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  1. The group arrives outside of Charlie Seymour's room, presumably. Opening the door reveals a standard room. There's a large animal crate near the corner of the room where the night stand is. The room looks like the others on the ship, save for some furniture that's been scratched up a bit. The room has a bit of a funky smell owing to the fact that nobody has been cleaning the rooms since the incident and there's a big cat spending most of its time in there. The desk has a usual paperweight on it, along with various other folders, papers, and tablets. Elsewhere in the room, there's a cooler with fresh food in it that Charlie has been hoarding to feed Colin.
  2. There's nothing in the chairs, but Emily is successful at property damage. There's calls for the bathrooms and for Seymour's room. Which shall it be?
  3. There's nothing in the chairs, but you have a good time anyway. Gabriella has checked out an autobiography about Captain Bennett. There's nothing obvious in the trash cans that you can see.
  4. There’s nothing odd on the tablets. It doesn’t appear that there’s been much reading on this trip, people seem to have been occupied with other issues. The reading tablets are wiped at the end of every voyage as well. There’s no secret passages revealed by the books being tipped slightly. It takes Gabriella a long time to do this. Grace cannot check behind the bookshelves, as the bookcases are bolted to the ground in the event of turbulence. She does, however, check behind the books and is unable to find anything of any note.
  5. The library is a modestly sized room with several reading chairs and bookshelves filled with various books. There's also several reading tablets on charge on one shelf.
  6. The Excelsior will now arrive on Alpha Centauri in about two days rather than the scheduled remaining eight or so. Would the group like to check somewhere else, or is there anything else in Housekeeping they'd like to observe?
  7. "I think that if we increase our speed to near safety limits, we can get to Alpha Centauri quicker. Especially with some strange ship out there and no communications. Gabriella, do you think you can manage this?"
  8. There's no real fingerprints, but there's quite a lot of Gabriella residue on them.
  9. There's no DNA in there, but there's residual DNA from Arthur on the actual container. There's a fire suppression system, however something like a burning piece of paper would not have triggered it.
  10. A bunch of dust falls onto the floor, but there's no real dirt or anything in there. The teapot is empty. There are means of lighting fires on this ship, especially during candle dinners. There's no lock on the door, but it's meant to be off-limits to guests. Charlotte picks up the socket wrench (it's not a magnifying glass) and then inspects the drills. They're top of the line technology and they don't appear to be used much. It seems that Blue Star typically replaces broken furniture rather than repairing it. There's no residual DNA evidence. The cinders that are in one drawer appear to have been there for less than a week, though from what you can tell by your bicorder.
  11. Gabriella pockets the massive FABULAND wrench. The drawers are all mostly empty. Inside one of them, however, appear to be cinders from a paper that has been burned and then hastily thrown in the drawer. It's barely noticeable and it doesn't appear possible to reconstruct it. The red container contains cleaning fluid that is used to freshen up the rooms. The cabinet is filled with various toilietries as well as fresh linens and towels. It seems to be a regular storage cabinet
  12. Let's assume we're going to housekeeping. Here's an image of the room. There's some general cleaning supplies, a cabinet, and some spare furniture that's there just in case some other furniture breaks.
  13. There's been a suggestion for Housekeeping Storage. Any other proposals or is there a good amount of people agreeing with this?
  14. "I don't remember how I got here. Please, call a Space Ambulance." The bicorder reveals that Ezra has indeed been unconscious for the past few days and that his medical condition is far from stable. He has serious head trauma that's getting worse. "Murder weapon?? My fingerprints? That's crazy!" He appears to have a panic attack over the shock of this, and passes out again. Reminder of the map and where you've been: Room Key:1a: Jack Mallory1b: Sophie Young1c: Charlie Seymour1d: Oliver Hudson1e: Alfie Peck1f: Logan Frost1g: Ezra Parry1h: vacant2a: Charlotte Sawyer2b: George and Emily Dawson You have visited: The Lounge, Rooms 1e, 1h, and 1g, the kitchen/storage, engineering, the bridge and the storage room. Would you like to visit somewhere else?
  15. "I'm sorry, but I don't even remember boarding this ship. Are we in space? My head is killing me." "I can't remember the last thing I remember, it's all so foggy. Please, my head hurts quite a lot. I feel very tired."
  16. "I know who I am, I just don't know who any of you lot are." "What?! Help! Space Police!"
  17. Gabriella injects Ezra with some sort of medicinal injections that were found. He awakens. "Where am I? Who are you?"
  18. It doesn't work - instead there's water all over the floor. Perhaps use medical equipment?
  19. Ezra appears to stir a bit. It may be possible to wake him up.
  20. You can't make that sort of distinction, since you're an author. To my knowledge, those cabins did not have safes in them. It seems a safe can be put inside cabins as a special request by the passenger and this one wasn't removed since the cabin was empty this voyage. As far as I understand, we didn't move Ezra to the exercise room and he's been lying in the lounge unconscious since we moved him there last night from storage handcuffed to a piece of furniture. The chapter ended before we had a general consensus.
  21. The pad has no impressions or anything like that. The bathroom seems to have not been used since the last passengers were aboard. Ezra is still alive, but still unconscious. He's not gone anywhere. The Space Bible has no loose pieces of paper in it, though. It appears to not have been used much and is identical to the one that's in most of the other guest cabins.
  22. There's nobody in the closet to scare, and the rest of it seems empty as well. There's some empty hangers, but that's about it. The safe is open, as well. The bathroom appears to have been cleaned and not used since the previous passenger occupied the room on the last voyage. Such a device could, in theory, exist. "Yes! We made sure to tell everyone this as well." The bicorder doesn't reveal any significant evidence in the room, perhaps being more specific about what you're scanning? The desk is empty of personal items. All that's inside is a blank notepad with the Blue Star heading, a few standard pens, and a magazine titled "Easy Living on Alpha Centauri" The badge does indeed look official. The drawers of the nightstand are empty as well, except for a Space Bible.
  23. The party arrives at room 1H. It's not locked, since it's not occupied. The room is similar to the other cabins on the ship - it's got a bed with a nightstand, a desk with a lamp and a small little statue, and a tall lamp. There's also the standard bathroom and closet on opposite sides of the room.
  24. "What kind of ship do you think we're on? This is a luxury liner, not a military vessel."