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  1. JB from Belgium

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Series 10 Discussion

    Hi all, Im wondering how rare Mr. Gold from the CMF series 10 is. Is there one Mr. Gold in each box, or is there just one made?
  2. Ik ben ook van Nijlen, ik kom zeker!!!
  3. JB from Belgium

    Navy air base

    Very nice jets!
  4. JB from Belgium

    MOC: Galaxy Diner and Empire Theater

    This is an amazing modular. Its perfectly detailed! Well done!
  5. JB from Belgium

    Brickville Update - Skyline

    Amazing! You maybe could add a boat in the water or something. But it is very beautiful how it is too.
  6. JB from Belgium

    The Sacred Grove

    Amazing trees!
  7. Hi everyone, My name is Jari. I like to build big city's and buildings especially buildings from New York. I'm currently building New York with all it's most famous buildings and places!
  8. JB from Belgium

    Lord of the Rings Game - Minifig Designs

    Wow! All these torso's are so nice! Especially the torso of aragorn is very well done. You did a very nice job "DarkKnight7"!
  9. JB from Belgium

    [MOC] Jurassic Park vehicles - Jeep & Tour vehicle

    Really beautiful those two cars. The gray with red jeep is just perfect!
  10. JB from Belgium

    (MOC) LOTR warg ambush

    It is really nice, all those Rohan shields and warriors! You did a great job!
  11. JB from Belgium

    MOC: The Towerbridge

    Oh, sorry for that little mistake with the "the". Yes, I am going to finish the bridge with the roadways, but the problem is that I'm out of tan bricks so I can't finish the job right away. And you can't open it beceause their is not enough space to do that but I will work on that too. When it is ready I will post some new pic's! greetings JB
  12. JB from Belgium

    MOC: The Towerbridge

    Hello, i'm new at Eurobricks so I don't know very well how this works (to upload pictures and to start topics,...). So, sorry for that. I like the set of the towerbridge from lego(10214) a lot, but it was quite small and expensive. So I made my own version. Hope you like it!