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  1. There’s no sickbay. No other luggage seems to be disturbed that you can tell.
  2. The luggage belongs to most of the people on the ship, including some of the crew. The author is successful at doing doctoring. There's nothing of much interest in the refrigerated section. It appears that Ezra was attempting to manipulate the wiring by hand without any tools. Emily can't find anymore blood stains on the rest of the luggage.
  3. The panel accesses the lights for the room as well as some of the door controls. It seems that the lights go on automatically when the door is opened with a keycard, but since it was forced open, the lights didn’t go on straight away. The folder contains a few papers, one of which is a set of coordinates, the other paper appears to be the escape pod override launch codes. Gabriella makes sure to roll Ezra into his side before giving him some water. Doctor Frost does a quick examination of Ezra, assisted by the emergency kit that he took from the bridge. Ezra appears to be suffering greatly from the injury, and does not seem to have motor control. He seems to have been drifting in and out of consciousness since he was whacked by the luggage. At the moment, it seems he’s unconscious. There’s blood on his head where the impact occurred, as well as on his hands and a bit on the floor near where he collapsed. It’s likely that without further medical attention he won’t make it.
  4. Ezra seems to have been knocked on the head quite hard by that piece of luggage next to him. There's blood on the edge of it. He seems to have been knocked out for the past few days. The luggage can be opened easily. It seems to belong to Ezra. There's not much in there except for a folder and a few random stationary items. Inside the refrigerated section there's some food and personal items, including organic samples that Charlie packed to bring with him for study.
  5. The person does indeed have a pulse. It's Ezra Parry. The luggage doesn't have a fingerprint scanner.
  6. Arthur can use his keycard to open the door. It would appear that the tampering was brute force. Someone had taken the console off and rerouted the wiring. Oliver gets ready to do a classic breach and clear. The storage room itself is not necessarily large. It seems to be packed full of luggage in neatly lined up rows. There's a refrigerated storage section on one of the walls and elsewhere there's an abundance of boxes and crates. There's locked storage crates with keypads as well as ordinary suitcases in what seems to be a very organized system. There's also what appears to be a person face down about a dozen feet into the room next to one of the shelves. Some luggage is on the floor next to the body. It's slightly dark inside the storage room - some of the lights don't appear to be working. There's an open power conduit as soon as you walk into the room with some exposed wiring. (Sorry, no wide/overview picture for this one.)
  7. Presuming we're going up to storage now...The door to the storage room is locked, however it does appear tampered with.
  8. Dr. Frost has been in his cabin. There's no brig on the ship, but Emily has been successfully handcuffed.
  9. The locker is meant to be opened in the event of an emergency, and would appear to have been closed for quite some time. The locker has some ships' security equipment inside it, including two pairs of handcuffs and a stun weapon. It also has a few first aid kits as well as some other medical equipment that is slightly more advanced.
  10. Sophie has been in her cabin. The navigation station has several emergency access conduits underneath it. The chair has been replaced after it had gone flying the other day. "Sorry, only the captain has access to this lock. It's the security closet." Pierce has been in his quarters, as well as Jason's, and the bridge and engineering. "We've been in a relationship for months. Haven't you noticed?"
  11. The bridge doesn't have any graffiti on it - it seems to be a reasonably well kept area. At around midnight. "We don't sleep that often. Nobody ever goes on the bridge, so we can nap here too." "Because you're just down the hallway."
  12. Your security code does not work. You have been in engineering and your cabin. "Hey! You could have just asked!" Jason has been in his quarters, Pierce's quarters, the bridge, and engineering." "I was in the navy!" "I was in the Marines." George has been in his cabin. "Nobody else was going to do it. There's like, no staff on this ship and you were all busy in people's rooms breaking stuff."
  13. The bridge is moderately sized. It has all sorts of computer equipment necessary for piloting the ship. There are several crew stations: one for helm control, one for navigation, one for ship operations, and a few other miscellaneous stations. There's a large communications screen as well as a locker in part of the room. There's also the access hatch. The sensors are same as they were in engineering. The closet has a security code on it. Oliver has used his keycard for his cabin only. Noah has used his keycard for the kitchen storage and his own cabin. The Captain's card has been used for her cabin, engineering, the bridge, and whatever cabins it was used to open in the last chapter. "Oh, I've been here for a couple years now!" "A few months now!" The access hatch opens, revealing a small space with severak key ship control machinery. Access to the main computer is down here as well. The space is not large enough for someone to be inside when the hatch is closed. Charlotte's keycard has been used for her cabin. "We were up here when the power went out. Besides that, we've been up here, flying the ship." "We haven't been anywhere besides here and our cabins. And we cleaned up the lounge too!"
