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  1. Mystery on the Excelsior Chapter Four - We're Almost There! As the Excelsior zoomed through space, it was still being shadowed by a mysterious vessel several million kilometers behind it. Meanwhile, there still was no way for the ship to get a message out to the Space Police or for Officer Jones to call for backup or a Space Ambulance. Note, this will be the final chapter to investigate things. Chapter Six will be the final chapter in the mystery in which you'll be asked to answer questions to try to "win" the game. Feel free to take any dynamic actions you wish in addition to searching rooms. You're free to return to previous locations as well. Players: Crew: Captain Amelia Bennett - Played by Shadows Noah Baker, chef - Played by Kristel Arthur Allan, steward - Played by Waterbrick Down Gabriella Palmer, engineer - Played by Hinckley Passengers: George Dawson, businessman - Played by Lind Whisperer Emily Dawson, lawyer - Played by jimmynick Jack Mallory, author - Played by KotZ Dr. Logan Frost, psychiatrist - Played by Fugazi Charlotte Sawyer, regional politician - Played by Pandora Sophie Young, lecturer - Played by Darkdragon Charlie Seymour, zoologist - Played by Tariq j Oliver Hudson, artist - Played by Trekkie99 Space Police: Grace Jones, Space Police - Played by Lord Duvors NPCs: Jason Falcon, helmsman Pierce Foster, navigator Alfie Peck, passenger (deceased) Ezra Parry, passenger (incapacitated) Rules 1) Every player has received a character with a backstory and information that may be exclusive to them knowing. You can feel free to roleplay the character and flesh them out more. Mystery games are often primarily role-playing games, don’t forget that. There is no such thing as a “fluff post” or anything to the like. Throw out any conceptions you have used in mafia games. Feel free to make the character yours beyond what I've given. 2) There is no voting of players in this game. Providing something extreme, all twelve characters will last until the end of the game, at which time they must attempt to “solve” the mystery. You win if you are able to correctly solve the mystery, or if you get close enough to do so. This will happen in the final chapter of the game. You’ll receive several questions and then you have to answer them and explain. If you get it right, you win. If not, well… 3) A chapter will last as long as necessary for the story with no given or set end time. This is, of course, different to mafia games where days last about 72 hours. Keep in mind that mystery games often run longer than mafia games. If you commit to signing up and playing, make sure you can participate for at least a few months. 4) There is no PMing in the game without my permission. For example, you can say “I wish to speak to this person privately” and I may give you approval to do so. 5) You must search for clues. The room that you enter will be described to you and will also usually have a photo to accompany the description. This means that clues typically won’t be out in the open for you to see. If you want to search a room or area for clues, you cannot type: “I want to look for suspicious or hidden objects in this room." Rather, you must specify what you want to do. For example: “I want to open the drawers of the cabinet.” You can only submit one action at a time until I reply to it, but anyone can request a search of something at the same time as you. For example, if you ask for a search of a closet, you must wait until I reply to it to submit another action. However other players can request searches of other parts of the room. 6) Please don’t edit your posts. There’s no real penalty to it, but it might make you look more suspicious and I would appreciate not doing so. If you’re worried about a typo, double check your post. 7) Do not talk about the game outside of the threads! 8) This is still a game of deception. Players have things that they wish to hide. If you have any questions about your character, feel free to ask via PM! 9) Make sure any actions that you take are in italics and on a separate line so I can see them. If I miss it for some reason, just quote it and yell at me in another post. 10) When it’s time to end the chapter, you can decide where you’d like to go next in the form of a vote. Voting will last 24 hours strictly. The location with the most votes will win. You’ll be given a map/layout of the ship as well as some choices that you can explore. You can always return to a previous location if you wish. 11) I know we'll all be good rule-followers, but I'll ask everyone to adhere to these rules. Breaking them too frequently could see you removed from the game Room Key:1a: Jack Mallory1b: Sophie Young1c: Charlie Seymour1d: Oliver Hudson1e: Alfie Peck1f: Logan Frost1g: Ezra Parry1h: vacant2a: Charlotte Sawyer2b: George and Emily Dawson You have visited: The Lounge, the kitchen/storage, engineering, the bridge and the storage room. You've also searched rooms 1a - 1e and 1g as well as the library.
