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  1. Dr. Steve

    Future Star Wars Sets

    since the Endor battle pack is about to retire I wonder if we will see 1 or 2 episode iV battle packs. Updated version of the storm trooper and rebel soldier packs with new vehicles.
  2. It depends on the figures, if we are talking common minifigs or ones from current battle packs then yes a 1 for 1. If the figures are more rare then I will listen to offers. If someone wants to unload 20 sith troopers then that would be ideal.
  3. I just purchased 10 of the Sith vs Republic battle packs (I should have them in hand next week). I am interested in trading the 20 Republic troopers in 1 trade, to cut down on shipping cost. I am looking for the following minifigs: Storm Troopers Black Storm Trooper Black Sith Trooper Endor Rebels Episode IV Rebel soldier Minifig series 10 Revolutionary Soldier most Jedi, Sith or original trilogy minifigs (except biker scouts) I have 267 Positive comments in Bricklink as a buyer - avitdc
  4. They are from Brick Arms, here is a link to the store I bought them from. They are awesome! http://www.brickmania.com/brickarms-flintlock-musket/ Yes it is, I think it makes a great blue coat officer. I just wish we had a Gold plume to complete the look. Here is a link to the torso from bricklink, the bicone hat with the gold trim also belongs to this fig. http://www.bricklink.com/catalogItem.asp?P=973pb945c01
  5. Dr. Steve

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    I am happy they made it look like the Kenner play set from the 80's, one of my favorite toys growing up. I would rather have had more Ewoks than Stormies since there is a battle pack out there, otherwise I really like it. I hope this goes the way of the B wing and we can pick a bunch of these up on May the fourth for 50% off
  6. They were great, I just really like all of the new colors, the darker blue with the gold accents are really sharp looking.
  7. Dr. Steve

    "Moc": Jungle Outpost / I want the Bluecoats back

    I love seeing MOC's with the "new" blue coats. They really look good behind the cannon with the flame overhead. You need to get a picture from the front of that poor pirate who has the sword going through him
  8. The collectable Minifigure series have given us quite a few good minifigs and parts to make our own custom Red and Blue coat soldiers. Pirates of the Caribbean has also given us a few good torsos to use as well. I am going to post a few pictures of some of the soldiers I have created so far and I welcome anyone else who has made their own soldiers to post some pictures in this topic as well. A sample of my new army. The pearl gold hands, swords and hips compliment the gold in the tosos. I need to get a white Scabbard and I hope one day Lego makes a gold plume. My new Blue Coat Soldiers, with their Brickarms weapons. My new Blue Coat Sailors.
  9. Dr. Steve

    Disney buys out Lucasfilm

    Best thing I have read all day
  10. Dr. Steve

    Which is your favorite LEGO set?

    I have to go with my favorite set from childhood Eldorado Fortress 6276 I have really liked alot of the recent Star Wars stuff
  11. Dr. Steve

    What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    Just got home from the Lego Store,can't wait to add the Rancor next year 9516 Jabba's palace 9496 Desert Skiff
  12. Dr. Steve

    LEGO Star Wars 2013 Pictures and Rumors

    I think the set looks great, especially considering you are trying to make such a large and tall room scaled down to the Rancor and minifigs and still look large. I think the open look to it works really well, I am not usually a fan of buildings being built with missing walls to save money but in this case it works. On a side note Since the tower is not being propped up it would be nice if they released a 3rd Jabba palace set (droids perhaps). I doubt it will happen but it would be very easy to MOC up and complete yourself. (please no replies to this statement as it could be speculation). I think between these two sets you could really moc up some cool stuff to increase the size of the palace
  13. Dr. Steve

    How much is your SW collection worth?

    My total Lego Collection is in the $15,000 range (Huge Red and Blue coat Army) My Star Wars collection is about $4,000.
  14. Dr. Steve

    BrickArms Musket and Flintlock Pistol Now Available

    AWESOME!!! I can't wait to get my hands on a bunch of these. Thanks for posting the news.
  15. Dr. Steve


    Welcome to Eurobricks!