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  1. ghostever

    Mini Crawler with 2-speed Transmission

    hi,all i've made a new body~check it out on #1
  2. ghostever

    Mini Crawler with 2-speed Transmission

    yep! but later. check my avatar, it's my previous version of this type crawler :)
  3. hi all, here is my new "Super mini crawler turbo", let's checkout the features: -with 2-speed linear transmission,all remote control. The high gear makes it fast and nimble as sports car, while the low gear makes its crawling performance and obstacle clearing capability shining, you can switch the speed transmission whenever you needed -4wd & pendular suspension -most of important: only 11 studs(between wheels)x23 studs(between axles) mini size with all these feature. for more, checkout the LDD http://www.brickshel...stever_v0_8.lxf here is the video: :tongue: