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  1. 9398 crawler poor motor output

    Hello again guys, I did some testing, it appears that the issue is still there, I will be now going to test the other options you mentioned. Will update asap
  2. 9398 crawler poor motor output

    hi guys, back again. I admit I was lazy and did not work at the lego for quite some time. Decided to revive it and troubleshoot the problem. I got a new battery charger and a battery tester, the 6 batteries work fine, BUT the 4x4 is still slugghish with almost no torque. More testing tomorrow
  3. 9398 crawler poor motor output

    Ok, i still have the warranty. But before changing the 2 motors (looong wait) what can I try? I will try the motors connected directly to the battery box anyway. The 2 motors are hardy used (10 times or less)
  4. Hi everybody! It seems that I just cannot get enough power out of the 2 std motors anymore. I tried with both alkaline batt as well as TOP enelopp rechargable, but no way, the crawler is not capable of pulling itself on the same slopes it used to when I tested it in the winter :( What can I try? Any ideas?
  5. Crawler 9398 4x4 first mod

    Yes, indeed, the HPI tyres are awesome on any terrain, sooo much softer. I'd love to have bigger rims though! Videos were SHOT in HD.... I did mess up big time during post production.... sorry
  6. Crawler 9398 4x4 first mod

    And, as promised, I have changed to 8:24 the gearing on each wheel plus installed a different (hugher) protection plate on the gears at the front/bottom of the truck. Here some test with different setups. This thing is a monster
  7. Crawler 9398 4x4 first mod

    WoW I did discover a whole new world! Thank you all... I am keen on reading, unfortunately, getting the pieces is expensive ... :(
  8. Crawler 9398 4x4 first mod

    From this very first and rough pic, you can see the tyres. They are really coming out of the rim.... but I did not want to glue them onto the rims...
  9. First post... I just got the awesome 9398... I was at a car dealer, when I stumbled on a Lego Box ... my girlfriend was also charmed and in 15 mins we were both buying again our Lego!! After 20 years ! So ... to the 9398, excellent machine, huge fun to build and watch watch it move its first metres...! I spent some time yesterday playing in the snow... stock tyres are really NOT OK for off roading! I got myself four <Hpi Racing Ground Assault>, soooo much better. Only drawback: they're too wide and , unless you glue them, they stay off the rim on the external side...