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  1. Elander

    2015 LEGO Pirates Rumors and Discussion

    I missing the classic pirate flag from 1989...
  2. Elander

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    LotR is a battle theme with big armies and big armies needing soldiers! My alliance still have just commanders (movie characters) and one regular soldier (one regular Rohirrim) and they’re faces to superior numbers of orcs. Where is their army? I have only troops of Gandalfs and Aragorns. But they have no support and those lines will be immediately broken by Saruman’s Uruk-hai. LEGO: Stay with them! Help them! Otherwise the good will lose! They need immediately an army! -PLEASE
  3. Elander

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    We need definitely more warrior variations. More different orc faces, colors, helmets, armors…. Noldor warriors from the Last Alliance/ (old) Gondor warriors from the Last Alliance…. Lothlorien warriors “with helmets / and blue hoods” More different Rohan soldiers (more different torsos, helmets, faces….) We need more armies! Ithilien Rangers vs. Haradrim Easterlings, Gondor Soldiers (incl. cavalry), brickbuilt Ent battle packs and Nazguls with big flying beasts (original size // no mini size as like the mini eagle…), Isengard warg rider and the different original orc races!! We want and we need armies armies armies… We don’t want and don’t need armies of Aragorns, Fordos, Gimlis, Gandalfs… Why I have more Gandalfs as Moria orcs or Rohan soldiers? That makes no sense! Why I have only Haldir? Where is his army? Oh no, come on. LEGO LotR makes no fun without REAL armies….
  4. Elander

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    I could imagination a huge brick built Smaug like the UCS R2-D2 from Star Wars and additional a kind Playmobil Smaug attached in a LEGO play set.
  5. Elander

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    The "79011 Dol Guldur Ambush" and "79014 Dol Guldur Battle" are sounding interesting. Maybe we will seeing the Necromancer and the Witchking of Angmar? The "79012 Mirkwood Elf Army" would suits to the battle. Hopefully we will seeing hereto only soldiers and no characters...
  6. Elander

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    I like the Orthanc tower and the new Lake town set is also really nice. :) But my only complaining is that LEGO isn't able to provide pure LotR battle packs like the Star Wars BPs. So why?
  7. Elander

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    The new Endor village reminds me to Lothlorien. :) I could imagination that LEGO will try to create a Lothlorien set in the same scale. I like those special modular city houses and another exclusive sets for the older ones. I could also imagination that LEGO will sell a beautiful Rivendell in that style. :)
  8. Elander

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    Finally LEGO begins with modular Creator for license themes and the people become willing to buy LEGO sets twice. If we count the Black Gate as a Creator set then has LEGO to follow the most important requirement: No main characters in Creator sets! -Because the people don't need an army of Gandalfs. They think it repulsive and they're beginning to seek for the required bricks at BrickLink. LEGO if you want to sell LEGO sets twice or more. Then you have to include only warriors or civilians into the Creator sets. I am referring to minifigures with exchangeable different faces, legs and torsos. Different accessories would be also important. LEGO you could make it happen that the people would buying one modular Creator set (including some required instructions) several times in order to construct a complete building. LEGO you could also release one instruction book for a huge building: For example: The tower of Barad Dur -Including: Sauron. And release hereto one or two modular Creator sets. And many people would collecting those Creator sets in order to create the big tower. And additional they would receive a reasonable army. LEGO you have to include "must have" warriors in those Creator sets alike Star Wars. -Warriors with impressive prints and accessories. LEGO you have the opportunity to create instruction books for complete landscapes. Give us the possibility to collect your instructions and we can rebuild with several modular Creator sets complete Middle earth.
  9. Elander

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    Will the Orthanc tower become also a Toy's R Us exclusive set? If yes, then I want to buy it by the next 20% discount action.
  10. Elander

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    I like the Orthanc tower! The design is appropriat and there are some rare accessories included. The colors are almost to the original and it contains some options for playability Do you know LEGO's charges (costs) regarding new minifigure printing or molding for new accessories (like helmets) respectively for a new armor? Because I would like to see further orcs.
  11. Elander

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    When will LEGO release army building stuff? Come on. I am referring to concrete battle packs. -The proceeding is very simple: Take some sets alike those there and replace the knights from Classic Castle with warriors from Middle earth. There are so many fantastic armies! Several Elves, Men, Orcs, Dwarves... and so much more! I don't need to count those several cultures. The different weapons and armors were fantastic! Where are the banners of Rohan, Isengard and Lothlorien? Ok, seriously: Those things aren't really complicated. I am seeing at the third wave only four LotR sets. Why is there no more space for army building? I would really like to know what the definitive issue is?
  12. Elander

