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  1. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard

    Car Talk

    Aaahhhh the kingswood. *fond*
  2. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard

    MOC:Clone Wars AT-RT

    That's brilliant! Looking forward to seeing your other projects!
  3. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard

    Happy B-day mutley,MatthewUSA,Oky Wan Kenobi & Avohkahs' Spark

    Happy birthday!! :D
  4. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard

    To all Aussie and NZ fans of Lego!

    Oh I wouldn't coun't on that, it's pretty simple to use and the rest is just html. There are some easy to understand tutes online, but then again you can find anything online! Good luck guys!
  5. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard

    The User Picture Thread

    Took this photo while I was taking other photos of a moc I made one day. Well, not much of a moc. Cptn PB was building a big boat, and I needed to pass the time, so as you can probably guess it's not exactly excellent. Half enlighten and half real lego, that's going to be fun to sort later. ANYWAY - was trying to snap a decent photo of the captaine and I accidentally got myself as well.
  6. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard

    The battle of the images

    Lots of mattresses break the fall!
  7. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard

    Pet Peeves

    Road train (big trucks with lots of carriages) drivers, weaving through traffic, while on the phone, and SPEEDING during peak hour, all at the same time. I see it all the time, and it just makes me cross. Sometimes, I shake my fist... not that they can see, obviously I'm too much of a wuss to make hand gestures to a big scary truck driver. But that, is really annoying and a little scary to be honest.
  8. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard


    Hey there! *waves from SA*
  9. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard

    Good Evening, Morning or Night Eurobricks

    FTW ftw! Welcome, fellow adorer of sonic.
  10. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard

    Market Invasion Moc Pics

    That set looks so good, Geoff Cptn PB is begging me to buy him an early birthday gift now, haha. By the way, that's some excellent legography there mate! Well done!
  11. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard

    Post pictures of your pets!

    Those are some handsome chickens! My little (and some not so little) lovlies are as follows: Shadow - "Waddow" 4 years old Rock wheiler x labradore (black) The laziest of the lazies. Seeps with my mother under her quilt, and is obsessive over tail scratchings - just ask CpnPB (who is also a dog lover). Kiera - "Kieeewwaaah" 6 years old Pure bread boadercollie (/sheep dog) (brown spots) A little tightly wound, barks at the following at all times of the night through the front window: People Other dogs Paper bags Flies Moths Ants Flowers Reflections Shadows Nothing Cats Wind Cars on the road Hallucinations Also barks in her sleep. Matilda - "Tilly" 6 months Mongrel (white) Is also slightly mental. Currently is licking self but half an hour ago was racing around the house, being chased by her brother. Is possibly pregnant. Likes fish. Lego - "Ginger ninja" 6 months Mongrel (white with ginger marks and white socks) A lot more layed back than his sister Tilly, currently is purring on my lap, but half an hour ago was chasing his sister around the house. Possible father of the possible babies that Tilly is possibly carrying. Has more charisma than Kramer (from Seinfeld), and has a slight addiction to purrring.
  12. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard

    What's in a name ???

    The Mrs to the Cptn.
  13. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard

    Carolean soldier

    Indeed! Thank goodness they don't have compulsory service in australia!
  14. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard

    The Baritones 2 Introduction & Discussion Thread

    To be honest, I don't understand it! But I like reading it, and Geoff's reactions are always priceless! Anyway *spam*.
  15. Mrs Pegleg Blockbeard

    Carolean soldier

    I really like the facial expressions! Particularly the soldier, with the markings under the eye. Good job :D