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  1. 1) I really love the elephant 2) They’ll probably mess it up somehow, so no. 3) I think I ran a game with a role of a neutral investigator.
  2. If it makes you feel any better, I didn't read the quote, I just replied off Hinckley's post, so I had no idea what was said or who said it... Even in death I can't read properly.
  3. Don't be sorry! I let us down a bit. I misread the room figuring I needed to put a vote in because I had a million other things on my mind and, as scum, I didn't want to get a penalty vote or something for not voting. Then when people accused me of voting ridiculously I was a bit baffled and pointed out that pretty much everyone elses' vote meant nothing. I logged back into my account to do a final attempt at a defense but the moment I did the day was over. I think that next time I'd definitely say tweak it and add some new things in. Everyone expected Pirates III to be a redo of Pirates II with the same roles. The addition of a neutral, a vanilla, an x-shot vig, etc. really threw the rest of the players for a loop. The best part about being a host is when you mess with your players by adding new and bizzare things.
  4. finally a snazzy banner! Coming very soon, EB's first Mystery game in a very long time. Keep in mind that mysteries are very different than mafia, and when I post the sign up thread I'll make sure to post all the differences and rules.
  5. Why aren't you on time? When is the next day? Why hasn't everyone confirmed or got their night actions in??
  6. I'll play please!
  7. Also, I tried not to guess as to who people "actually" were until close to the end. After hosting the last anonymous game, I thought I'd be able to identify some people a bit easily, but I wasn't able to. To be fair, I had to frequently check back at the list of players in my own game during the first few days because I didn't even remember who was who without it at first. At the end of this game, though, I was able to identify Hinckley and Shadows only. I figured Hinckley was Omrom because he sent me five PM's in a row on Night Three. I figured Shadows was Fazit as well at the end when talking with him. Somehow I always get played by Shadows whenever he's scum. I see now why there was a Day Four - all the other killers had to be dead. I never would have guessed that, even in my most wildest of theories. I even thought that Fazit and Omrom were scum and that Fazit killed his teammate at night to appear beyond suspicion or some power play like that. There were several more I had that I didn't even post. I haven't come up with this many crazy theories in my head since Party Lines Mafia. I think the roleplay award is something that I'll adopt as well, I quite liked it. I think it's perfect that it doesn't impact the game in any way. (i.e., no special action or immunity or whatever) Massive hats off to you for not breaking character, even in PM's.
  8. I was Martin. I’ve been bamboozled by the original silver-tongued serpent once again as vigilante. It’s Noir Mafia all over again. So, I took a random shot on night one and it backfired miserably for the town. I’m so so sorry whoever Ruben is. I almost don’t want to read the deadboard. On Day Two my criticism of the vigilante is legitimate. I really enjoyed this though! Thank you for hosting!
  9. Bob

    Blood In The Grass: Sign-up

    Finally, a game I'm not hosting. What is the temperament of a Dragon? - 98.6 degrees. Who rules the forest? - Is anyone around to hear it? Roll for initiative. !roll
  10. I'm not going to reply to all the comments here, just a quick reply. We play the games here for fun, mostly, and we have our own meta. I don't think anyone on here fully understands the meta of these games. Some of the plays you describe as amateurish are that because they're people that can't devote full time to the game and/or people are just trying to have fun. In regard to the roles, every host does something a little bit different depending on their preferences. I understand that you're not new to mafia games in general, and I appreciate that, but you are very new to mafia games on these forums. Mafia is played a little bit differently everywhere, and because of that you're considered new even if you've played a ton of games elsewhere. I think something that would help all players - past, present, and future - would be making a mafia encyclopedia similar to mafia-wiki but on our own forums with our own descriptions and whatnot that can be stickied up at the top like our indexes. I'll see what I can try to come up with. I was thinking: "hmm, Hinckley is playing the pirate and Redbeard has to escape. I know! I'll give him a ridiculous night action."
  11. I’ll leave that to you. I’d like to majorly echo what Shadows said about a lack of roleplaying. In all my games I always include a rule in which I encourage RP. I even include personality traits and quirks in the bios for people to expand upon. For some reason nowadays, people seem to see RP as scummy and that’s one hundred percent not okay. I’m looking forward to hosting a mystery game, probably this summer, which is all about role play. Mystery games are radically different to mafia games and it’s a shame that they’ve disappeared. I do agree that people seem more focused in the destination rather than the journey. I’d like to see some more RP in mafia rather than trying to get to the end as quickly as possible. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next game that’s upcoming. It’ll give me time to finish the sets, clues, characters, etc. and for the mystery.
  12. As for a veterans mafia culture, I don’t know. I posted in the deadboard that I think there should be another mafia school hosted at one point in the near future. A long time ago you used to have to pass a mafia school to play mafia with the older kids. Since interest in EB mafia has waned, that’s obviously been gotten rid of. I’ll say this much, though. I’ve been playing mafia on Eurobricks for over a decade now and I still make many mistakes, don’t understand all the metas, and oftentimes am bad at the game. I remember that YG49 is the reason we have the 24 hour vote delay. That players used to “come in late” in the morning if they used an action. That you needed to survive until the end to properly “win” a game, etc. The meta has evolved over the years and will continue to evolve. Playing mafia here is tough the first few games, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fun. Reading old games is good practice and it’s what I tell new players to do, rereading is only half the experience. Even if you had a bad game or a bad time, I’d suggest sticking with it. I remember being so salty in my first game because a ghost came back and revealed I was scum. And in my second game Hinckley organized my lynch because I wanted to cook fish tacos of something. You just have to roll with it and eventually you’ll get better, or in my case, you’ll stagnate and stay the same.
  13. You’d mentioned to me between games that it would be a good idea to switch things up. You even mentioned that you’d told me this in one of the days. A neutral is a great way to spice up the game. As for you being neutral, well, who better than the person who suggested a switch up?