  2. Gabriella's quarters are of a similar size to Arthur's. There's the same layout with the desk and computer console as well as a dresser and set of cabinets. There's a full length mirror and a small box of trinkets. Various electrical devices are around the room in various states of repair and disrepair.
  3. One more place can be searched before this chapter ends and the final one is posted.
  4. The fingerprints are that of Gabriella and Emily.
  5. The booklet has some banking information and other information that's of a sensitive nature. There's nothing there and you nearly break the watch.
  6. Missed that. Inside the shoebox are some of Arthur's prized valuables, including a nice watch, a ring, and a little booklet.
  7. The bathroom is very simple. It has a small shower, a typical space toilet, and a sink/mirror combination. It would appear the mirror does not open and most of the toiletries that Arthur has are on the sink itself.
  8. The dresser is filled with various clothes as well as some personal items that Arthur has kept stored. Included is Arthur's prized collection of Space Baseball cards. There's also what appears to be a shoebox. Also, you did pick up some fingerprints off the paper. Your untrained eyes and also lack of equipment can't tell if the fingerprints are any different.
  9. Arthur's room is on the second floor. The crew quarter cabin is a smaller version of the guest quarters. Arthur's room has a fairly nice desk with a computer console on it. Posted on the wall are some holo-photographs and a poster of the Excelsior. The bed is neatly made and the room looks more lived-in than the guest quarters, probably because this is Arthur's home away from home while he is on the duty roster. The bathroom is significantly smaller and there is no closet like in the guest quarters. Instead, there's a large dresser and a wardrobe on the other side of the room. As a note, there will be two more room searches after this, so make your choices count. The final chapter will be up some time after that in which you'll try to solve the mystery.
  10. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any fingerprints from Charlotte on the mysterious letter...
  11. Unfortunately, even the Space Police datapad is unable to crack the government lock.
  12. It's a document detailing the formation of a government on the Alpha Centauri colony, with instructions from the government on how exactly to create it. There's nothing under the bed. The closet is filled with various suitcases, some of them unpacked and some of them not touched. There's several with official government sealing that is preventing the opening of the luggage. The trash is empty.
  13. The bathroom appears to be nicely and neatly organized with various toiletries arranged and nothing out of the ordinary. The desk is reasonably empty except for a few pencils and pens and an official looking government paper.
  14. It has a fingerprint lock, likely only accessible by Charlotte or other government officials. It has official United Earth Parliament insignias on it.
  15. Room 2B is used by Charlotte Sawyer. It's similiar to the other suite in layout. The desk has a government briefcase on it and the bed is very nicely made.
  16. There’s nothing outwardly visible in there.
  17. The bathroom is filled with various toiletries. It’s a slightly bigger bathroom than normal cabins, with a bathtub/shower combination instead of just a shower.
  18. The suitcase is mostly empty save a few clothing articles. Other than that, there's nothing very notable in them.
  19. The note has a glass outline on it as though a drink was on top of it. It reads: ""G—thanks for meeting with me earlier. It'll be our little secret. I think you'll find public policy will allow that project you've been trying to get approved. —C"
  20. The closet has some suitcases that are mostly empty and unpacked. There's also a safe and a combination space washer/dryer. The desk has a crumpled up note in it and not much else. The last movie on the console was Dancing in the Stars, a drama feature film about a professional dancer who gets lost in space.
  21. The party arrives in 2a, which is the room of Charlotte Sawyer. She occupies one of the two suite rooms on the ship. The bed is slightly larger, there's a desk and chair on one side of the room, and on the other there's a couch with a entertainment console/space television. There's also a larger closet and bathroom.
  22. I think as well we may wrap this one up quickly since there’s not many other places to really search.
  23. The bathroom has some very meticulously organized toiletries but nothing unusual or out of place. You don't recognize any of the passengers or crew in the files, however there are some famous names in there that you recognize from the news.
  24. Are you sure you'd like to read confidential medical files about strangers?
  25. The closet doesn't seem to have anything noteworthy inside of it. There's some unpacked suitcases. The desk has several confidential files for a few of Doctor Frost's patients. The trash is empty. The power was off for about ten to fifteen minutes. People came to the lounge mostly after power had been restored.