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  1. Lynxer

    Trains under the Tree

    Had to run around and do the family stuff. When we got home, we dove right into the passenger train. My wife gifted me this set, and we also picked up the cargo train for the kids. Going to tackle the cargo train tomorrow. Might try our local TRU/Lego store for some extra track. Merry Christmas again everyone!
  2. Lynxer

    Trains under the Tree

    Santa stopped by with a bag full of LEGO! Christmas dreams comes true. 60051 High Speed Passenger Train & 60052 Cargo Train Kids are freaking, can't wait to spend the next 2 days building and playing! What did Santa leave under the tree for you or the kids? Merry Christmas!
  3. Lynxer

    Train Automation - Track Switch Motors

    Patiently awaiting the release of the motor/controller! The interface looks great. Do you have an ETA on release to the USA?
  4. I'm currently in the same situation. Sold my Lego 9v train years ago in a large lot of other Lego from my childhood. Almost immediately after liquidating my Childhood collection.. i started collecting SW figs and sets.. never gave much thought about the train until my son asked for one this Christmas. Going through my Lego magazines from years past my passion was renewed with the spread of old 9v trains and accessories. So Im also debating 9v vs PF The 60051 cargo train looks very promising to me and likely will be under the tree for the Kiddo's this year. However I'm torn between adding 9v track to expand on the set and possibly dive back into 9v or stick with t he new PF track. I'm not a scale modeler when it comes to Lego. I prefer playability, so the new PF trains seem like a great step back into trains. Not to mention PF track is half the cost and more readily available.
  5. Still own it, the wifey and myself occasionally pull the 64 out to relive our youth... We mostly play mario kart! Working on my first ever MOC for EP.III, Ive always been a collector.. assembled sets per instructions to display.. Broke down my echo base, and started raiding my parts stash for white bricks... 75% done.. Will post once I get some minor details added to fit the objective.
  6. Imperial is the only way, sign me up! generic storm trooper for the time being.
  7. Lynxer

    AT-TE 75019 motorized

    +1 ^^ to this statement. You did a great job puting this together! I would be in line for some intructions! Think about it this way.. (3$ per instruction x 500 people = $1500)
  8. A Jabbas Palace came home with me! wife is learning the hard way not to take me grocery shopping! Hoth echo base is on its way in the mail.
  9. desert skiff, droid escape, some misc retired sets from ebay. All in all.. a very merry christmas!
  10. Lynxer

    REVIEW: 75012 BARC Speeder with Sidecar

    Ill be buying just for rex. another obi is always cool.
  11. Wifey got me the desert skiff set for xmas(saw it in the car! sneeky), and another unknown starwars set. Fingers crossed for something cool! Cant wait.
  12. Lynxer

    Sculpey Tutorial

    ^ good stuff.
  13. Lynxer

    Custom Elves

    Great stuff! Wish I had some of those in my collection.