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  1. Dennimator

    SIGN-UP - EB Event Billund 2012

    I got my exam dates today, and it looks like I won't be able to make it after all. Oh well, I didn't really have a way to get there anyway.. Still a tad disappointed, at least I had hope until now. So that is another event I will have to miss out on, I'll hope for better luck next year.
  2. Dennimator

    Happy Birthday Dennimator and Masked Builder

    Thanks alot guys! Well, for once I couldn't prioritize LEGO. What I'm saving up for now is my driver's license and something that can take me to the 2012 Event.
  3. Dennimator

    MOC - Sensei Who?

    This is definately a Sensei-tion. Good job! The cobblestone idea is great! I might steal that one from you in some future MOC...
  4. Dennimator

    SNOT Obsession

    A perfect example of that it is very much possible to build great MOCs without using SNOT. The houses give a nice sense of simplicity at its best, not too jammed with details, but not too plain either. And the hot rod.. Where to begin I would like it better in black with light(medium) blue flames though. Probably because I like light blue, and the black would be a nice contrast.
  5. Dennimator

    SNOT Obsession

    Personally I don't feel like I can achieve much without using various SNOT techniques when building 5-wide cars, but that doesn't mean I can't like a model that doesn't use SNOT techniques. There are many great MOCs out there that isn't coming close to involving any SNOT.
  6. Dennimator

    It's over.. 3001 names?

    Your reign is over. I traded most of my basic old gray bricks for identical bley ones a while ago.
  7. Dennimator

    It was a Dark and Stormy night.. (4)

    ..started to walk towards Billy, saying..
  8. Dennimator

    It's over.. 3001 names?

    Oh really?
  9. Dennimator

    It's over.. 3001 names?

    Or maybe the staff wants to buff up?
  10. Dennimator

    It's over.. 3001 names?

    Everyonesnameswillbereplacedbynumbersohmygodohmy.. Oh. DON'T panic. Right.
  11. Dennimator

    It's over.. 3001 names?

    I don't take order from light blue bricks. They know I like them and they never question my orders. Careful, or I'll turn them against you.
  12. Dennimator

    It's over.. 3001 names?

    I'm using Chrome, and it's good enough to show me the name change/display name history pages.
  13. Dennimator

    It's over.. 3001 names?

    So that means.. It's a trap!
  14. Dennimator

    It was a Dark and Stormy night.. (4)

    ..'Welcome to my Nightmare!' The ground started to crack, and they all fell into...
  15. Well, I went on the forums to check some topics, when I noticed lots (and I mean LOTS) of names starting with 3001, eg. 3001/36, 3001pb07, etc. What is this? I don't even.. Is it some kind of inside joke? I'm just curious.