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  1. thanks guys! sadly my baby cousins came over this christmas and destroyed everything.... =(
  2. (MOC) Batpod - How Batman lost his ride....

    i love Bane's coat!
  3. [ MOC ] Hit me ! - The Dark Knight

    awesome work!
  4. [MOC] Stark Industries Armory [Iron Man Hall of Armor]

    thanks for the comments!
  5. [MOC] Friends

    awesome work!
  6. [MOC] Stark Industries Armory [Iron Man Hall of Armor]

    thanks everyone! been thinking about making an updated version some time soon. we'll see what happens

    hahaha this is awesome, great work!
  8. Mr Wayne's secret

    great work with the details!
  9. MOC Super Heroes (step by step) Update 1st post

    awesome work! i love the joker robot
  10. Yet another Batcave MOC... (WIP)

    how much did you spend for all of those "rock" pieces that border your batcave as the walls? great work so far, i like the scale of it
  11. MOC Avengers Origins

    these are really great! I love the Iron man one, awesome job mate
  12. Yet another Batcave MOC... (WIP)

    looks awesome so far! I love the scale of the MOC. Can you post some up-close images?
  13. [MOC] Stark Industries Armory [Iron Man Hall of Armor]

    thanks! a clean brush and steady hand help a lot