    Bricking Dynamics

    Hello Together, At first: I was unsure if I shall put this theme into the Historic Forum. But since I've noticed that this theme could become relevant for all LEGO themes I've decided to put this theme in the General Discussion Forum. However will this theme accompanied by examples of The Lord of the Rings. Bricking Dynamics In advance, it is for TLC realistic to merchandise complete landscapes in LEGO style. And certainly are those landscapes able to become bigger than the Death Star. As you know are Creator sets (also known as the 3 in 1 creator sets) the key in order to create those huge landscapes. They will provide to LEGO no financial risk and will provide to us the additional option for army building. But hereto later more. As mentioned, I would like to introduce to you Bricking Dynamics with an example: My example is creating of Mordor with only 4x LEGO sets. In advance, it is essential to take a look of the structures and colors of the buildings. And we can discover that the structures of the buildings of Mordor including nearly the same design and the colors of the buildings are mainly black. Additional we're discovering gray colors for the rocks and yellow/orange/red colors for the lava. The scope of the sets: The two Center Pieces were: 1x medium sized black tower of Barad dur ($60 - $80) and 1x medium sized gate of the Black Gate ($60 – $80) with only one tower. The two Extension Pieces: 1x Creator Set A with mainly black bricks and 1x Creator Set B with mainly gray bricks. Center Pieces and Extension Pieces: -What are the Center Pieces? Each Center Piece would constitute the central core of each building. They’re including the demanded main characters like Bilbo or Gandalf. -What are the Extension Pieces? The Extension Pieces (creator sets) were required in order to extend the Center Pieces to the demanded big buildings. They’re also be used for army building because they does including only usual secondary characters like worriers or civilians. 1. Modular Building & Connecting That’s a very simple processing: Imagination the creator set A (which included mainly the black bricks) would be assembled to the second required black tower of the Black Gate. As a consequence you could connect the Center Piece (Black Gate) with this extension set and you would receive a small Black Gate with two towers (one tower at the left side and one tower at the right side). 2. Creator Building & Connecting The Black Gate doesn’t consist only of two small black towers and one gate. The complete building consists of several pieces which must be connected. Each piece will be named (A, X, Y, Z) but hereto later more: big black tower (piece X) – big black wall (piece Y) – big rocks with wall (piece Z) – small wall (piece A) – small tower (piece A) – gate (center piece) – small tower (center piece) – small wall (piece A) – big rocks with wall (piece Z) – big black wall (piece Y) – big black tower (piece X) The creator set A (will be also named piece A) must now providing two further options: The possibility of wall assembly (for the required black walls) and the possibility of super-size bricking. 3. Super-Size Bricking How to create the two required big black tower pieces (pieces X) and the two required big black wall pieces (pieces Y). The solution is super-size bricking: 5x creator set A (creator set A; small black tower) will be assembled into 1x big black tower (piece X). 5x creator set A (also creator set A; small black wall) will be assembled into 1x big black wall (Piece Y). 4. Dynamic Bricking (hidden Easter eggs) The piece Z (big rocks with wall) is a hidden Easter egg and can only be assembled with 2x creator set A (mainly black bricks for the wall) and 3x creator set B (mainly grey bricks for the rock). The complete Black Gate will be assembled with: 2x piece X (the big black tower; hereto are 10x creator sets A required) 2x piece Y (the big black wall; hereto are additional 10x creator sets A required) 2x piece Z (big rocks with black wall; hereto are 4x creator sets A and 6x creator sets B required) 2x piece A (also creator set A; small black wall) 1X piece A (also creator set A; small black tower) 1x Center piece (black gate + small black tower) Result: You have in order to receive the complete Black Gate to buy 27x creator set A, 6x creator set B and the main set (the center piece). There’re summed up: 34 LEGO sets. And LEGO has released/produced only 3x LEGO sets: -1x Main set (the center piece) including main characters like Aragorn and Gandalf. (ca. $60-$80) -2x Battle Packs (the creator sets A + B; named: extension pieces) for landscape building and army building ($30-$40) And if the worst comes to the worst you would have to pay $1400 for the complete building. That’s for TLC not bad. 5. Global Bricking The two creator sets A + B were already used for the Black Gate. Now will they global used and will be insert for the entry area of Mount Doom. Here in this case will the Mount Doom be made to a hidden Easter egg and consists only of the two creator sets A (mainly black bricks) and creator set B (mainly grey bricks). That’s possible because the structure of entry design and the internal design of Mount Doom including nearly the same structure design like the other buildings of Mordor. Suitable bricks for the lava were included in both creator sets (A + B). The entry, the bridge and the crater would be assembled with 7x creator set A (mainly black bricks) and 13x creator set B (mainly black bricks). TLC has the effort (working hours) for the instruction but can therefore sell the two creator sets (together counted) additional 20x times. Frodo, Gollum and Sam were already included in other sets. And if the worst comes to the worst you would have to pay $400 for the complete building. Sauron’s Barad-dur is an extraordinary building. A compelling case: The center piece is the tower itself. Therefore must the tower be extended with multiple creator sets (the already used creator sets A + B). It would be required a combination of dynamic bricking and super-size bricking. The count of the required creator sets would be immense… Summary: Ok, it was my intention to exaggerate this theme ($1400 for the Black Gate) because the creator sets contains a lot of possibilities. My intention was more to show to you the unlimited possibilities of Bricking Dynamics in compliance with Creator. The creator sets could become playable when TLG would include into the sets a small playable option for the minifigures. Like a small catapult which would be assembled with max. 10x pieces. TLC’s effort would only contain an extra instruction for larger buildings (here the Black Gate, Mount Doom and Barad-dur). TLG’s effort are the extra work hours and those hours can be limited and doesn’t contain a high financial risk. This instruction must only be in line with the two creator sets A + B (which would be also used for army building) and the center pieces (central core of each building). It would be advisable that the instruction includes a special minifigure like (for example) Sauron. This minifigure could upgrade the instruction and the people were being more interest to extend their buildings (center pieces or also named main sets) and would, in order to assembly the complete landscape, buying the both creator sets (A +B) multiple times. Yep, the collecting (multiple acquisition) of the both creator sets could start and the landscapes and armies could growing. I think you've already noticed that this proceeding is also adaptable for all other themes. Therefore I’ve decided to put this theme in this forum. I hope Bricking Dynamics will become for you a matter of reflection! Greetings, Elander
  13. Elander

