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  1. See how much I don't know? ......... I thought I had seen on other sites a discussion of using LDD or LDraw. I guess they were talking about the source inventory of elements rather than the program used to create the projects. I've looked a bit at the SR3D site. It seems like it's heavily oriented toward technics, which I assume are little machines etc. I am solely interested in creating the exterior only model of an existing house and am not interested in animation or gears or anything like that. The documentation seems to be a bit more comprehensive than that of LDD. At least it walks through a couple of different build scenarios. One area I'm very interested in is the type of windows available. I don't know much about this, but I did look through the windows available on LDD and didn't see an awful lot of them. Also, I need to put in two different kinds of bay windows on top of each other that are on the first and second floor of the existing house. I will probably need to build these from "scratch." I don't know the proper "Lego" term for this.............. Does the LDraw inventory have a wider selection of windows? I need all white windows to accurately depict the house. Thanks for your reply.
  2. Thanks for the reply. You're right, I don't need to know specifically how the program works. Perhaps I should have put a behind that sentence, as it was intended to be a little humerous............. I'll check out alternatives to LDD. I am, however, a bit confused by your post. In the second to last paragraph you recommend sr3d builder but in the last sentence you recommend LDraw. I would probably go for the product that has the best documentation and that is easier to apply to Lego in particular.
  3. I realize this is a simple question, but I'm still learning. Exactly what is LDraw? My sole project is to build an exterior model of my parent's house. I have no Lego now, so I downloaded LDD to see what was possible. How does LDraw work with LDD? What's the advantage, if any, to using it, or is it not really necessary for someone with a very specific project? Thanks
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    Newbie in the house.

    Welcome to the site! I'm still learning and, as such, will have many many questions............. What is mini-modular scale? Is there also a modular scale? My project is to build a MOC of an existing house. Where do I go to get an idea of what scale to build my house? Thanks
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    Hello from Stockholm Bricks

    I'm new here and am still learning the lingo................. Are bricks used for modular buildings different than regular old bricks? I've seen the term modular, relating to Lego, but I don't know exactly what it means. Thanks
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    Welcome to the group. I'm very new here as well and look forward to learning from other members of the community. Quick question................. I know what "AFOL" is, but my on-line glossary has no listing for "AFFOL." I suppose it could be "adult former fan of lego" or even "adult future fan of lego." I'm a very literal person, so if this is just a typo, please accept my apologies. Again, welcome!
  7. Hi......... I stumbled onto this site because I was looking for information on how to use digital designer. The documentation provided with it is not very good, IMHO. It shows the "how" of most, but not all, tasks but not the "why". That's why I'm searching for additional resources. I created buildings with Lego many years ago when they only had red, white, black, clear, some blue and some yellow elements. I last played with them in the early to mid sixties. My sole project is to build an exterior model of my parent's house. Which forum within this site is the best place to get guidance on this? Once I find the right place to post, I'll have additional info and many questions about my project. I'll hopefully get info from the LDD forum, but I'll need to get information on architectural building somewhere. Does the posting system have spell check? I don't see it, but I have been known to miss things that are right in front of me. If not, I guess I'll do what I do with other forums without spell check.... create in Word and paste into the forum. Thanks for your help.