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  1. Alternate Lt. Martinet?

    Ah, cool, the king went undercover as an Imperial Soldier. Good to know. Wonder how the hell it got here...
  2. Alternate Lt. Martinet?

    Hi folks, newbie here. Recently dug up the original Black Sea Baracuda and going through it for missing parts so I can build it again. I curiously have a couple extra minifigures which as far as I can tell never came with the set. I don't recall ever having any other original pirate sets at the time, but I do have this Imperial Soldier amongs the lego for some reason. It looks like Lt. Martinet only he has blue epaulettes and his facial hair is strange.. eyebrows and a longer, more unruly beard for one. See attached. I have no reason to believe anyone has put this together from other parts; much of this has been untouched for at least 15 years. Curious if anyone has any insight.