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  1. Bob

    Kitty invasion

    Personally I dont like cats...But anyway welcome to Eurobricks!
  2. Bob

    Mystery Town

    Welcome to the Island
  3. Bob

    Mystery Town

    Not enough people are though...Hmmmm.
  4. Bob

    Bignette - Torpedo Dolphin.

    Its funny how all the sharks mouths are open like there screaming.
  5. Bob

    007 minifigs

    I like James Bond alot. Poor C3PO, I guess when your that annoying, angry billionares come after you for gun parts...
  6. Bob

    REVIEW: 7902 Doctor's Car

    I was going to get this, but instead I got someting else (Firetruck I think) Nice review!
  7. Bob

    Screwy LDD Pricechecker?

    This happened to me as well. I built a car and then whe I was done, they sent me that.
  8. Bob

    Little Hidout for my "Sabre des mers"

    I like it! Espesially the silly pirate who spilled the treasure everywhere. Great Job!
  9. I like the Courtyard. Is that a white tree in the store room?
  10. Bob

    Tenacious Class Guided Missile Boat.

    Thats good. We have a....10 man army. Anyway at anytime theres a draft. There just wont be enough uniforms...Its a small island. Population, I think over 50. You can see pictures of it during the upcoming Mystery Town. I just used a small portion for the game. If i used the whole town then it would be a ghost town.
  11. Bob

    Tenacious Class Guided Missile Boat.

    True, that would explain why there black, for night. I have a town, its an island and theres no navy...Hmmm
  12. Bob

    Eliminating spiders?

    I take it you dont like the lego versions either? Spiders dont bother me to much. I wont bother him and he wont bother me (I hope)
  13. Bob

    Tenacious Class Guided Missile Boat.

    I better not make Tabletown mad. Your making yourself a navy. I like how you still had room for a lifeboat. Plus the cleats are a nice touch to.
  14. Bob

    My LEGO city

    A little cluttered but hey so is the NYC. Whats ICA? Nicely done. (Keep those pesky sisters out of there!)
  15. Bob

    Mystery Town

    Hmm, Since I started advertizing in my Sig, more people are joining
  16. Bob

    Death Star MOC

    Wont the stormtroopers armor go bad if it goes in water? Nice job!
  17. Bob

    MOC: Twisters Turf

    I like it. Espessially how it looks like the cops going to have throat surgery
  18. Bob

    The Spirit

    I like his little tie. What did you use for it so it would stay in, a red cape?
  19. Bob

    Mystery Town

    Anyone else. I think theres still 20 more spots left....
  20. Bob

    Oceans on End #1 - The Island

    I like the way the sand came out of the ground. Great story!
  21. Im hosting the next one. In the town section called Mystery Town. (Sorry for trying to take your title...) Interested in playing?
  22. Bob

    Mystery Town

    So far its Trexxen lego12 Is that it?
  23. Bob

    If Tomorrow Never Comes

    Oh no, poor Bart. Oh well,10 years is a long time to wait.
  24. Bob

    Mystery Town

    The plot is a murder. Theres 5 killers.
  25. Bob


    Minifigures work out. Thats why they can pick a horse up with one hand. (Dont know how theres no Lego Gym...)