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  1. Next Modular Building?

    First, excuse my poor english. As many people, I think every modular building have a clue for the next one. In my mind, the clue in the town hall is the press photograph and the detective glass manifier. I think next modular should be a journalist office (I don't know the english word of such a place... like the Daily Planet in Superman !) The rumor about a theatre/cinema looks weird for me, I don't thing such a building can fit the current modular street. Every box have a picture of the view vith previous modular. Can really a cinema be set just next the 1891 old style town hall ?
  2. Hi from France !

    I'm a 31yo girl fan of Lego. I like troopers minifigs, modular building and everything related to Christmas =) I don't own many pieces available (I don't want to unbuild my modulars), so I'm trying to be tiny-creative ! My plans for 2013 are to increase my skills, join contests and have fun !