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  1. I counted 68 clips in once bag, since there were 3 bags, I assumed a total of 204. The directions indicate to use 203 links, so I left one off. Chain was jerky, so I removed 8 links and it works flawlessly now.
  2. I checked the chain piece I remove, it was 8 links. This is the video I recorded of it after the change.
  3. I had problems with the chain as well. The fix is to shorten it. If you watch in action (I have the motor on it) you will see there is not enough slack taken up at the bottom where it passes through the arched\rounded technic pieces and the chain gathers there. I reduced mine quite a bit and it works perfect now.
  4. I am re-creating a building from the CU campus in Boulder, and am a bit stuck on designing the triangle shapes above the windows that have an elegant swirls and stuff to them. And while I don't need to recreate that styling exactly, I am stuck trying to make some sort of flourish to them. You can see a picture of the window I am trying to re-create in this photo (look at the top left, the roof line and shape above the windows.) https://c2.staticfli...66694b8d7_b.jpg I have attached what I have done so far, which you can see is not capturing the beauty of the shape of the window very well. I just need an idea to push me along, thanks for any you can offer.
  5. dvsntt

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Thank you!
  6. dvsntt

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I cannot logon to the new Cuusoo site using my login credentials? Do I need to create a new account, and what happens to my projects that were already there?
  7. Our LUG in Colorado (COWlug) has been spending the last several months building iconic buildings and sites of CU campus as a commissioned work for their heritage center. The event opens this Saturday and I am so excited to finally be able to present it to the community. Even the local newspapers and radio have done stories about it in the last few days: http://www.kunc.org/post/real-life-or-lego-life-hit-bricks-plastic-cu-boulder http://www.denverpost.com/news/ci_27036532/university-colorado-lego-cy-immortalized-plastic-brick-replica?source=infinite http://www.dailycamera.com/cu-news/ci_27030769/cu-boulder-heritage-center-unveiling-lego-replica-campus The links above have some really good photos, but I will share some of my own with you too.
  8. I have built 2 coasters with the sets I had purchased. I don't have any pics of them, and I just dismantled it again recently to store away. I can give some tips though: The hardest thing is manipulating the track, particularly over a bend (think top of the ascent hill); the track wants to roll about 90 degrees to make the bend, but you need it to remain straight to attach the beams between them. I found attaching beams about 1.5" apart and then bending the track between them (slowly) worked. Corners were also tricky for me at first, but then I discovered that forming the corner with the beams is the easiest way to go, then attach it to the support structure. To form the corner, attach several beams (6 - 10) to the inside track about 1/4" apart. Then attach them to the outside track at a larger distance (1/2" aparts lets say). This will create the corner nicely, and then attach 2 beams at the end of the corner making the track straight again, which reinforces the track and holds the corner in place. Also be aware that if f you make the corners too tight, the cars will bind and stop. The design of the wheels is also not entirely ideal, as they generate a signifigant amount of friction and the coaster loses momentum pretty quickly. You may need some speed to complete the circuit, which usually involves a pretty big hill to start with. Do not underestimate the size of the hill you will need to build. I started at about 14", and eventually had to build it up to 20" for the coaster to make it full circle. The front and second car connection also has less movement than the rest of the car connections, meaning it binds often on corners the rest of the cars could make it through fine. I have considered modding it to give it more of a turning radius, but have not done that yet.
  9. dvsntt

    MOC - Boardwalk Arcade

    Thanks everyone for such encouraging feedback! I am really glad you like it so much, and was really happy that it reminded people of the arcades found on coastal cities, as that is what inspired me in its design. Also, as some people have discovered, I also submitted this to Lego ideas, which you can view and support here: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/73345
  10. dvsntt

    New member, need some tricks of the trade.

    For decals: You cna purchase water slide decals, like the type you put on car models, that you can print on at home and then transfer to your MOC. These work really well, and I also give them a little blast of spray-on acrylic to help them stay put and shine.
  11. dvsntt

    How do I find someone who does commissions?

    Our LUG does commisions. I am working on one for Colorado University right now. We are very good at working just from photos. This is the Hellems Mary Rippon theatre I am making for them.
  12. dvsntt

    MOC - Boardwalk Arcade

    A wonderful boardwalk arcade for Lego minifigs to play some of the latest pinball machines and video games or compete on the classic bubble hockey and foosball tables. Maybe they come in to hear their favorite song on the antique jukebox. Whatever their pleasure, the bright and vivid atmosphere of this arcade is welcoming and warm. The model is based on those arcade halls that would typically be found on a beachfront boardwalk, but is common enough that it would fit into any city theme. I used 3 colors of blue, contrasted with the yellow and magenta colors for a beautiful facade and wild and energetic interior.
  13. I cannot locate part 71075 - Brick, Round 1 x 1 90 Degree Elbow - No Stud. I am looking for confirmation that it is not available or if I am overlooking it. Thanks.
  14. dvsntt

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I am really hopeful DR Who makes it into a produced set. Very excited about that!