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  1. Pirates Mafia IV - Confirmation and Discussion Thread Please confirm you received your role PM here and please also put your character name and avatar into your signature somewhere so people know who you are! NPCs: Captain Redbeard (NPC) Players (8): Spencer "Cutlass" Milford - Played By KotZ Douglas "No Hook" Wembley - Played by Darkdragon Kieran "Two Guns" Newport - Played by Tariq j Vivian "Viv" Pierce - Played by Kaanere Isaac "Dragon" Wallace - Played by Jack Sassy Murphy "Bad-Eye" Blake - Played by Duvors Noah "The Map" Nelson - Played by JintaiZ Harper "Sea-Salt" Lawson - Played by Rumble Strike Rules:1) You are either a Loyal Pirate or a Traitor. The town need to eliminate the scum and the scum need to outnumber the town. In the hopefully unlikely event of a parity, the scum will win. There are no third parties.2) There are no recruits or any action similar in this game.3) A game day will last 72 hours. You may vote as soon as the day starts. Note, even if a majority vote is achieved, the day will not end early. Nights will last at most 48 hours, during which you can send in your night actions. 3a) Do not talk about the game outside of the threads. 4) Each day you can vote to lynch a player. Voting is mandatory. It should be done in this fashion: Vote: Character (Player) Unvote: Character (Player) Ensure your vote is in bold so I don't miss it please!5) The alignment of players who have been lynched, as well as those who may have died during the night, will be revealed at the beginning of the next day. The person playing the character that died will not be revealed until the end of the game.6) You may not quote or pretend to quote anything sent to you by the game host via PM. This includes the details of your character and role, as well as any night actions results. Role claims and reporting of results are acceptable, but in your own words only.7) If you die, you may not post in thread or discuss the game with any players. Any information you had is null and void and is not allowed to be passed on under any circumstances. 8) Don't edit your posts, please! 9) Please try to post every day!10) There's no clues in pictures or the minifigures. 11) I encourage roleplay with your characters! I have given some flavor text, but feel free to make them your own!
  2. Hi! The game will be a straight-forward and simple mafia unlike other games I've hosted, meaning: 1) No neutrals 2) No conversions 3) No role-madness 4) No wacky hijinks If you've never played mafia before, feel free to give it a try here! This is going to be as basic as mafia gets for Eurobricks, slightly more robust than mafia school but still accessible for newcomers! I'm looking for as many people that would like to sign up. We need at least seven.
  3. We have enough players! I'll close this tonight but there's still room for people. Bios will probably go out tomorrow if anything and hopefully we can start shortly after that.
  4. I'll close the sign-ups tomorrow evening or so and we can get started shortly after that.
  5. We still need more participants! Feel free to advertise and promote it.
  6. Sign ups will stay up for about a week or so.
  7. Bob

