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  1. I LOVE it!! I bought this set to! And believe me, it's great! Like the review to ! Undersigned MoWo
  2. I din't know either, where is this shop? Maybe...I can go there! Can anyone PM me or write this down on this topic? Thnx! Undersigned MoWo
  3. MoWo

    AT-OT Updated.

    Nicely Done!! Now some clones... Undersigned MoWo
  4. Hi, Found this on Brickshelf: Full Gallery I Like it Undersigned MoWo
  5. MoWo

    Sign me up

    Hi, Welcome to Eurobricks, I like your Moc's!! Undersigned MoWo
  6. MoWo

    Hello I`m an alien (not really)

    Hi, I'm MoWo! Hope you have a good time on Eurobricks!! Undersigned MoWo
  7. MoWo

    My "Rotta's Rescue"-vignette!

    Great!! Much Details and A nice Background!! I Think it is Really good!! Undersigned MoWo 100 posts!!!
  8. MoWo

    Barracks by Kris Kelvin

    Hi, Like it!! A bit strange, but I like it!! ! Undersigned MoWo
  9. MoWo

    Halloween Month Caption Contest

    Drunk Guy: Wake up, your dreaming! Those guys are not your Mom and Dad!! Frankenstein: Hey Son... Drunk Guy: I Think....*falls on floor* Mom Frankenstein: Quick, mouth to mouth...! Drunk Guy Doc Help!! Doc Hey, where this Knife came from.... Undersigned MoWo
  10. MoWo

    Bay Castle

    WOW! That's 1 more great Castle!! I Love your works anyway, and your sense of humor!! Keep on the good work!! Undersigned MoWo
  11. MoWo

    Cracked Minifigs?!?!

    Thnx, VBBN The minifig that's really cracked comes from World City... I hope it comes out good!! Undersigned MoWo
  12. My Minifigs are cracking!! How can I appearance it!! Please Help! Undersigned MoWo
  13. MoWo

    Buried Trash 'n' Treasure (Final)

    I Like the last one the most! I think the skeletons are a good Touch! Btw...Is that Blue Torso Cracked?! Undersigned MoWo
  14. Great! Really looks like the inside the Volcano Base!! O yes, I Get it!! Undersigned MoWo
  15. MoWo

    Dragon's Retreat

    Great!! So this is Where Lord Dragonator Rules his Mighty Land!! Or not... Undersigned MoWo