotions

    I was getting the red error banner across the top of my screen but it disappeared after a few seconds so I just kept clicking "next" as the pages came... and then there was the whole palava with an error after I hit "submit" and taking me back to the home page with a full bag... but I just waited. Very weird that you can't even submit... perhaps wait until the error goes away like I did? I feel sorry for you (and everyone, including me) because this new S@H experience seems riddled with bugs and it's not desperately clear if and when transactions have gone through. Very strange... now you mention it, they are "Coming Soon" for me. But I wanted to get a set that was already available, so that wasn't an issue for me. Those sets were supposed to be released today, not tomorrow, yes?