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  1. Set name: Lobster Strike Theme: Aqua Raiders Set number: 7772 Number of pieces: 223 Minifigs: 2 Released: 24 Oct 2007 - 11 Sep 2008 Release price: $19.99, €14.99 Current price: New: $16.92 Used: $11.75 Peeron Brickset Bricklink Brickshelf Folder Hello! For my first review of the academy I decided to do 7772 Lobster Strike. The set was from the theme Aqua Raiders. It was a good theme, but most of the sets appeared on clearance shelfs faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocioux, and TLC finally decided to end the theme. It was a real pity. I thought it was going to turn out to be a great theme....guess not. Since they got rid of Aqua Raiders we, AFLOS and TFOLS, need a new Ocean/Underwater theme! Anyways, back to the review, so all in all this is a good set with minor faults. Now....onto the review! Box-Front: Image from LEGO. Box-Back: The back shows the movement of the Lobster and the vehicle. It also shows the entire Aqua Raider sets and information about lobsters. Instructions-Front: The instructions show the entire set. Instructions-Middle: Instructions-Back: Shows the entire Aqua Raiders collection minus 7776 Ship Wreck. Minifigures-Front: The torsos are nicely detailed. The heads are common pieces. Minifigures-Back: Printed on the back. Nice Aqua Raiders design. Accessories: Two rare trans-blue crystals, an Aqua Raiders helmet, black hat, oxygen tank, flippers, and a harpoon gun. Vehicles-Rover: This is the rover. It has some faults, but I'll get to that later. I like the yellow and black color scheme. It fits in nicely with the theme. The saw spins, but you have to do it manually. It also has a claw to pick up the diamonds and an opening glass window. Another view of the rover. Lobster: The lobster is horrible, IMHO. The legs are unstable, but I'll get to that later. The black and red fits in nicely. It is oddly larger than a normal lobster would be. The claws can be closed and opened. The legs can also move. So do the arms and the tail. Another view of the lobster. Complete set: Here you can see the entire set with the minifigures and accessories. Faults: Here you can see the rover, but it isn't airtight. The glass can't open because the guns are blocking it from opening. To open it you have to spin the gun around and open it. The legs are horrific, because they are so unstable and keep falling off. This becomes very frustrating at times. Conclusion: This set is ok, but it has a couple of faults. It should have been cheaper and if TLC would have taken more time to design it, it could have been a great set. Build: 9/10, It has an interesting build and it took me 20-40 minutes to build this. Design: 6/10, The set was designed poorly, but nevertheless it is still an ok set. Playbillity: 8/10, The set can be fun to play with. Many scenarios are possible. Minifigs: 10/10, Two minifigs is a good amount for a set like this. Price: 6/10, It would have been better if the price was $14.99. Overall Score: 7/10, It could have been designed better and the price should have been $14.99. This is what happens when dwarves are alerted of new areas to mine..... Now.....for a little extra: In the dark, dark ocean a rover and 2 divers are digging for crystals..... Eeeek! What the hell was that? Nothing.....It was probably just the rover. Yeah, I guess your right..... Eeeeeeek! There it is again! Out of the water imerges a giant lobster! Oh shit! It doesn't look too happy.... Ya think!?! Aim the harpoon gun! Got it! Fire! It jammed! Turn the rover around! Call in backup! The radio isn't working! Crunch! The rover has been smashed... What in the world!?! Where'd you go? Hello? Will they survive.......find out next week in the new hit series, Aqua Raiders!
  2. All the sets are complete....#6241 is just missing a single minifigure. And the sail isn't faded, it's just covered in dust. Yeah and already at $100!
  3. Just found this gem for sale on eBay! Huge lot of 2009 Lego Pirates sets. If I'm not mistaken, that's practically the entire collection, minus the Imperial Ship. 7 SETS and 27 minifigures. Wow, I'm curious to see how much this will fetch!
  4. I asked him about that, and he said that it was simply some misunderstandings and that's what it seems like from the negative feedback comments. I'm interested in the 2009-era Pirate lot he has listed!
  5. Just found this gem for sale on eBay! Huge lot of 2009 Lego Pirates sets. If I'm not mistaken, that's practically the entire collection minus the Imperial Ship. 7 SETS and 27 minifigures. Wow, I'm curious to see how much this will fetch!
  6. Just found all these Classic pirate sets on sale on eBay, with all low starting bids and there is even a 22 pirate/bluecoat/redcoat/Indian minifigure lot! Here's the link: Cheers!
  7. ALL sets are now listed on eBay! They are all starting at a mere $0.99! Post has been updated with eBay links.
  8. Hello! Due to unfortunate circumstances, I am having to sell my entire Lego collection. I ship to the United States. All shipping will go out with USPS priority and should arrive in 2-3 days. I have right around 50 lego sets that I will be selling, including various minifigures and pieces. I have many older and rarer pieces as well.These lego sets come from a pet-free, smoke-free home of an AFOL and are in great condition. The sets are all listed on eBay and starting at $0.99 each! Here is the link to my eBay seller profile: Thank you! Also, I have feedback on eBay and have done 13 trades on Eurobricks and am part of the straight shooters list!
  9. Whatever isn't sold in the next few weeks or so will be put onto eBay! Thank you.
  10. Lego12

    Review: 10246 Detective's Office

    This set is fantastic! I will be stopping by the Lego store to pick this up since its backordered online.
  11. The following sets have been sold: 8143 7747 8673 8805 4955.
  12. Hello BrickKnight! Thanks for the interest. For set #7682 I would take $60 since it is in great condition, with the instructions and the box. Just shoot me a PM with another offer if that's too high for you. Thanks.
  13. For 4894, I would take anywhere around $50. The price is completely negotiable though. Let me double check and make sure it is 100% complete and I'll PM you!
  14. Thanks man, I appreciate the love! Yeah, Pirates are my absolute favorite.
  15. Hello! Just wanted to stop by and say that I am so glad these RPG's are still around. I remember when they were first created and brought here; I played in the first few games. Does anyone know if Hinckley is still hosting any games? He was fantastic at it!
  16. Lego12

    Check this out

    That is absolutely stunning! The price is quite high. I always preferred building the set myself as that is always the most fun part, but some people prefer models I suppose.
  17. Hello, >FABULAND< I am selling 4 Fabuland figures; all in great condition. Also, I'm selling a MINT IN PACKAGE set #3786. Package is in excellent condition. A picture of the Fabuland items can be found at the link below: I ship to the US ONLY! Please PM me with an offer; any and all are acceptable!! I have 13 SUCCESSFUL transactions on the EB Straighshooters List! Thank you. -Lego12
  18. How come I've never heard of BrickWarriors before? What excellent designs and I'll just have to place an order! -Lego12
  19. Lego12

    Figures Needed!

    I have plenty of Lego to trade. I am needing the figures from set 6296 Shipwreck Island. Here's a link: I have made 11 successful transactions here. Thanks. -Lego12
  20. Lego12

    Hi Folks, Newbie Technic guy here

    Welcome to Eurobricks! I hope your stay is memorable Hope you can share some MOC's with us! -Lego12
  21. +1 to Edmond Dantes! Great person to buy from!! -Lego12
  22. Lego12

    Hello there!

    Welcome to Eurobricks, although you've probably seen the site once or twice People love debates, ESPECIALLY in the Lego RPG Forum! -Lego12
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    Greetings from England!

    Welcome to Eurobricks!! Make yourself at home and be sure to stop by to discuss all things Pirate or to discuss all things Town -Lego12