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  1. Chieffy765

    Which is Wrose, Megabloks or Kre-O?

    I'll be honest, I buy the Megabloks Halo stuff due to the much improved brick quality and set design compared to just a few year ago. The Kreo stuff on the other hand, the figures have loose joints, the sets are for the most part poorly designed, and don't seem to have the same quality.
  2. Ummm, necro much? Either way, this set has been discontinued for a while and so has the chrome Vader promotion.
  3. I haven't seen the show in forever, and I don't remember the names, so if these are on the list, sorry. All I really want are the bartender and the clown, along with Duffman. And And
  4. Chieffy765

    [MOC] ARC-135

    I usually don't like things not based on an actual vehicle but, wow. I might just have to change that. This is truly amazing.
  5. Chieffy765

    Moc: Victorian era house around Christmas

    This is just amazing!
  6. Chieffy765

    MOC: Southwest Lumber Mills Engine #25

    Aw ww, you beat me to it... Anyways, it looks great!
  7. Chieffy765

    [MOC] Gotta Catch 'Em All

    Cool design, I just made the regular pokeball and the ultra ball since my brother is picking up the game tomorrow.
  8. Chieffy765

    Mini G1 Soundwave

    Thanks for all the nice comments and thanks Rick for fixing the pictures for me!
  9. Chieffy765

    Mini G1 Soundwave

    Thanks for the info. I'll update the topic when I get the chance. Edit: I updated the topic on my iPad and it didn't work so I'll fix it when I get a chance to get on my Mac.
  10. Chieffy765

    Mini G1 Soundwave

    This is my Mini Generation 1 Soundwave It was inspired by BWTMT on YouTube and MocPages If anyone can help me deeplink these pictures then thanks, I can't attach them because they are over 100K, each. Will add more pictures and maybe a video of the transformation if requested.
  11. Chieffy765

    LEGO Minecraft Rumours & Discussion

    I'm thinking the red and white thing in the abandoned mineshaft below the village represents TNT.
  12. Chieffy765

    UCS ATAT on Ebay

    Ummm, isn't it illegal for that guy to sell the model since he used cavegod's instructions? You know, making money off of someone else's work without asking? Or is that not a law in the UK?
  13. Chieffy765

    [MOC] Micro Sith Fury-class Interceptor

    Thats just plain awesome!
  14. Chieffy765

    Review: Rogue Shadow set #7672

    Dude, crazy necro.
  15. Chieffy765

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I have noticed that it isn't in the review index, but I own the set in question and i can say that it is great. Fairly accurate, from what I remember, and very good play feature wise. Well hidden flick-fire missiles, turning hidden wheels connected to the fan on the back. The only issue with the set that I have is that when the fan turns, the wheels turn in the opposite direction that it should, based on the way fan-boats work. Overall its a great set and I highly recommend it before it is discontinued.