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  1. jamesn

    [WIP] [MOD] 8088 ARC 170 landing gear

    I'm not sure if the pin on the liftarm has friction or not. If it doesn't, you could look for an equivalent part, or take something like a minifig syringe or cut piece of flex hose (anything 1 stud long and the diameter of a lightsaber blade) to stick inside the pin to wedge it against the foot of the landing gear.
  2. jamesn

    [WIP] [MOD] 8088 ARC 170 landing gear

    Hi @Reaper! I mocked up a basic solution for you, using the LDD model provided by @ADHO15. There's a brick above those dark red slopes that I replace with a technic brick. The liftarm that extends the landing gear rests against the bushings, holding the fighter up against gravity. See the pictures and attached .lxf. Hope this helps. .lxf is HERE.
  3. I love it, it's so retro; it brings me right back to browsing catalogues as a kid. Great build!
  4. jamesn

    [MOC] Stranger Things

    Thanks for sharing that link - you're right, the original is absolutely not what I had in mind, but it's still a good recreation.
  5. jamesn

    [MOC] Steampunk Moon City

    There's not really much to say since your MOC is so amazing. Your use of bulbous glass windows on the dark flesh building and in the blue elevator capsule are great. I love the gears and the ray-gun pantograph on the train, and I also like the rocket you've put inside the circle. It's really lovely and whimsical all over. Excellent work!
  6. jamesn

    [MOC] Stranger Things

    I've never seen the show but I'm guessing that the big tan building's windows are meant to represent the wire lattice that you see in certain institutional buildings? The SNOT construction you used along with those large plates is just inspired - a great solution!
  7. jamesn

    MOC: Brick-Built City Billboards

    These are very well-designed, and I love the LEGO Universe billboard. It must have been quite tricky to get the logos' geometry right in such a small package. What a good addition to any town or train layout.
  8. jamesn

    [MOC] Ebon Hawk MIDI-scale

    That's a great resource that I didn't manage to find by myself; thanks for pointing it out!
  9. jamesn

    [MOC] Ebon Hawk MIDI-scale

    This MOC is really nice, and I'm glad that you included the mechanical portion just above the windscreen of the cockpit - it often seems to be forgotten. I'm actually working on a system-scale Hawk at the moment - when you were doing research for this model, did you find any good images of the underside of the ship, or did you make things up? This has been something of a sticking point for me.
  10. wow I guess I almost got it through your skull that I haven't defended Barry. edit: cheers, I'm out
  11. *had at the time you chose to vote Here's an idea: I can edit a post and then we can lynch both me and Benson! Wouldn't that be lovely?
  12. You say you don't trust Benson. Do you agree with my accusation? Oh, wait, I'm "grasping at straws". That means you must have reasons of your own - would you like to share? Also what led you to think those same things about the night kill? Oh, were you thinking about third parties because you are trying to cover your tracks, Mr. Not-a-Mole? I didn't "flounder" - I wondered something and looked for evidence, which is exactly what you're supposed to do. Let me point out something painfully obvious: Using Evidence: "I thought X might be scum because of a particular behavior so I looked at the case files and decided it's not enough to tell one way or another" Defending Someone: "Hey guys X is town, please trust me". Two can play at that game, Jason I see that in Hour One, you suspected Senator Greene. But even though he made a long post here today, not a peep from you about him. Why'd you go all soft on him? Why did you go all soft on him yesterday when you said your vote "wouldn't stick"? I even called that out during Day One. In the spirit of charity I will suggest Jason White is merely deliberately dense, but it appears that I'm also clapping back at the Senator. That's all right by me. By the way, Jason, if you say you changed your mind about Senator Greene, I'll just accuse you of mindlessly defending him and you'll go to "the top of my scum list"(Actually I won't, because that's dumb). Why, perchance, is drawing scum into a position to make mistakes "something to distract the town"? Also, Jason, you're using "the town" in the third person.
  13. jamesn

    Help ID part on Inthert's Y wing

    Since it appears to be three studs long, I expect it's Hose, Ribbed 7mm D. 3L in silver.
  14. OK then.... When Officer Skinner flipped, it destroyed my theory about the claims. Sharing after the fact that my now-discredited idea made me suspect several people doesn't mean that I'm immediately accusing and then clearing them, or "seeing what sticks" - it means that it was wrong to use my theory to suspect then, and it would be stupid to continue to suspect them under that framework. I also hardly think I'm ingratiating myself, and it's not "seeing what sticks" to put together a case against Benson. I'm telling the truth because I have nothing to lie about. That's because I'm town. claiming vanilla is not the same as claiming vig or cop or whatever - multiple people are allowed to be vanilla. This reasoning is just silly. Why can we assume that?
  15. jamesn

    Star Wars

    I'm thinking about getting a few more collections of Star Wars comics. Does anyone have both the Dark Horse Omnibus and the Marvel Legends Epic Collection? Do you have an opinion about which edition of the comics you prefer?