  14. Welcome to the bridge. Don't touch the captain's knob.
  15. "No Ezra here!" There's nothing too obvious in the pockets other than some various engineering related bits and bobs. Gabriella tries to take the items back. Charlotte attempts to hold on to it. It looks like there could be a situation here. Emily scans her card - it says she's used her card for her cabin. If you're almost done arguing, you can head to the bridge.
  16. Hey jerk, I’ve been busy with work Anyway, you can indeed start to scan their keycards. You can ask each passenger to scan them either here or at the bridge security terminal. After asking people not to touch her knob, Captain Bennett notes that Jason and Pierce are missing. The players are all here. You’re going to have to walk there, I’m afraid.
  17. You know you have a problem when you've had a dream/nightmare about a player asking to read every single book in the library.
  18. You unlock the compartment using the clever keycode 1234 -- it's the same one you use on your luggage. There's a trundomic moduflator inside there, which is used to regulate the FTL drive's flow ratios. It's locked in the compartment because of how delicate it is. Alfie's lifesigns are not detectable. It's actual signs of life, yes. You can't tell who the three people are, but considering there's three people missing from this room, it's a good chance he's one of them. Oliver gets horrible radiation burns and he dies. The radiation spreads throughout the compartment, killing everyone. Gabriella stops Oliver before he can fucking kill himself and everyone else in the room. Yes, we can. The computer doesn't yield any interesting information. It appears someone has wiped the search history. You have visited: The Lounge, Rooms 1e and 1g, the kitchen/storage, and engineering. This will now be in the first post. An addendum will be made as we visit rooms. I'll also add it to the discussion thread.
  19. To my knowledge, nobody has logged you in. The containers are filled with a variety of engineering tools, including a thermomic modulator, a duodonic electronitor, and other tools to keep the FTL drive running. There's also a change of uniform for Gabriella, an emergency radiation suit, and some fashionable engineers overalls. There's also a locked compartment that requires the key code to enter. It seems important. Some of the gray floor tiles lift up, revealing complex circuitry and electrical panels. There doesn't appear to be any way to fit underneath the panels with them closed, and there doesn't appear to be someone hidden down there. There are, however, a couple of bottles of vodka and a bottle of rum in one of the panels that regulates temperature, and is therefore very chilly. It seems you've found someone's booze stash. The stairs are packed close to the main FTL drive chamber, and there's just enough room for you squeeze by. It doesn't appear as though it's a frequented part of engineering, but there are some panels that regular atmospheric controls. You're unable to detect exactly where Ezra Parry, but you can detect that all the player characters are in this part of the ship. There are also three lifesigns at the front of the ship. On which floor you cannot tell. The sensors on this ship were not designed to track people and are not as refined as a proper navy starship. There's no trash cans in engineering, but there does appear to be a hazardous materials disposal bin. Opening it might prove dangerous. The sensors are not fine enough to accurately determine where each individual is or who the individuals are considering it cannot make distinctions, but they can ascertain that the majority of lifesigns before the sensors were manipulated appear to be in and around the cabin area, with some on the bridge and at least two to three people in or near rear of the ship around the engineering section. Beyond that, the sensor data does not give you any more details.
  20. You would need a security access code to use the engineering computers and only the crew have that. Unless you’d like to try hacking it.
  21. Welcome to Engineering The engineering bay a large two-story room. In the center is the FTL-drive, with numerous other computers and components lining the walls. There are a few little compartments as well. The upper level consists of catwalks in order to access additional terminals and is the primary entry point into engineering. A secondary access door does exist on the first floor. The party goes down the stairs and sees this.
  22. There's been calls for either engineering or the bridge. Which do people think we should visit first?
  23. It's filled with various kitchen items and utensils, especially serving pieces. "Good news! The Space Police are nearly here!"
  24. The freezers are full of various frozen foods that are intended to be used for future meals. There doesn't seem to be anything unexpected or unusual in the freezers. Everything seems to be where Noah remembers putting them. The captain gathers all the knives and teapots and puts them in a bag with which to jettison next time she's near the airlock. The airlock is near engineering.
  25. The stovetop is indeed functional, just in case you'd like to help with breakfast.