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  1. Ugh thanks, that is still a ways off... sometimes i hate that they release all the sets so much in advance... they'd mean much more to me if i had seen the movie first i think..
  2. So after just now seeing pics of that magnificent Ninjago City set for the first time i wonder... just WHEN is this movie coming out anyway? Also: having a hard time deciding which set to build next, Jay's Elemental Dragon or... Titan Mech Battle.. can't decide
  3. Darth Wayne

    LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    With all the talk surrounding the Lego Ninjago Movie, i just wanna state that i am super LTTP on both but i finally built the Rock Roader as well as the Tumbler and in my opinion Tumbler > Rock Roader. And yes, i am fully aware this opinion goes against the grain
  4. Darth Wayne

    LEGO Dimensions Discussion

    I haven't gotten around to reading reviews, impressions etc. yet about the new level packs. Can anyone here give me the consensus opinion (if there is such a thing lol) about: - The Mission Impossible level pack -The Sonic Level pack Yay or nay? Kinda tempted seeing as they are currently only like 18 euros on amazon hmm...
  5. Darth Wayne

    Master Chen's Arena

    You know... i was actually thinking of doing this exact MOC the other day, now that i've seen yours though... yeah, screw that :P Also: Why did you give Kai another hairpiece? (or is that his original one? i think i have a different one with my tournament of elements Kai)
  6. Darth Wayne

    Ninjago 2015

    Bumping this ONLY to say: I have just built Jay's Nano Mech (the polybag) and wow, it is AWESOME!!!! If you see this anywhere for cheap, grab it for sure!!! I mean, you get Tournament of Elements garb Jay which most of you probably already have, BUT i was so pleasantly surprised by that mech! Just a couple of pieces but this may be my favorite tiny mech build EVER! So functional, simple, and pretty good looking at the same time for this small piececount.
  7. Hehe.... nice!! I love the little roof and the flowers there, looks real cozy in there :)
  8. Darth Wayne

    Lego Ninjago 2016

    Thanks for clarifying mate... Yeah not sure about 2015, maybe it's because i bought the set this year that i thought it was 2016 :P I just checked out Mythical Creatures and while it does look huge, it looks pretty ugly to my eyes somehow, maybe because i am used to the newer style dragons or something. Morro's Dragon is certainly up there then in size it seems, and in terms of pure looks it may be the winner for me!! (Wu's Dragon as runner up)
  9. Darth Wayne

    Lego Ninjago 2016

    After having built the Morro Dragon, i wonder, could this actually be the BIGGEST purely brick built Dragon in oficial Lego set form? Or is there another? I mean... i haven't built that Queen Dragon from Elves yet (though it's not purely brick built i guess), but the Morro Dragon really does seem huge right?
  10. Darth Wayne

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Wait, what? 4,60 for the Minifigs then?
  11. Amazing.. One question though: The ice BURP pieces you used for the Crystal Cave/Classroom, the standard one i know, but then there is one which has sparkles on it, did you somehow apply those later or is that actually an official piece i haver never seen?
  12. Darth Wayne

    [MOC] Ninjago Swamp City

    This looks great!! But on another note, i just checked out your other stuff and those hanging gardens of Babylon? Now that stuff is simply breathtaking!!!
  13. Darth Wayne

    Lego Ninjago 2016

    Yeah see? That's kinda the sad fate i foresee for a LOT of my sets as well... I mean, at first it's all new and exciting but then after a while, stuff gets thrown back into their box or taken apart and added to the collective for the sake of buying newer sets again. That cycle repeats etc. Kinda disappointing when you think about it. I wish i had the space to keep ALL my sets displayed permanently because i all bought them at one time for that precise reason!
  14. Darth Wayne

    Lego Ninjago 2016

    Nice. That's what i am already doing with Star Wars though, which Ikea shelves specifically? I was also thinking of maybe building some landscape on a huge table and then incorporate every Ninjago set i own in there somehow. Problem is, the landscape should be related (at least vaguely ) to the show.
  15. Darth Wayne

    Lego Ninjago 2016

    Eh maybe i'll grab it on clearance then, i actually HATE the original Batman tumbler but somehow i like this one a bit better looks wise. Also: What do you guys that have a TON of Ninjago sets actually DO with them when built? I mean, i am having trouble finding display spaces as it is with non Ninjago sets, so this only adds to the bulk hmm... Do ya'll have huge Ninjago only display tables or do you display them separately, or do you build them once, then take them apart for pieces or what?