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  1. Wow, those instructions look brilliant. You've kept the old tradition of putting more than one part on a page And you've shared them for free. That's incredible. Thank you.
  2. I've been missing from the forum for a while, just found this and want to vote for it. Has anyone else had problems logging in to Lego Ideas. I've re-set my password, and when I try to login it just ask me to create a profile Then it says: And then it goes round and round these two screens. Help please
  3. Thanks guys for all the suggestions. I'll probably work my way through them over the next few years. I've bought 42059 as a starter, see how he gets on. His mum did tell me which sets he's into, but I didn't catch (remember) what she said. Might have been Ninja or Something like that. Anyway, we'll see. No problem with no pics, Yevhen, I coped. (I have 8880, 8435, 8466, 9398, 8455, 8462, 8110, 8094, 8485 so should be able to help if needed.)
  4. Hi all Looking for opinions on which set, old, very old or current to buy for an 11 year old boy who has learning difficulties and is autistic? He loves cars, his dad has a blue Mitsubishi pickup, which he loves. He has Lego, and builds from instructions, but never had Technic. Yet. Love to hear your suggestions, thank you.
  5. Great review, thanks Sariel. Can't believe they've got the back looking quite realistic, and the front is rubbish. I must be getting out of touch as I think £110 is way overpriced. Might be a good pence per piece price (7p), but still too expensive.
  6. You'll be lucky to find a shop with any Technic, let alone a choice. Best for you to choose the first one and then see how you go from there. Next step could be to look at the books by Yoshihito Isogawa, available individually, and a box of second-hand technic bits.
  7. Is there a way for you to add a number to each post in a thread? Another forum I use looks very similar to this in format, but each post has a number. It is very useful in a thread of many pages to refer back to a particular post, for example "see my explanation in post #45 in this thread". Particularly useful when you are on page 27! Thanks
  8. Can't think of any that were hard to build, (love building 8880, and 8455). With newer design instructions I gather all the parts for a page (or two) and then try to assemble just by looking at the final picture on the page, to make building harder. Who wants easy? Worse is un-building. I bought a second hand 8053 Mobile Crane, and it came barely dissembled. I had very sore fingers after taking it apart.
  9. Or two brick separators And some of that grip mat stuff, I have some really thin stuff that helps me to grip the other part when removing bricks.
  10. That's easy, buy a second set. That's what I had to do when the other half wouldn't let me use his to combine with other sets. And there's this one:
  11. Would it be possible to have the posts numbered? I use another (different subject) forum, and there each post is numbered sequentially. So when looking back through a thread you can see how many posts there have been, and you can refer back to a particular post. Thanks for such a(n otherwise) great forum.
  12. This is great. Any chance of changing the topic title so it is easily searched for in the future?
  13. GBC Modules, Fairground rides. Cable cars, Bracelet braiding machines, Knitting machines. Anything so long as there are no wheels. Probably what I said last year/year before ad infinitum........
  14. Oooh, I love the river, palm trees and boat. Oh, and the castle, and the animals house and............. Not just a GBC a work of Art. Frontpage required.......