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  1. Looking for the new Technic deals...

  2. malkhaz

    8482 Cyber Master

    Looks really impressive - it seems to be more Mindstorms theme rather then Technic. The number on the picture is 4 digit, rather then new 5 digit standard.
  3. malkhaz

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    It would be better if everybody indicates the place where you bought it - I mean website or store name. thanks
  4. malkhaz

    Life size LEGO car powered by air

    Wow. I expected more Technic type car, rather then ordinary brick based, however it looks really cool.
  5. I do not think that LEGO is controlling the pricing of big retailers. It is just a business for them and they try to maximize the profit by adjusting and testing several pricing strategies every year. so only thing we can do is to wait for discounts when it comes...
  6. malkhaz

    Favorite Lego Technic sets ?

    My favorite set is 8145 - Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano 1:10. this set is actually Racer set.
  7. malkhaz

    [C-MODEL] 8110 Jeep

    Can you share the instruction, or more detailed pictures? thanks
  8. malkhaz

    Technic TV Commercials

    Are there any ads for 2013 or 2014 models? thanks
  9. malkhaz

    Large Scale Technic Cars

    Most of these models are great but they are not submitted to LEGO Cuusoo. I beleive you all should submit your models there in order to maximize the chance of getting the Technic model to be selected by LEGO.
  10. malkhaz

    Member's Websites

    My LEGO Store
  11. I am not really impressed by new models. Only Plane seems to be interesting for me so far.
  12. malkhaz

    Christmas List

    I am a LEGO Technic fan and adding 2 more sets this Christmas: 9396 Helicopter and 8081 Extreme Cruiser. Last one is 2011 model and finally decided to buy it.