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  1. OrcSan

    Figbarfs for the win!

    Wow , i'm very impressed by your figs , especially Haradrim Archer / Haradrim Chieftain / Lorien Elf (Helm's Deep) / Gothmog and Eowyn Were do you got that haradrim faces ? Custom figs are great too but its mindblowing when i see figs made out only from existing lego parts.
  2. 21) Series 13 - Samurai Entry (Build by kjm161) 22) Series 13 - Alien Trooper Entry (Build by kritch) 77) Series 9 - Heroic Knight Entry (Build by tornado)
  3. 36) Frightening Knight Entry (Build by soccerkid6) 49) Clumsy Guy Entry (Build by -Anda-) 56) Tribal Woman Entry (Build by General Magma)
  4. OrcSan

    Figbarfs for the win!

    I made this from a second hand chest (kingdoms) , changed with green hands, and equipped the guy so it will look like a rohan soldier. What do you guys think ?
  5. OrcSan

    Figbarfs for the win!

    Your figs look damn good and it's not the first time i saw them, i am not prepared to paint them thou ... I will get a knight and show a pic of him finished :)
  6. OrcSan

    Figbarfs for the win!

    I agree they look better in olive green but what about the black lines (printed coat) ?
  7. OrcSan

    Figbarfs for the win!

    I a big Middle earth fan and sadly we don't have any more sets curently I was wondering what current minifigs from all other themes we can mod/transform in to Middle earth characters. I was wondering about the Frightening Knight from the minifig series - a new head and a spear can make him a pretty decent rohan soldier what do you guys think ?
  8. OrcSan

    Jurassic World custom mod

    This creation is a reminder that we can transform whatever we have in something we like and need.
  9. A haunted castle vignette for the Series 14 gargoyles. Are you brave enough to enter? SAM_1456"]http://SAM_1456 by iulian cosmin, on Flickr SAM_1460%20by%20iulian%20cosmin,%20on%20Flickr"]http://SAM_1460[/url] by iulian cosmin, on Flickr SAM_1462%20by%20iulian%20cosmin,%20on%20Flickr"]http://SAM_1462 by iulian cosmin, on Flickr[/url] Hope you enjoy it.
  10. My Vignette for the Farmer. Hope you enjoy it. ://SAM_1468 by iulian cosmin, on Flickr SAM_1467%20by%20iulian%20cosmin,%20on%20Flickr"]http://SAM_1467 by iulian cosmin, on Flickr[/url] SAM_1464 by iulian cosmin, on Flickr
  11. OrcSan

    [MOC] Ogre Encampment

    Brilliant , tons of cool/rare pieces
  12. OrcSan

    LOTR/HOBBIT Orc Army Building

    I also thought using that guy as a Moria goblin but it looks a little too friendly :). Maybe a change of armor or a more fearsome helmets to mix them up will do the job.
  13. OrcSan

    Middle Earth Contest Voting Topic

    Category A #4 #5 Category B #4 #6 Category C #4 #5
  14. OrcSan

    [MOC] Erebor

    I could do anything to see this fantastic work in person I think Lord of the rings and Hobbit alone give birth to a lot of MOC ers out there to do something in epic scale like that like no other theme...
  15. OrcSan

    Uruk-hai battleship

    Thanks lads , I am glad you like it :)