    21328 Seinfeld: The Review

    Been waiting for this for ages. Brilliant review and very much so looking forward to it.
  8. Echoed from me! I'll take a lot of the blame for the loss. I probably should've voted off Shadows on Day Two instead of tying it up. I assumed that werewolves were some sort of third party and that if it was 2-2-1, Shadows was actually helping us. Then I pushed for Tariq to be lynched based on his item the next day. Oops! I can see why Hex came back as not mafia for me since only one investigator was actually useful. I'd assumed it was me since I was labeled cop, but I guess I was the useless one. Must have been very amusing for the scum to see me having Hex on my confirmed townie list the whole game. Overall I had fun even though I was dead wrong the whole game. I Bob'd it.
  9. I think we're making a good decision potentially, but it could blow up in our faces.
  10. I am as well. @Kaanere please.
  11. The start of Day Two and the end of Day Two is a 72 hour period. Are you implying that the host was not present for 72 hours to not respond to you immediately like Valorie and I were? I don't mean to metagame, but I don't buy this at all. Plus the fact that Adriene is not on my cleared list of people (which is just me and Hex to be fair) makes me equally suspicious. I also don't understand Valorie defending Adriene saying it's lucky timing or whatever. Could you be making this up? For now I will: Vote: Adriene (Tariq j) Simply because I don't buy the story of when you received your special item. Also, are two items being given per day? Kai said he got an item Day One, did anyone else? Has anyone else besides me received an item today? Where is Hex? The one person I can trust is missing. Today feels like do or die, especially if there's two mafia and Valorie is a neutral werewolf.
  12. Why weren't you told immediately after you found it and opened it? Did anyone else have this happen to them?
  13. Also I don't know how many people get the opportunity to find a special item each day. I thought it would've been one per day, but it seems in some cases two per day. Unless someone is lying.
  14. I saw something after switching to third person mode and I just knew I had to investigate and it turned out to be a special item that I can use. I can either use it or investigate someone, but I cannot do both the same night.
  15. Where's Hex and Kai? Hex is the only person I can trust and he's not showing up. If there's five of us does that mean there's two scum? Or one scum and one werewolf? I want to trust Valorie, but it just seems too convenient. Also I've received a special item as well this morning.
  16. That might've been a good idea, but if I verified Hal it would have validated his story a bit. Plus I probably would have gotten a "Not Mafia" result on you if you were indeed a werewolf third party or whatever, which would have defeated the purpose. I don't know what win conditions werewolves have in this game, but I'm more inclined to believe now that Valorie might actually be one. I don't see any reason why Hal would have lied since he's town nor do I believe that the scum would frame people as werewolves instead of as their own faction. Especially considering there's a Seer in the game whose job seems to be finding said werewolf. I mean, maybe it would add extra confusion. I'm curious as to why the scum (presumably) killed Hal and not me. It seems to me that Hal completed his task of finding a werewolf and now had a pretty much useless role. There's several crazy theories that I have though: 1) The scum knew of the existence of a werewolf from the start of the game, but that doesn't necessarily explain why they'd kill Hal. 2) The scum can only kill on every other night and maybe on the night the scum can't kill, the werewolf can. I think that Hal likely would have tried to seer Valorie again last night to confirm that the result wasn't tampered with by framing, so Valorie killed Hal so this couldn't happen. Maybe the werewolf just gets a one-shot. 3) The scum have a role called "werewolf", but I don't know exactly if this is the type of role that scum would have nor do I understand why the town would have a special role to find the scum when I could do the same as an investigator. 4) Valorie was actually framed and Hal got lucky targeting her, so the scum killed off Hal in order to prevent a different result coming back. The rules say very clearly that we need to kill the scum and that the scum are identified as Gate Protectors. It also brings up third parties, but that's boiler plate for every game even when there aren't any so we can't rely off that. The rules do not say we need to kill of third parties which means if Valorie is a third party she could technically win with us, unless her role is that she needs to kill everyone. Where is everyone else? It's only Day Three but it seems like it's do or die day today. Maybe I shouldn't have tied it up yesterday. Or maybe it was a good idea because then there'd be four of us today and we could've been outnumbered. Right now if there's two scum and Valorie is a neutral, it's 2-2-1. Of this, I know the following about the players: Steve: Town investigator Hex: Not Mafia Valorie: "Werewolf" (?) and I know nothing about Kai or Adriene.
  17. Tried to investigate Hal last night but was unsuccessful, presumably because Hal is now dead.
  18. Bob

    Seinfeld Lego Ideas Discussion

    Been waiting for this set for a long long time, it's a day one purchase for me. Hopefully they do another set like they did with Friends. Would love to see the coffee shop.
  19. I will tie it up and: Vote: Kai (Dragonator) For several reasons: 1) With so few of us, I don't know if a lynch is the right idea with little evidence and therefore a tie is the best outcome, I think. 2) I know I'm the investigator, and as a result I don't know if I can fully trust Hal claiming to be looking for werewolves. I'll probably be killed tonight since I've outted myself as the investigator. If there's a protector out there, please keep me safe. I'll think about this for a little bit longer. If anyone wishes to change my mind they can try, but there's not much time left in the day.
  20. Not sure who to vote for here. Valorie seems the "safe" bet but I'm not sure. It seems Kai is liable to be lynched today unless he shows up.
  21. But we don't know for sure if that's the setup of the game.
  22. Hey everyone! Start participating! I'm a bit confused. You agree with Valorie about the lack of two cops but don't think I'm lying? But you're voting for Valorie anyway? Also, historically I don't think cops are told if they're sane or not. I don't think we've had an insane cop in a game in a literal decade but I may be misremembering.
  23. I'm conflicted as to who to vote for. Half the group has yet to show up today. I'd like their opinions.
  24. I don't know what motivation Hal has to come out and try to get Valorie lynched when we'll see the results tomorrow. I'm not casting judgement on who is or who isn't lying, but I'm saying that it's odd.