    LEGO LotR - general discussion

    I would like to see some army building sets without main characters: Like 6021: LEGO could exchange the knights with elves, men and orcs. --> Or see for example some another sets: 6040, 6061, 6073, 6080 And the best thing would be if LEGO would combines the above mentioned army sets with 3 in 1 creator sets. LEGO has only to release some of those creator sets inclusive modular functions and we could buy each set several times, connect those buildings together and could build complete cities. And when you would just seeing those complete artworks. I swear to you, you would collect those modular creator sets in order to build those complete artworks. Therefore has LEGO finally to become innovative: Just imagination: LEGO would release an instruction for Rivendell and you could build according to the instruction with only 3x medium-sized (3 in 1) modular creator sets the complete landscape!! ---> LEGO could include in that instruction additional instructions for further creator houses: Those creator houses were named variable creator houses (hidden easter eggs). Dynamic Bricking: (hidden easter eggs) (3 in 1) modular creator house A + (3 in 1) modular creator house B = variable modular creator house X. (3 in 1) modular creator house A + (3 in 1) modular creator house C = variable modular creator house Y. (3 in 1) modular creator house B + (3 in 1) modular creator house C = variable modular creator house Z. (hidden easter egg = variable modular creator house) In this case would LEGO releases 3x (3 in 1) creator sets (A/B/C) and we must buy 15x sets in order to build the complete Rivendell landscape. And as centerpiece of Rivendell could LEGO releases 1x main set with the demanded main characters! For example the secret council? At the other sets (the creator sets) were included soldiers (please with helmets) and civilians (with exchangeable faces, hairs, legs and torsos). That procedure would the people bring back to LEGO's core values. Give your customers some more time and let those creator sets (like the sets in the eighties) 3x years available. The people would collecting those creator sets (buying those 3 in 1 creator sets) several times in order to build your complete artwork and not only for the minifigures. --> It would become more to a combination of army building and landscape building.
  14. Elander

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    LEGO will never provide battle packs which would include only minifigures... I talk about complete LEGO sets without those main characters like Bilbo and Gandalf. I talk about complete LEGO sets which we could buy several times. @ Vindice: Right
  15. Elander

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    I would buy the ship 3x times when it doesn't include main characters. -Sorry LEGO! Therefore I will buy that ship only 1x time. I don't need so many Aragorns... (LOL, that is crazy! I would really buy that ship 3x times. But the main characters stops me. ) LotR is an army building theme! How can LEGO assumes that LotR will become successful when they doesn't provide any army building sets?? Customers, which are willing to buy LEGO LotR sets are be compelled to buy those sets for only one time. Because in each set is at least one main character included. LEGO offers no opportunities for army building. That isn't profitable. If LEGO is willing to survive then they have to become innovative! They must create real (3 in 1) creator sets. LEGO must give us a reason to buy those sets several times! LotR is really an amazing theme. IF that theme don't become profitable then only because of LEGO self. Because LEGO isn't able to become innovative! Just imagination: LEGO provides with the bricks an innovative toy with endless possibilities for several combinations of structures and buildings. AND LEGO's managers aren't clever enough to receive clever license contracts for clever innovative creator sets and army building sets...