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  1. Balthazar

    [MOC]So Close, Yet So Far

    Well done I like the clouds and the skeleton.
  2. Balthazar

    The Final Battle

    Very nice build! And the backdrop is beautiful (I especially liked the clouds).
  3. Balthazar

    Defense of La Haye Sainte Farm, Battle of Waterloo

    Fantastic work! Stunning build and very interesting story :)
  4. Balthazar

    Isundir's Bestiary

    Interesting beginning! Can't wait to see your another creations :)
  5. Balthazar

    Battle of Waterloo: "Steady lads!"

    Well done! I like how you presented the infantry square, one of the best defensive formations of those centuries.
  6. Balthazar

    The Mermaids Of Whitecap Bay

    Well done! Amazing landscape, tower and minifigures.
  7. Balthazar

    MOC: Dain II Ironfoot

    Fantastic work! Incredibly clever parts usage. I'm really amazed!
  8. Balthazar

    Crunching Footsteps

    Very beautiful tree and landscape! I like the colours and minifigure.
  9. Balthazar

    Figbarfs for the win!

    Very good job :) I like Cersei and Tywin, but Daenerys looks too old.
  10. Balthazar

    Roundup of my Recent MOCs...

    Awesome MOCs! I really like all of them, but 'A Delicious Distraction' is my favorite one.
  11. Balthazar

    [MOC] Peaceful Existence

    Amazing work! I like every detail of this MOC :) Interesting windows technique by the way.
  12. Balthazar

    MOC: Dwalin - Battle of the Five Armies

    Incredible work, as always! You use very clever techniques
  13. Balthazar

    [MOC] AT-AT Hideout

    Great job! I like landscape and AT-AT, which is very realistic.
  14. Balthazar

    Space Pirates Contest - Voting thread

    Category A: #2 #4 #7 Category B: #3 #4 #10 Category C: #1 #5 #6
  15. Balthazar

    [MOC] Cloud City

    Another impressive work! I like how you did the door. And may the 4th be with you
  16. Balthazar

    Knights Tournament

    Well done Very neat building and landscape (I especially like these trees and the stone road).
  17. Balthazar

    What is Your Favorite Lord of the Rings Set?

    The Battle of Helm's Deep, of course! It really looks like a MOC. And I especially like Theoden and Haldir minifigures.
  18. Balthazar

    [MOC] Chibi Bantha

    Nice Bantha :D I have always wanted to see it in Lego. Thanks!
  19. Balthazar

    [SPC] Cat A - The "Galactic Marauders"

    Cool! Nice details combinations. I like Gra'tiz more than others :)
  20. Brave crew of the 'Silver Chicken'!
  21. Balthazar

    [SPC] Cat A: The Crew of the Blackhole Barracuda

    Really awesome crew! Arabella Moonsong (beautiful name btw) is my favorite character
  22. Balthazar

    [SPC] Cat C: The Clockwork Ronin

    You can share your Flickr images using BB-code Click the small arrow in the lower right corner of image`s web page, then choose link of BB-code (640*478). The Clockwork Ronin by Total BrickMaster, on Flickr
  23. Balthazar

    Members on the map

    Moscow, Russia. And there`s only one Moscow resident except me
  24. Balthazar

    [SPC] Cat C - Raid on the Shi-Quak settlement

    Awesome scene! I like your composition idea.
  25. My old Wolfpack project finally can be implemented! I`m thinking about creating three of four chapters. Accordingly you will see three or four MOCs. Rebellion of Wolfpack: Chapter I by balthazar_, on Flickr Chapter I. 'Into the woods'. Three strangers in hoods were going along the path, quietly stepping on the leaves. They were extremely cautious: since rebels` last raid on a weapons convoy, feudal lords of nearby lands announced a great reward for their heads. Now the troops of knights were combing the woods in search of the rebels. But Wolves (as they called themselves) had never been caught until last night. About dozen of them were prisoned and then executed. To save the rebellion, rebels leader Thomas Stafford gathered all Wolves in abandoned mill on the edge of the forest, where strangers were keeping the way too... To be continued. Thanks for watching! C&C are welcome.