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  1. So many awesome ships! It was hard to choose. 6. La Mort Royale - 1 vote 8. HMS Prince of Wales - 1 vote 9. Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion - 1 vote 11. Le Sang Royale - 1 vote 15. Vesta - 1 vote (outstanding rigging and detail!) 18. Achille - 2 votes (Superb detail and build quality, looking forward to seeing her complete!) - Swab
  2. Swab

    20 gun frigate 'Vesta'

    Lovely ship! I especially like the checkered floor in the captain's cabin as well as the phenomenal rigging. Well done! - Swab
  3. Phenomenal ship! The deck details and stern galleries are awesome. Can't wait to see her with rigging! -Swab
  4. Swab

    WIP Privateer

    Fantastic ship! I'm very impressed with the headrails, they look great. The rigging is coming along very well also. Will you be tying or gluing the ratlines? I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. -Swab
  5. Swab

    WIP HMS Borea

    The updated bow is much better as are the new masts and rigging. I love all of the details along the deck. A very fine ship. - Swab
  6. Swab

    WIP: Achille and Guerrière, French Frigates of 28 guns

    Looks great! The addition of the 6th center section greatly improved her lines IMO. What sort of glue did you use for the ratlines? On my ships I tied each line individually, and needless to say it takes a LONG time. Will the sister ship also be stretched to 6 mid sections? - Swab
  7. Swab

    WIP: Achille and Guerrière, French Frigates of 28 guns

    Undoubtedly the finest ship (or pair of ships I should say) I've ever seen. Excellent work! I'll definatly be using these ships for inspiration in the future. The rigging looks fantastic, and I'm anxious to see how you made the ratlines. More pictures! -Swab
  8. Swab

    WIP French 4th rater

    A very fine ship so far! I think it is very nicely proportioned. It does look better now that you've lowered the gun deck. Will you be using string for the ratlines and rigging? I look forward to seeing your progress. -Swab
  9. Swab

    The Legend Of Porthgwarra

    Yet another superb creation! I thoroughly enjoy finding all of the little details. Well done! - Swab
  10. Swab

    Bayonets at Dawn Contest

    4. Michaelozzie - French Attack Pratzen Heights (1 point) 22. Perfectionist - Battle of Fortenoy (1 point) 14. Capt. Stabbin - The Fall of the Alamo (1 point) (as a native Texan I particularly appreciated this entry) All Great entries. I wish I had more points to give out! - Swab
  11. Swab

    WIP: Achille and Guerrière, French Frigates of 28 guns

    Excellent work! Very fine ships. I like the string you used for the ratlines, it looks much better than the somewhat "hairy" string I used on the Achilles and Sabre. Will you be using the same string for the "horizontal foot ropes" (for lack of a better word) on the ratlines? And I sympathize with Admiral Croissant. Rope rigging (especially ratlines) takes a ridiculously long time. -Swab
  12. Swab

    The Bayhorse Tavern

    Excellent MOC! I love all of the little details. Looking forward to seeing more. Swab
  13. Swab

    HMB Sabre 18 gun brig

    There's not much of an interior. I splurged and made everything below decks the same color (black), and it has arches in between each gun (more for structural support than detail). Most of my ships don't have an interior at all except for the guns. Swab
  14. Swab

    HMB Sabre 18 gun brig

    Hmmmm. I really didn't notice until you mentioned it, but there is somewhat of a disconect between the headrails and the rest of the ship. Sort of "in your face" for lack of a better word. I'll throw in some black and see how she looks. Thanks for the advice. Swab
  15. Swab

    HMB Sabre 18 gun brig

    Yes, I'll admit she's a bit "stocky". I wouldn't put more than 18 guns on a brig. However, during the war of 1812, the USS Wasp (a sloop of war) battled the brig HMS Frolic. Both ships had 18 guns, albeit most of them were carronades. Swab