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  1. 1. both 2. Individual 3. I have always been fascinated by the Gateway Arch. 4. Amusement park rides like roller coasters would be nice. 5. Space is the only evergreen theme that I know of that has not had a set above a 100 dollars. A model of the USS Enterprise would be too much to ask for I suppose.
  2. Legoman31

    [Apoc Dio] An Early Winter

    Due to increased tectonic activity in the year 2054, almost all of the earth is destroyed. With the tectonic activity came an increase in temperature however it is quickly overtaken by global ice age. With very little housing available, most of man moves to caves and live by catching fish ant trapping whatever they can. With a lack of food and supplies, some people try survive by stealing what they can and murdering anyone who gets in their way. If the cold doesn’t kill mankind, they will kill themselves. Brickshelf Flickr
  3. Legoman31

    Minifig Head Search Function

    I think that is a great idea and very useful if someone could figure out.
  4. Legoman31

    [Starfighter] LX-67 Calim

    Thanks guys! As for the red, The base of the starfighter is red; though I will see what I can do.
  5. Legoman31

    [Starfighter] LX-67 Calim

    Brickshelf Constructive criticism appreciated.
  6. Legoman31

    Playstation 3 Yellow Light of Death

    My Wii never has had any problems.
  7. Legoman31

    Apocalyptic Community Build - Building Time

    I may be able to do 2 side walls filled with bunks.
  8. Legoman31

    [MOC] D-14 Laketin

    As usual Brickshelf Flickr
  9. Legoman31

    LX-54 Rnauq

    Flickr (more info) Brickshelf when moderated. (more pictures)
  10. Legoman31

    Brickworld - The BIG Announcement

    I got Kjeld's Business card and his autograph while I was there.
  11. Legoman31

    future Brickworld

    I'm going to at least quadruple mine. Does anybody know how much more space they will get since they have the whole hotel?
  12. Legoman31

    LEGO 2010 theme

    I had a dream last night that I saw the leaked pics of these.
  13. Legoman31

    What's your favorite food?

    Blood, especially your blood.
  14. Legoman31

    Second Battle of Beruna: Aslan's How

    Houston, I think we have winner.
  15. Legoman31

    Red Vader helmet and more wanted

    Yes, there was. When LEGO first created the mold for Darth Vader's helmet, They molded it in red to see if there was any mistake in the mold. They chose red because it is easier to see the mistakes. That why you sometimes see pieces in red that didn't appear in that color in any set.