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  1. Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    Regarding Release Dates? I couldn't find anything after looking through the past couple of pages; I've noticed some people in the US are finding the Man of Steel sets available at Walmart already. Does anyone know what the actual 'street date' for release is? I can't imagine I'd be lucky enough to find them at my Walmart here in the NW, so I'll just wait until I know they're out.
  2. LEGO Castle 2013

    I'm finding something off with the blue used for the Lion Knights. It reminds me of the almost 'neon' coloration of the minifigs in the 2009 Pirate line. Perhaps LEGO is having trouble mixing their colors again - or they're simply not using enough dye. The plastic could be showing up a bit...transparent? In any event, it's amazing how enticing those CGI backgrounds can apparently make things... Seeing the sets against white isn't very flattering.
  3. LEGO Castle 2013

    It's funny, but I have to echo some of these sentiments. The high-res pictures actually make me want the sets less. Normally, it's the opposite. Hmmm.
  4. MOC: TMNT - Classic town style

    Is is wrong to tell you how much I love you? These are not only great MOC's, but they really do give me that 'retro' feeling. It fits both LEGO and TMNT quit well. Awesome! Totally awesome!
  5. TMNT 2013

    You make some good points, however I'm referring to the general reviews the vehicle seems to be getting. A lot of complaints about stability and problems with assembly.
  6. Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    Not unless it will be a Comic-Con reveal? I'm not sure, but I haven't really seen much hype for any Fall movies yet.
  7. TMNT 2013

    I'm finding the posting in this thread to be rather lackluster. So...I'm hoping to contribute something worthwhile. Firstly, the new Nick show has been greenlit for season 3, so the future appears bright at the moment for a potential long-term license. (This is assuming that LEGO has good sales on these sets and didn't shoot themselves in the foot with the Shellraiser. ) Secondly, and perhaps more exciting to some, are these awesome LEGO videos. Seriously, I'm surprised these haven't cropped up anywhere else! (Or I'm blind, lol.) Mikey: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Raph: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Leo: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Donnie: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Enjoy! NOTE: Obviously, my embedding skills need work, but the links work for me - let me know if you have trouble.)
  8. Official fonts

    That's fascinating, and while I don't find any of it particularly surprising, it's always interesting to read the 'nitty gritty' design specifications that companies have for every little thing - whether they produce it themselves or it's made by a third party to promote the brand. The Bionicle example makes perfect sense given their target market, and you're right - it doesn't seem to be as much of an 'issue' in more recent years; the LEGO brand has gained quite a respected following (Which will hopefully continue, despite the gnashing of teeth and doomsday predictions by those opposed to the latest UCS release. Or should I say 're-release', ). If you ever do get your hands on that file and feel comfortable sharing, I'm sure many in the community would find it a great - well, intellectually stimulating at least - read. Thanks for the info, Aanchir. You've got a great brain for this!
  9. LOTR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion

    Huh. If it were me, I'd officially announce Orthnac at Comic-Con. (Convention full of geeks. What better place? ) Assuming it's still 'green lit', I imagine it will be a late summer/fall release. I'm not sure it would negatively affect sales of the second LOTR wave, but it certainly would do nicely with the upcoming Hobbit part 2 fanfare in the fall... I'm not surprised, nor was I expecting any sort of announcement this week.
  10. Your dream Lego theme

    Oy. That's the problem. He-Man is Mattel. And vice versa. They seems to be holding on to the Masters of the Universe IP very tightly - I can see them trying to make their own construction toy long before they'd hand the reigns over to LEGO. And what a disaster that would be. In my own imaginary parallel universe, it could happen. * Also, that Bowser construction posted above is awesome. When TMNT was first announced, I started having visions of certain pieces being used across both themes (TMNT and Mario)...mainly the pipes. And who wouldn't love pipes? With or without Man-eating Piranha flowers... Man, back to my imaginary universe...
  11. Lego Superheroes 2013 Rumours & Discussion

    These seem to be pretty consistent with the quality of the other recent superhero releases, so I can't say I'm either really excited, or really disappointed. However, I see some awesome potential for MOS sets given some of the elements presented. (Army Jeeps? Completely awesome futuristic suits of armor?) I'm definitely up for grabbing these - multiples of some - and using them for my own interpretations. Oddly, I find myself doing that more and more of late. I think my idea of the perfect LEGO set and what LEGO thinks they can actually sell, are two entirely different things. Thank God I can just rebuild everything to fit my own personal vision.
  12. Official fonts

    I'm not sure where you're having the problem - when I pull up Photoshop and block out some text, it looks like a perfect match to Wes' (and also pretty close to the LEGO box art). Are you using a different form of the font? A word-processing program instead of a graphics one? (Though that shouldn't make much of any difference...) Oh, and thanks Aanchir - that PDF is a great resource. My inner design geek is off and running now...
  13. 2013 Lone Ranger Sets

    This theme is like Pandora's box. I'm so afraid to purchase even one set, because I know once I open that door... Grrr. So many interesting pieces and prints for so many other themes as well. And like I have room for a train. Really.
  14. MOC - The Hall of Justice with Super Friends!

    Both of these are great. For some reason, I think the Hall of Justice would make a great business card holder. Probably not what the Super Friends were thinking of when it was founded, but what can I say? Cool work, man.
  15. I think a lot of the Hobbit sales have been somewhat dependent upon supply as well. TLG seems to be producing as many sets as it can, but they can't keep up with the demand from retailers. I think the amount of sets that stores were able to get in this past holiday season was far less than most would've liked. That's one good reason some people are having trouble finding them. I'm not sure you can assume it's all because of insane popularity - there just hasn't been enough to go around. TLG needs to slow down with all these sets. No really. I'd say my wallet cries out in pain, but I'm not sure a lot of the money even makes it there, lol.